Number 101.– Plural Worlds

Giordano Bruno was a wise man burnt by the Inquisition in the beginning of the Modern Age, in Italy, because he disseminated the doctrine about plurality of the worlds. Many cultures have developed beautiful mythologies and stories about other dimensions of reality and other intelligent men, even Gods: Ancient Egypt, Greece, Assyria, Hindus and Arabians: modern writers and filmmakers: H. G. Wells,  and “Mars’ Invasion of Earth”, “E.T.”, “Star Wars”, and so on. There are astronomy/space programs meant to discovering such worlds on space. Plural dimensions, both geometrical and psychological, became vogue. In the 20th century, the main science challenge, Poincaré conjecture, has been satisfactorily solved some few years ago by Grigori Perelman, a Russian mathematician, opening remarkable spaces to the development of a mind liberated.

Plural worlds are before our eyes and deep inside us. In the past century, Aldous Huxley was a forerunner with his psychedelic experiences and his book “The Doors of Perception”. Other artists would look for new dimensions by the use of drugs. But during the Vietnam War, an irrational avalanche took place with the “hippy movement” among young university students willing to escape from reality. Later, massification arrived along with new drugs, drug trafficking and Mafia. Roughly, there are more than 200,000,000 drug users in the world. They experience new worlds and other worse hells than this that we are living day by day and such people are unable to escape.

During the Atlantean Age, plural worlds were seen naturally because the pineal gland remained active. As the Aryan Race arrived, that gift was lost, and the “third eye” remained sleeping and waiting for the new development of the American Race but in another way, through Progressive Mystique. Nowadays there are many clairvoyants in the world through mystical ascetical exercises practiced in the East, and even by birth, as it is the case of Master Santiago Bovisio and the Russian lady H. P. Blavatsky. In their tender age, there are children who are keeping a little of such vision until seven years old, while their fontanel remains open.

Plural Worlds offer many facets; they are global and can be approached from most diverse disciplines: sciences, mystique, drug addiction, symbolic mythology, virtual cinematography, mythology, arts, literature, genetic engineering, technologies, and so on. After Akhenaten and Monotheism, only one dimension was recognized: matter. Officially, the rest were tolerated, harassed or ignored. Some few days ago, a priest from Santiago del Estero (an Argentine province) internationally recognized as a wise expert in Bible (biblist), who studied both at the Vatican and Salamanca University, has been defrocked because he was teaching the pluralist origin of the man, rejecting the creation of Adam and Eve, and deeming it childish for a time when everybody knows how to read and write.

Usually men live Plural Worlds though they do not recognize them. Every night, as they are asleep, lose their wakefulness and enter diverse astral planes, sometimes on personal dimensions of the subconscious, and other times on remote journeys. At death, they drop their physical body and wander through infinite spaces of other planes and other formal laws. As a child, every one sees a reality, as an adult person sees other reality, and as an old person one experiences dimensions never dreamt of oneself and the Universe.

At the official logical world, Universities, Churches and Academies, there is only one form to live and think, such as that devised by René Descartes: Spirit and Matter –dualistic, isolated and non-transferable– ethics of  straight line. To them, reversibility, analogical contradiction, ethics of good and evil, and Ired are senseless errors and mysteries to refuse. Dreams are illusions, life after death is a mystery beyond explanations, and reincarnation is a mistake and everything like that, while the soul dies in existential anguish and civilization falls in the abyss.

The Renunciation Doctrine, maintained by the Teachings of the Canon, is teaching us to live Plural Worlds, not as a dogmatic axiom, but as the result of a whole participation in exalting life. It is neither to have especial psychic gifts to live Polytheism, nor to make space travels. Ordinary life of every day, as much in the country as in the city, or at home or job, alone or amid the crowd gives opportunities to find a door to unknown perceptions when and if the being is ready to discover it. Renunciation Path means: detachment from the collective mind implanted by society since the kindergarten, to be awake to reality surrounding us, and to be entirely detached from civilization fetishes, thirst for possession, lust, self-worship, masses willing everything collective, and individual mediocrity. Why do children look happy and creative? Because they do not have anything; they are sheer expectation. To them, everything is new.

