Number 102.- IRED Blessing

Divine Mother of the Universe: I ask your Ired Blessing. I am united by You to an Eternal Union Vow with all the Sons of Cafh, who were, who are and who will come. I will carry this burden like beads of love, and I will surrender the blood of all them to your Presence in perpetual holocaust. May my blessing be now and ever with those who may credit such blessing so that they may take part in the Whole Great Work and Power of the Great Current achieving the Substantial Union with You Forever.

Here is the Ired Blessing that was daily recited in Cafh’s Communities and Groups for benefit of the Sons, when the Holy Order existed. Through this Reflection we want to widen some meanings of the blessing on the light of the Teachings for those readers who adhere to the Renunciation Doctrine, without intermediaries, according to their individual capacity. The Ired Blessing is energetic. Also it is a synthesis of the Doctrine and Mystique of Holocaust.

Divine Mother of the Universe:

The Teachings consider the Divine manifested as Mother, who created all things. By the Divine Mother’s Hymn, you will be able to understand its meaning and variability of its expressions. In the Holy Order of American Knights of Fire, C.A.F.H. –astral– the highest authority is female, Mother Abbhumi. His last incarnation was a woman who harmonized mind and feeling. You can find information in the Teaching “The veiled woman of the desert”, Course History of Esoteric Orders.

Many traditions have accepted the Divine in female form: Mother Divine among Hindus, Pacha Mama among Inca culture, or Holy Mary among Christians. The passive feminine condition is the best adapted to           prayers and conception of the energetic Universe. It is the image uniting all traditions by a link of love and tolerance.

The Divine Mother is not a Personal God, as Jehovah, an authoritarian law-giver that punishes; even he is not a God like the Father among Christians. To Master Santiago, the Divine Mother is the mystical body of those souls who have attained the highest grade of freedom and that, like the Buddha, expect for all to be like them, Ihes, before launching out into the non-differentiated state. Holy Masters, Great Initiates that got rid of karma, become that mystical body that the Sons call Divine Mother. They are perfect and live in a sheer spiritual dimension. They are benefactors of Humanity.

I ask the Ired Blessing:

Such blessing emanates from a request made by the soul to the Being who is able to meet it and, in this case, the soul asks a power, since Ired is universal energy fostering things, from planets to the littlest living beings on Earth. There is a permanent precipitation of Ired on Earth, like sunlight; but in those souls who request such discharge it is punctual, an imponderable instant when blessing becomes life. According to the Teaching, the Ired’s precipitation takes place especially: A) in a holy place; B) on consecrated souls (Blessing); and C) on detritus (Curse).

I am united by You to an Eternal Union Vow with all the Sons of Cafh, who were, who are and who will come:

The one that speaks is a Master Knight who has uttered the Eternal Vow of Union with those souls conducted by him. This Vow is not cancelled by death, but remains in force in the beyond, and the one who possesses it becomes an Astral Protector of those souls.

“While other Orders have made their members call brothers, letting prevail the link of those who are united by the same faith or ideal, Cafh makes prevail not the link of members among them –what can give rise to the word brothers– but to the link between members and the Mother: Sons and Mother, Sparks and Fire, Rivers and Sea” (Teaching 5, Course “Commentaries on Regulation of Cafh”).

I will carry this burden like beads of love, and I will surrender the blood of all them to your Presence in perpetual holocaust:

The petitioner assumes as a burden of love the beads of blessing, and by the power of his priestly state carries them to the Divine Presence as a sacrifice of holocaust for them to burn totally without leaving dregs or karma behind.

May my blessing be now and ever with those who can credit it to themselves:

The petitioner is a Master Knight in possession of the Eternal Vow of Union and, under regulation, he can bless. This is why he says: “My blessing” because he has received such power from the Divine Mother. When Master Santiago founded Cafh and established the Regulation, the Holy Masters, besides the Ired Blessing, offered him the power of curse. Master Santiago refused. Later he declared he was repented of lacking such power because when the Priest does not curse, Holy Masters awfully curse, without appeal, and this is thousand times crueler.

A blessing is not blind, and is meant to men according to capacity of every one and to the extent they have gained it. One cannot bless a wicked man or a children abuser. One can bless only those who deserve it. According to the Regulation, there are percentages of that power, related to levels of the Sons; an Orator Knight needs more assistance than a Page Patronized; a strenuous disciple needs more assistance than a lazy one. Benefits of the Ired Blessing are gained by every one by his own efforts.

So that they may take part in the Whole Great Work and Power of the Great Current achieving the Substantial Union with You Forever:

Such Blessing has objectives to achieve, the same as those of the Holy Order. In fact, the whole Great Work is expressed by working the expansion of the Renunciation Message, without limits of persons or time, as the Master requested several times through Full Moon messages, started with the new century by Internet on main nations of the world. In the last Message of 1962, the Teaching explains in detail those ways adopted by that work in a being who has received the Blessing, anywhere and anytime, internally and externally.

The Whole Great Work is expressed by educating children, helping the needy, and attending sick persons. These works are achieved on a small scale at the Children Village: schools of Mendoza province are coming there to learn ecology by the method of constructing models and future diorama models. On other side, sick persons coming on their own are attended and healed with natural energetic medicine and remarkable results. There are ever works to helping local poor people in the maintenance of facilities, gardens, kitchen, and so on.

The Power of the Great Current is fostering tasks if spiritual development. The Master would recommend that, after his death, previous usual procedures had to be set aside for considering them slow and without visible results, and he would proclaim: “Now, we have to learn how to handle the Power of the Great Current!”. Through his Expansion message, he gives precise instructions to achieve it; it is not an activity of movements like to lead an economy firm, but an inner drainage so that the Foa Ray be kept without any break in the fulfillment of the Work.

In the same Message, the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother is explained, through the disappearance as a separate individual in order to form a Mystical Body with similar souls.

At present, after almost half century since the Master Founder’s death, the disappearance of the Holy Order such as he had devised it with the Perpetual Regulation that sustained the Teaching and organized its members, and with the Ired Blessing that has none to receive it, and the dispersion of the Sons holding adulterated meetings in a social club, how does the Renunciation work? What is the power to permit things that have not been made with Sons and Superiors working in an orderly way, at least apparently, could have been achieved in the world where none knew about the existence of Cafh? What is the law to subvert everything and revert to the opposite the whole work, like a glove? That which was inside for some few persons, it is now for Humanity as a whole in the world. Reversibility is such law. We have broken the straight line and the Ired Blessing is coming down upon all without intermediaries through direct relation to the Divine Mother.

Now it is time to tell with clarity and in detail a very important thing. The text reads: “My blessing”, because, we repeat, it was uttered by those who had taken the Vow of Union, that is, Master Knights of Cafh. The one who is asking should say: “Your blessing”, by addressing directly to the Divine Mother without intermediaries.

José González Muñoz
April, 2010