Number 103.– Reversibility

It dawns. I am at Children Village and the light passes through the curtains of the windows. Powerfully, the sun is rising on a clear autumn day and goes forward to the center of the heavenly vault without a cloud. It crosses the equinox and comes closer to the Cordón de Plata (White hill). In a beautiful windless afternoon, warm and pensive, quickly the sun hides behind the mountains and the day starts becoming night. It is a starry night wherein you see shining like lit lamps on high: the Southern Cross, Pleiades and Orion (“Three Maries”) and many more whose names I do not know. Long while I stay lain on the grass just looking without any thought. Then I retire and some hours later, the sun clears up the curtains again. Other time, the night becomes day perpetually. It is the harmonious Reversibility of Nature.

The autumn comes forward and those leaves in the American oak became yellow and red. Those poplars let their leaves fall constantly upholstering the garden. I don't lift them because they are beautiful; the wind will take care of it. And when June arrives, the trees remain naked in the deep green of cypresses. With the first snowfalls, everything turns into white and gray. Sometimes, the zonda wind comes down from the mountains, bellowing, shaking trees and buildings, and knocking down power poles. In the ever lit hearth there is a beautiful log bonfire whose flames are warmly beside me. It is a long winter, but by September the first roses will bloom. Then, flowers and fruits will come out on trees of the park. The sun, each day earlier, renews the landscape, doves come closer in flocks, tero birds make a row through the field, hares are sleeping on the ravines, and daisies are blooming in irrigation ditches. Again Nature is reverting to happiness and splendor; so do I.

Life doesn't recur; it changes and ripples like a water stream and flutters like butterflies and glides like purple eagles. Every cycle, life changes its movements for the opposite: day and night, winter and summer, and birth and death; it is ethics of good and evil, partners, together, friends; it is continuous and renovating Reversibility of life.

Comfortably, a man works at his office the whole day with air conditioning and perfect illumination without any shadows, and he doesn't move from his computer. In the evening, after his task, he comes back home.  There is not night outside; streets and windows are quite illuminated. One does not see the night. This man takes the subway (or tube), hot and noisy, to his neighborhood which is as shining as down town. His dear ones are expecting him in a cozy apartment, quite illuminated in each room, and with TV. He retires late and neither has seen the night nor the stars. The metropolis is a great brightness. Millions of people are living in this way     –in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and Tokyo, in Paris, New York and every city of the world. There is not Reversibility. There is crisis.

Bernard Madoff, a swindler, followed the straight line until the outburst. He started collecting dollars like the rest of bankers and financiers. Then, with that money he got penthouses, deluxe clubs, armored limousines, three yachts, one in New York, the other in the Caribbean and the third in the Mediterranean, and so on. In his opinion, this game could never end, but eventually his bubble bursts out in 2009. Now his world is a cell, although it may be comfortable. But he does not realize it. He never thought of something beyond his ego and money. He said: “When it is good for me to sell, I sell. And when it is good for me to buy, I buy”. Now he is with himself and with a long straight line before his eyes. Madoff has been sentenced to 150 years in prison; he is serving the penalty

Where is a man who consciously did not experience Reversibility anytime in his life and has changed his ideas for good or evil according to his individual capacity and intentions? Even Siddhartha, who lived his youth in a golden palace and amid a limitless happiness, experienced  the crisis as he went out to the world and, through Renunciation, became the Great Buddha, Savior of Humanity. And did not Jesus experience the greatest Reversibility of all times by dying murdered on the cross of slaves, and from that cross does not he redeem men since 2000 years ago up to date? Thousands of souls, men and women of all latitudes, have changed their personal story in cloisters and monasteries and changed the tendency for the good of the poorest and neediest.

Reversibility is visible, harmonious and spontaneous in Nature; it is continuously renewing itself through creative options which enrich life, and likewise it happens in biology of man from birth to death. But many persons disagree; they want to stay and stick to their possessions, individually and socially. Monotheism is a monotonous straight line. Moses’ Tables are eternal paradises and hells, life insurances, going on alive however on may stay “intubated” in a hospital, a simulacrum of eternity. In modern life, suffering comes from a break of man with his nature, from a mind bewitched by illusions, enticing promises from religious offers, and the struggle of a soul for being free. Beyond the bodily cage, men are living wrapped by layers and layers of fictions that are whispering: “Remain. That which you have is good. Increase it. Happiness is yours; do not lose it. Charity starts and continues at home. Always”.

Renunciation is the key to Reversibility. The one who does not renounce is unable to change; he remains attached to his possessions, goods, or illusions. Renunciation is the only thing able to liberate. The Messiah of all past times, the Virgin’s intercession, the Christ’s redemption, an unswerving faith in the Prophet, psychoanalysis, a lot of money, and so on, cannot liberate. We are in the American Age of Maitreya, and every one should construct happiness by his own means. It is in the Mother Idea of the Aryan Race transcribed in these pages, and in the Teachings of Master Santiago, which were widely developed from diverse points of view within the reach of everybody, of whatever condition and evolution level. Even children should study them at school so as not to waste time forgetting fantasies inculcated over there. The best school in the world was in the Initiation Temple of Ancient Egypt: the postulant twelve years old would enter and spend a while being led by quite experienced priests who transmuted him by means of diverse drugs, hypnotism and disciplines. It was a complete brainwashing, and when such stage was over, the postulant had even forgotten his own name and family; he was in zero and ready to learn how to live.

How can a modern person get rid of those crust stuck to his hull, like a ship navigating through tropics, with so much dregs from TV, educational programs, religions and politics, the street with shop windows of offers, nude beach vacation, drugs, violence and war, everything mixed –detritus from karma penetrating the kind day and night. There is only one answer and only one possible way: it has lasted through the Aryan Race: it is Renunciation.

One should turn the glove inside out, like an image on a mirror; the left hand has to be right and vice versa. That which was mine –books, music records, videos, possessions, that which I have learned throughout so many years in the University and  Holy Order of C.A.F.H., and spontaneous ideas, my time and my future– I must give and revert all this. I have accumulated many things during 82 years and little time is left. Such time that I have been granted I must use in the exercise of Renunciation, removing outside those entrails that even I do not know as a whole, for the benefit of others. I don’t need a quite sharp knife to cut that which is necessary; it gets out alone, like this page suddenly appeared. To attain freedom, I must remove all and burn all in the fire of the Eternal Love, mystique of holocaust; and ashes should fall on earth, according to the Saint Paul of the Cross’ advice.

Through ignorance, we old people accumulate memories, affections of grandsons, retirement, things that we obtained, used clothes, good and bad habits, and so on. As years are growing up and one’s vitality is over because death is getting near, then static objects replace it straightly lined one beside the other. It is worse! The transference of dimensions will become harder. And Reversibility will be a failure. And instead of starting a new life in happy dimensions, one will remain, in the next incarnation, tied to a past dead. One must expect for other 700 years, according to the Teachings, and to try other experience, which starts just in the crucial and difficult point that we left in this life behind.

Reversibility is a law of life which turns out easier as soon as it is practiced from childhood or youth. Within the reach of old people there is a voluntary heroic action: to give everything joyfully and to give themselves with goodwill. Needs are everywhere, by the street, in hospitals, with relatives, and with oneself standing gladly our poor health and the burden of years. It is not speculation about the future; it is a gift of life –immediate, liberating and whole. When a person gives, he reverts himself and starts working for others; he is happy. Father Pio from Pietrelcina was unable to make anything because his stigmas of Christ were painfully bleeding. And through prayer, he constructed a beautiful hospital to healing the poor in Italy.

José González Muñoz
April, 2010.