Number 104.– Years Are Passing

Forty seven years have passed since the passing away of Master Santiago Bovisio, founder of C. A. F. H. and editor of the Renunciation Doctrine, widely diffused and preserved by the Canon Edition printed in Spanish and Portuguese. These years also his creations have disappeared: the Holy Order and the Perpetual Regulation, and most of their disciples who knew him. We are some few Ordained of Community that entered that we entered being young but now we are very old. Most of members of the present Cafh Foundation have never known the Masters and have other ideas.

The Teachings of Master Bovisio, published through Internet in different languages, constitute a singular case in the History of Religions; for the first time, the program of realization of a new time –the American– is presented with anticipation, much earlier than the appearance of the Founder of the Race, announcing it and even anticipating some of its main objectives. We are much aware of those ideas that Maitreya will develop but we do not know anything about him as a person. If he is already living somewhere, we neither know where nor what his aspect is. Through esoteric science and because it is written in some place of the Gospels, he is the reincarnation of Jesus. This time he will be the winner.

The appearance of Jesus in Galilee was surprising and he used his supernatural powers for his recognition by the people. There was not any background in Israel but a vague reference to an imprecise Messiah mixed with Prophets. His three-year action was sudden and mostly rejected by the people. Many centuries passed until the impressive symbol of the crucified was disseminated through Europe erasing all other beliefs. Little of the original ideas of Jesus is known; the Christian doctrine was the work of the Fathers of the Church, philosophers and Councils.

Even the Buddha had previous announcements, and he taught for many years in Nepal until being recognized. Ideas about renunciation were orally conveyed among disciples until centuries later when those ideas were fixed on the Canon Pali. The same can be said about Krishna, whose extraordinary doctrine should be studied in the Bhagavad Gita, the basis of Hindu beliefs.

Years pass, the charming personality of the Masters is erased from the memory of his Sons dead almost most of them, those works constructed by him are abandoned and covered by weeds, and the distance between the living Master and the daily reality is greater and greater continuously; now, Santiago Bovisio is a myth for some people that are faithful, but for others is nothing. The dynamics of history is positive and moves the human actions with new impulses. Those who have forgotten are experiencing the sad reality of all days, falling on the abyss of destruction. Those who are new and red the Teachings in remotest corners of Earth, are experiencing the myth of an unsuspected riches renewed by the changing History of each day as it was never known before. We have an example: The Teachings mention the atomic confrontation of two great powers in those days: the Soviet Union and the United States of America, through the tale of the bear and the lioness. But now there are ten atomic powers hating each other to death, and an accident can take place in any moment. Another example: The dissolution of the Soviet Union and its extraordinary economic and military recovery in ten years. Other example: The appearance of China in the world scenery –the wealthiest nation in the world. Other example: The economic and moral decadence of the United States of America. All this, the myth of Santiago Bovisio, the expansion of the Message and also the exploration of the Teaching revealing their unknown factors, are announcing ahead of time both to Maitreya and a new epoch in force.

The laws of Renunciation are acquiring power and conviction as year pass because international events confirm Master Samntiago’s premonitions. Half century ago, with atomic numbs in Russsian and North-American hands, artificial satellites and first computers, the nuclear terror prevailed over the public opinion: anti-atomic shelters were constructed even in gardens of houses. In those years, the nuclear holocaust was lived psychically. Master Santiago had other opinion: civilization would disappear by degradation of the human being on instinctive animal level, y we are seeing in present society; each day there are more degenerated androids, elemental detritus in every stratum, from presidential houses to slums.