Basically, Plural Words become in a soul its predisposition to try and find in each thing a differential meaning, and in each man his fullness, beyond changes and contradictions. The Renunciation laws, enounced by the Teachings, give necessary tools in order to understand the whole man with potentials of the New Race that he will go developing through the practice of Progressive Mystique.

The most eloquent proof of Plural Worlds is in me and in my closest fellow being. The Emerald Table reads: “As above, so below; as below, so above, to bringing about unity. Microcosm is the same as macrocosm”. I am the Universe changing physically and spiritually as I am walking. In olden times, Heraclitus, the Obscure of Ephesus said: “I cannot bath twice in the same river”. Every dawn is different, and I am able to prove it from the easy chair where I am writing these Reflections, looking at the great El Plata hill; now, in the afternoon I am unable to see it because it is cloudy. After a while it will come up again in its splendor.

To live Plural Worlds is wonderful; it is a permanent adventure of the spirit discovering in detail the reality surrounding us, stars, winds, flowers of the garden, doves gathering and flying and pecking cracked corn, purple eagles gliding on high, cats from my neighbor woman, in the perception of my secret affections, the memory of night dreams, and proposals for tomorrow. It is endless because life is like that, even beyond death. And what is death but change of planes, opportunity for one’s regeneration, and a splendid bet?

Men do not know how to live because they stick to repetition; for instance, a bank cashier will continue to count money until his retirement; a priest will continue to recite the daily ritual until his death; a taxi-driver will continue to drive his car day and night by hellish streets of each city. They are bored people who are unable to say “Enough!” and to follow a different road in order to get rid of such repetition, of that slow death of the soul, which is undermining them.

Look at the children. They want to learn, and to discover mysteries surrounding them, and to discover themselves. Nothing could be more enlightening than to see those schools coming to the Children’s Village in order to learn archeology through models that they make with elements found now and then on the hills or by the brook for the construction or dioramas of future worlds such as they imagine them: a little house in the forest, an aquatic village in Ibera, a post of goats in Lavalle desert, or a city on the space.

To live Plural Worlds is ethics of Good and Evil, not in the sense of Christian moral, but as permutation of the opposites in a continuous alternative game: day and night, work and rest, you and me. In a straight line, its conduct is like a breakwater entering the sea and bringing about streams that collide, whirls. A straight line is non-existent in music, arts or life. Rectilinear codes are human conventions for one purpose, that is, power: “Do not worship other God than me”. Those who do not obey such codes become sinners, are out of the law, and can be pursued. During the last two millenniums, History is filled with blood shed by religion wars. Pius XIII declared Communism satanic, and excommunicated. Ronald Reagan said the same. And Bush devised the international security politics of axis of evil in order to justify his armies sent to the Near East. All this proves how a straight line ever leads to an outbreak.

Fortunately, life is not like that; life is changing, contradictory, reversible and energetic. Like the wind, joy and freedom are movable; the holiest thing of human beings, namely freedom, is under attack by cages and prisons. Plurals Worlds are changing, multiple and libertarian when and if by my inner rights I do not let oppression of ideas get in. To attain such wonderful inner state one should move away from dogmas, intermediaries, magic formulas, and greed for money, which promises everything and never honors its word.

The most attractive whole realization program is given by Nature, not by religions or philosophies. Unfortunately, Humanity is living plunged in cities, great skyscrapers and slums, motorways, TV and planes, and cars and supermarkets. They will never learn in this way those gifts of the real life that Nature gives for free. They will remain in illusions of an ethic of good, of personal benefit, never attending freedom.

You, reader of the Teachings, should begin to experience the first perceptions of Plural Worlds by moving away from the straight line wherein you are living, and for instance, by checking those benefits of a camp in the forest, not as a tourist, but as a humble pupil who does not know anything about trees, water streams, birds and butterflies. Simply, you should listen at, look at and taste the water of springs. You should walk amid trees and enjoy the scent of the lush grove, but without any thought, remaining permeable and letting the multiplicity of life penetrate you. Do not draw your own conclusions. Live. Here is the principle to understand the new world.

José González Muñoz
April, 2010.