Number 105.– Jesus

I do not understand Jesus. As a Great Solar Initiate, he goes on to be inscrutable, but his work, or works, registered under his name, after his historical 2000-year-militancy, turned out an entire failure. Look at the Roman Church in its agonic rales and its disgusting mistreatment of children. Such crimes committed by priests of different ranks –as Jesus’ image and vicars– with huge powers over souls, become unacceptable. Why did not they abide by his suggestion that whoever shall offend one of the little ones, it is better for them a millstone hanged about their necks and they were cast into the sea? They all are guilty, from the Pope to the vilest perverted, because they are making up a closed mystical body of collective karma. As in olden times, virgin nuns were holding up the Church, in Saint Ambrose’s words; thus those perverted are sinking the Church in a bottomless swamp. The same value judgment is applicable to several Christianity’s currents, from the Orthodox to Protestants, with their endless wars, greed for money, and exploitation of the weak. How right Maitreya was stating that the other time he did not achieve his redemption aims! Now he comes back as the winner, and every one should attain perfection by his own means. The priestly caste of any religion became a failure as intermediary between God and souls. It is better for each man to walk by his own means however his steps may be short, because one is free by the fact of coming near to God.

The Great modern Solar Initiate, Jesus’ reincarnation, is already a winner, as he had announced: “I’ll come back triumphant” and the most eloquent evidence is in our own hands by statistics informed by Internet server. Million people all over the world are aware of his name and mission because this time the program began before his appearance at the start of Sakib age. With no news about his person, perhaps some years have to pass before that event can take place. Even Master Santiago, through one of his Teachings on Maitreya, suggests that he will live a secret life, known to some few disciples. His physical presence on the Earth makes feel everywhere not only by imperious need of idealists for a word of hope, but by the pair of opposites from the Work, manifested by cataclysms shocking the Planet and Humanity: flood in New Orleans, tsunami in Indonesia, earthquake in the South of Chile, eruption of a volcano en Iceland, which paralyzed all Europe during one week, and other catastrophes of this kind, which are shaking us in a faster frightening sequence. The transforming work made by the Holy Masters is manifest on every level of life, by destruction and construction, death and resurrection, suffering and joy.  They are complete. Soon after Jesus’ death, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in the year 70 AD, and its inhabitants were dispersed by the Empire as slaves (Diaspora). But the Jews did not learn and now they are above, over the summit of an irreversible straight line, surrounded by hostile peoples that hate them and  swore their destruction while hectically are constructing an atomic power.

Our Great Solar Initiate is not a Compassion Master like Jesus but a Justice Master with other liberation methods, which he is using even now. Neither the Jews nor any other person in the world will be able to crucify him again: he is a winner. Namely, all men have a chance to know and apply his ideas, without intermediaries or evangelists, by studying thanks to the communication technology reaching everywhere. However far we may be, we are shepherds from Galilee listening at the Master that is uttering the Blessings. And here is the beginning, the threshold of the Work that the Great Initiate is developing in the world. Detritus, churches, war-violence traffickers, and androids remain out; at the death time, however anyone may weep, failed souls will be forced to leave. On the other hand, days and years are selecting the chosen and fittest beings that are being enabled to live the Renunciation Message.

Some people have insinuated that the Pope should ask for forgiveness openly for cruelties made by their priests, so as previously the Chancellor from Germany asked for forgiveness in the Wailing Wall for the holocaust case. But this is a different situation not only because of the type of crime but because of the responsibility of its authors. The Pope should not ask for forgiveness from men but from God, whom the Church has seriously offended through a capital sin. Every Sunday, instead of going around the Saint Peter Square to get the applause from tourists, he should get out of the Basilica wearing a penitent’s cloak, barefooted, without jewels, downcast, slowly, and followed by the College of Cardinals, likewise penitents and barefooted, on single file, and upon reaching the center of the obelisk  he should kneel and in his own German language, which he used to speak in Bavaria as a child, he should ask for forgiveness from Jesus Christ for his non-fulfillment of duties in his subordinates' control; the Pope is a priest like others with Vows of Obedience and Chastity, and according to the traditional Church Law their non-fulfillment becomes a serious sin that must be atoned openly. Those who are present at the Square should also kneel asking for compassion from the Master of Justice –now Maitreya– and they have further possibilities of being listened. Later, humbly looking down, they will come back to the Basilica closing its gates and not getting out until next Sunday but staying in prayer. Thus, one year, two years, as many years as necessary for the Church’s purification. And all those predators of children discovered –during confession they know all– should be extirpated from the mystical body. However some few of them may remain, it will be better than an army of perverted priests following Satan instead of Jesus.