The first Teaching: Hidrochosa, begins to tell: “New ideas and works are being prepared for the word. If the race of the Christian sign of Fish develops on a high level collectivity stats, great movements and mass organizations, the sixth sub-race will develop in an especial way egoencia of being”. Complete reversibility is characteristic in change of races; the civilization in force has to disappear so that the new civilization may grow and develop its ideas without restrictions, freely, like a newly born one. The Holy Order C.A.F.H., mother of the Renunciation Doctrine, has ended long ago, leaving behind ashes that the wind of years are vanishing for the production of expansion of the Message, a visible and planetary phenomenon during the last ten years. Ideas that are born in a group of souls and were tested in community life, offering models of exemplary lives, as a laboratory test, have not been given to that minority only for benefit of them but for Humanity. It is happening now. C.A.F.H. disappeared so than all men, without vows or organizations, may individually accede, without intermediaries, to ideas of future. Years will pass and centuries will come, and the civilization of masses will fall more and more, ans it happened with Cafh, ashes and desolate ruins will remain, the Earth will renew splendors of yore, and some few predestined men will study the Teachings in depth until constructing individually their egoencia.

The Renunciation Message is for individuals, not for masses. Christian religion is doctrinally and operatively against the Renunciation enounced by Master Santiago. Great economic corporations are against the egoencia of being. The civilization that retreats lives the space free for the action of Nature and for those few men who have learned the programs of whole development of the new race. If one reads closely the Teachings and Perpetual Regulation, we will see that C.A.F.H. is a perfect frame so that those ideals might be achieved and might lead the souls to meet entirely the vocation like so many examples of Community. But it was a frame, a gilt cage for the living experience of the Message that, on these conditions, stopped being as such: it was a possession. Reformations and modifications of those who came behind were worse because instead of opening the cage, they left it entirely locked. No. C.A.F.F. had to disappear so those ideas contained by it –a legacy of the Holy Masters– might freely flight in search of its destination. And it did so, swiftly; in ten years, such ideas are in the hands of their free addressees: men of all over the world.

When the Holy Order was working normally and the Founder lived, the Teachings were understood spontaneously. Groups, Orators and Superiors offered without restrictions wisdom gifts of the Order. Mainly, doubts o crisis did not exist; if they appeared, that person was softly removed and the Mystical Body remained ever intact: it had the gift of separating strange elements. Through reformations, breaches took place wherein strange elements entered the mystical body and affected it through insuperable evils. And that was the beginning of the end. After the disappearance of the Order, now the Message is addressed to men who have no regulations. The Teachings are the only guide.

At this time, the explanation of the Teachings needs some pedagogy different from the pedagogy used in weekly meetings: there were no more than seven persons as listeners in every group, which the Orator knew well, and were identified by their typical features, and he could repeat concepts as many times as it was necessary. Jesus had two ways of expounding his ideas: To his disciples, he would speak directly, calling things by his esoteric meaning, according to the traditional Egyptian wisdom: life, renunciation, possessions, perfection, and so on. To the people coming to a fro, he would speak through parables, stories and simple fables so that a seed may remain.

The Teachings were written by Master Santiago, who was helped by Holy Masters. Also, his privileged gifts would permit him to enter the astral world, to see the grotto of Ras, the inner life of the Earth, chakras of the human being, and so on. He also would kept images of his previous life in the times of Akhenaten, and was able to describe the War of the Two Suns as a living witness. But there was not a single Son in the Order who could get near so vast knowledge. He was a solitary one. He wrote for the future, for wise men of Aquarius, who will come when the planet is purified, and again Initiation Schools emerge preparing disciples in a scientific way. The Teachings are his legacy.

Meanwhile, as years pass and confusion and chaos produced by ideologies are growing and leading Humanity to despair, our responsibility as guardians of the Renunciation Message will be to preserve the Doctrine such as the Master left it, because it will be the cornerstone of the revolutionary work that Maitreya is constructing in the world. And the best safety vault is the soul of each man, without exceptions, humble, wealthy, poor, delinquents, saints, students, peasants, workers, all, millions of millions. Master Santiago was asking a universal expansion. It has started and its critical mass leads to go on to grow by its own means through Internet from soul to soul. Hundreds of flowers will bloom and after centuries, in the middle of the American Race, predestined beings will cultivate the Egoencia of Being in an especial way.

José González Muñoz
April, 2010