Number 100.– The Seed

Well. C.A.F.H. of Master Santiago Bovisio ended and the Holy Order of American Knights of Fire Ihes rose into the heavenly home Om Hes along with Mother Abbhumi and Astral Knights looking at us and protecting us. Seeds were scattered throughout American lands expecting their time to sprout and grow. The Renunciation Teachings are also ideal seeds that, month by month, are placed in nations for all men without distinction of races, religion, economic situation or culture. Men have the right and chance to know the law of the future world, without intermediaries, and every one, internally, according to their capacity, will be able to choose their vocation in the right or wrong way. That choice is the basis of the whole freedom that Renunciation can offer.

“The first stage in the construction of the Great Work ended, and along with the understanding of their living experiences, the souls will continue their path of spiritual development in other way that may be more difficult. To climb a mountain is ever harder as one is going up. In the Teaching Number 11, “Exhortation”, of the Course “Renunciation in the World and in the Souls”, there are certain illustrative paragraphs: “The union of matter and spirit shall be happiness of man on earth.  Only this way it is time to be masters, directors of souls, for we shall be in possession of a moral.
Man shall find his ruin because is unaware of the integral being: his body and his soul. One is aware of certain laws applied to the man that cannot be applied collectively. The collective law should find its possible adaptation by examining it in the man. Now we should not take part in ethics brought by Christendom, which has flooded the world with blood and dualities.
To judge means to know the problem of the man, and this problem in the collective. Ethics of harmony in present opposites is the man and humanity. A harmonious act can be achieved only by a disharmonious and reactive act. How many times an immoral act brings stimulation and gives rise to a moral act. In a true ethics, both human and collective values must go together and amalgamated. Let us take this example: Here, our Sons have planted the seed of an apple tree; in due time its life shall become a tree and this tree shall yield fruit. It is the final product of every effort; it is its soul result. But if now we leave the fruit on the tree, this fruit withers and gets rotten by lack of a reaction cutting the method on the straight line, that is, if this fruit is not plucked out in order to satisfy the nutritious sense that an apple offers to the human being. This act that is opposite to that of yielding the fruit, amalgamated with it offers an example of true ethics.
It is necessary to set aside the individual experience in order to tend with it to the collective experience by penetrating into the collective soul”.

The fruit of life in C. A. F. H. has been plucked out with suffering so that it may not get rotten on the straight line of only one ethics, meetings, retirements, superiors, meditation forms, et cetera. “Now we must learn how to handle the Power of the Great Current.” The Teaching has been given and each Son learned much or little, sometimes rightly, other times in a wrong way. They all are conveying what they perceived and remained in them, though they may have moved away from Cafh, willing to forget and not to talk. The Teaching is in them as a natural law expanded through the gaze, or a gesture, or in all those things that they say for good or evil. So as those seeds thrown at random by a farmer will grow in different ways or will get rotten. Nobody can impede the Expansion of the Renunciation Message because it is a natural fact started since the moment when the soul entered the Path.

The Message of 1957 reads­: “Sons of the Mother, why don’t you descend among men to teach them your experience of Renunciation?”. This clamor of the Master is addressed to all those who received the Teaching without distinction of grade or present situation: “those who were and those who are and those who will come”. Every one that has taken part in the Power of the Great Current, at least only for a day, became a potential seed of the Great Work. How long did Saint Paul take to become a diffuser of Christ? Minutes. And the Russian Pilgrim? Vocation, the start of the path has no time; its revelation is instantaneous; it is the transformation of a way of being into its opposite. So, those who were and still are Sons of the Mother, though Cafh may not exist, can transmute their tearful, mendicant and unsuccessful figure into that of a Messenger of Renunciation. The seed is in them asleep and waiting. The fruit of the apple tree should be plucked so that may not get rotten, and should be handed to beings that are hungry for truth.

An estimation of those who passed through Cafh and received the Teaching was of 10,000 persons more or less. Many of them passed away, but most of them went off and some few remain comfortably installed in the magnetic circle of the Work, a golden cage, doing nothing and repeating ascetic exercises over and over again, like a ripe and acidic apple that soon will get rotten and fall.

But the Teachings have taken a qualitative and quantitative leap; now they are disseminated throughout the Planet and millions can accede in order to study them. They got critical mass, like a chain reaction, and became unstoppable. As the Master had foretold, there is a great need in Mankind and the expansion took place at the proper time: as obsolete institutions fall and are self-destroyed by inner contradictions, the Teaching reaches corners of Earth with a renewed message, without dogmas or exclusions, addressed to everybody to the extent of every one.

Lands where these seeds are falling may differ, and later, when they germinate, may yield surprising fruits. The Work started in Argentina and as a result brought about a particular human type, an amalgam of ideas of Renunciation in a divided society, half Catholic, half Jewish, repeating a millenary conflict of outcomes that are known to us. Which should be those human types able to make germinate in the future the Renunciation Doctrine of rich ideas, forecasts and expectations as they join intimately together to the soul of peoples: Chinese, Russians, and Arabians from Africa, farmers from Australia and New Zealand, and islanders from the Caribbean? None can imagine it or take a guess because Renunciation has no fixed dogmas and adjusts to features of each individual. The seed has no DNA; it is strength and law, and each person contributes with his DNA.

With this principle enounced by Maitreya –perfection of qualities and tendencies in every individual– the permanence of Religions, ever willing to impose a way of being on millions of different persons, turns out impossible. Only by means of oppression it might be tried for a while, but at the end they fail, as we are seeing nowadays.

In the future world there will be a minority human presence, necessary for the survival of the species. This present misuse of multitudes is the linear product of a materialistic Race. Along with technical war breakthroughs and international confrontations on a Planet that turned out small, food, water and medicines are lacking and a while later there will be an ideal population where individuals may be happy.

The Renunciation Doctrine is Universal not only by geographical space but also in the time. Renunciation was the gist of Messages –bringing Great Spiritual Masters to the world for development of Mankind: Krishna, Buddha and Jesus– later adapted by disciples to features of those peoples where they were established. This adaptation necessary by the poor development in the civilization of those times carried dogmas, rivalries and wars until today. But the modern civilization, by means of science discoveries, global technology development and general education of men on every level has created bases for the full expansion of the plural worlds, sciences, space travels, progressive mystique, virtual arts and human relations.
The modern man is turning out universal through ideas expressed by the Teachings, analogical contradiction, reversibility, energy world of Ired, polytheism and Egoencia.

By nature and by his divine origin, the human being is universal: Beethoven, Michelangelo and Gandhi are examples of universal minds, whole individuals whose world traveled through Earth with progress messages for the good of Mankind. Institutions are ever partial though they may proclaim to be “catholic”. Civilizations have been particular with a historic time and certain geography. But now the technological civilization is everywhere, and communications are instantaneous and offer the necessary groundwork for developing Maitreya’s ideas that are in the world right now. The Renunciation Teachings, though written by the Forerunner Santiago Bovisio, constitute the advanced Gospel of the Work that will transform Mankind and conciliate the pairs of opposites, matter and spirit. First physical manifestations are coming up every day with a radical change at the house inhabited by us.

The predestined find in the Teachings a complete program of whole changes extended throughout Earth; they are seeds of the American Epoch. They just begin, and first signs are seen in children and young people. Reader: look for in your children, in your grandsons and in the gaze of the young fellows, those unknown signs whose keys are in the Teachings, and protect them because they will have the Earth for their heritage.

José González Muñoz
March, 2010