In the structure of the Church it is a mistake from the root when Saint Paul would arrange Synagogues in the name of the Redeemer. Jesus had no time to arrange an institution if such had been his project; he left certain behavior rules registered by some of his disciples after his death. Even priesthood arose some centuries later when it was given official status by Constantine. Since those days there are two types of Christian Humanity: those ordinary men needing an important person authorized to achieve salvation in Eden, and those privileged who grant such salvation. The power to redeem, which is of a Catholic priest, is granted by rituals and oaths, for ever, irrespective of quality and condition of the officiant. This legal situation lasted through centuries of dogmatic obscurantism until our days, but without efficacy now; men know how to read and write, they hear about other doctrines and study in Universities, choose as they like, and can appeal to justice courts as it happened in Massachusetts and California.

Certain media have started defending the Pope and arguing it is a personal attack, and that pederasts are everywhere. They arranged a mass gathering in Holy Week supporting the Pontiff, like in any banana republic where masses come out to the street defending the President of the moment. If for those organizers the trouble is a question of popularity, they should not worry: through these scandals, Ratzinger is appearing day by day in newspapers, and churches are experiences an increasing attendance every Sunday where they pray for him. Through his sex scandals, Berlusconi has more followers than before. With such Humanity falling to the abyss on all fronts of life, from wars to economy convulsions, from pornography to drug addiction, these events become shows naturally followed by people every day for entertainment, as football championships. In Argentina, last weeks, in the center of the front page, it is often a big picture with protagonists of the last football match, with theatrical gestures, laughs and tears. They have been trained for those fictions of mediocrity. And in front pages, without any picture, one reads a repeated comment about problems in the Church.

We are in the center of an existential crisis lived by Humanity when a civilization disappears and is replaced by a new one. It is ever cruel. To understand how big has been the change between monotheism and plurality of nascent worlds, we are telling some of those experiences lived by children who are visiting us in Mendoza’s mountains to dream and be happy.

Here, in Children’s Village, in the Isla of Las Vegas, near Potrerillos, Mendoza’s primary schools are coming back to live nature in its pure state and to learn lessons of real ecology. We have made these educational experiences in previous years, from 1988 to 2000 with children coming for one or several days from Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, and from Santiago, Chile and Mendoza. Thousands children have run through hills in search of materials for the construction of future projects: an aquatic town, a refuge in the mountain, a solarium for asthmatic children, and so on. They behavior has ever been excellent, and I have never heard any rudeness or aggressive gesture among them. From the start they would hear and understand they were able to learn through cooperation and not through rivalry. For the construction of a model, they would divide tasks into small groups; some of them would make snowy mountains, others a brook of real water falling from above (made of polyethylene), horses, sheep, cows and peasants working; in the workshop, they would make and paint little houses, with gardens, flowers and trees.  Against the Village or against the visiting school there never was any complaint. Now other children and other school misses are coming back, but the landscape, method and laws of mutual respect between school misses and pupils are the same.

What is the key to this proposal of living together in harmony? A child knows beforehand that he comes to learn all the time he is at the Village, during classes, and in strolls and dining room, and that their school misses are constantly teaching them how to sit at the table, and not to harm and soil. As a child learns what he is doing, he does it quite well, with joy.

In the second place, children never should be touched, even to express affection to them. Distance is the best tool for a shared sociability. Children dislike physical contact with adults, and if they are little, they reject such bad habit. To show affection, pawing of any kind is unnecessary; through words, one’s glance, paying attention to their needs, listening at them with respect, taking care of them from distance, and loving them, they are given that affection that we are able to offer. They need a space around to learn and be able to exercise such freedom that according to their age they execute unrestrained. In the Village, children construct, by means of natural miniature elements, their projects of future and at the same time they are constructing themselves as men of future.

José González Muñoz
May, 2010.