Number 106.– The World

In its classification, the Canon of the Teachings contains six groups expressing Santiago Bovisio’s thought as a whole: Doctrinal Courses, Ascetic-Mystic Courses, History Courses, Philosophical Courses, Esoteric Courses and Communities’ Courses. Usually, they were used as notes for Cafh’s students and were addressed to them; but other Courses never were made known; they stayed kept in Teaching’s Matrices until long time after the Master’s death, exactly the year 2000, when they were published by Internet for the benefit of Humanity. Men will be custodians of ideas that express an original conception about the world, which differs from existing systems, whether philosophical, religious or metaphysical. If academically ordinary systems describe concepts of a society of masses that is disappearing, such Canon speaks of the coming world, and of its time, its laws, egoencia’s men, Maitreya the Great Solar Initiate, and expectations that are awakening students who are eager for the truth of the American Age.

Modern society becomes a mass world that is exactly the same everywhere. The Argentine people are the same as their leaders, Obama is identical to an ordinary North-American, and Berlusconi is the Italian prototype. No possibilities of change. Democracies constitute the fittest political systems for a society of masses. As the inevitable result of such uniformity, hatred and fights to death among relatives take place, even holding up the same principles: China and India, Russia and the United States, Jews and Moslems, factions in Catholic Church even in littlest towns, and favelas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro. This irreversible globalization, unitary monothematic ethics, and exhaustion of initial proposals are leading them to self-destruction, to a more and more serious show that we are witnessing until the time when, at the final scene, they stumble against the atomic destruction.

Now and thousand centuries ago, this reality of the world, was multiple in its aspects as a whole. The straight line of thought appeared in the Two Suns’ War, with the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his gang, and continued until our day through Monotheistic Religions. It has ended now. Please, read in these Teachings “The Mother Idea of the Aryan Race” those proposals made by Maitreya, and you will understand that we are in front of a historic stage that will develop the plurality of worlds.

One world is accepted by physical science. Matter and several aspects offered by such science become variable states; energy gets transmuted into matter and vice versa. Here is reversibility of worlds. Religions hold up their personal conceptions while they reject others. For them, reality is a revelation that they were given, and any other is ignored or opposed. An example: ancient pre-Columbian cults, immensely rich in connection with ideas, were chased to death until their extinction. Likewise it occurred with classic polytheistic religions. Since two thousand years ago until now, the Western civilization has lived an obscurantist religion supported by force. Natural sciences developed despite monotheistic dogmatism. A defender of plural worlds as Giordano Bruno, was burned at the stake by Inquisition, and something like that occurred with Galileo. For the same reasons, both Alexandria’s Library and Baghdad’s Library were burned.

We men are living in worlds dispersed; as soon as we leave behind our wakeful outer experiences, in several ways inner worlds are appearing, from near scenes of the seventh astral place to journeys far away and relations with other beings. Does not the same thing occur with psychedelic drugs in vogue among civilized nations? We are living in the world and the world is living in us. We can create them and forget them later. As the outstanding power in Teutonic Arians is organization of big collective institutions, so the quality in Aquarians is imagination, the key to creativity. According to some of the English thinkers –Huxley among them– it is the greatest gift of nature. Creation of parallel worlds, remote and near, inner and outer, plastic, musical and literary will constitute the art of future, as they appear in Aquarian Stories. Spontaneously, children have such powers because they are near the astral plane and they express themselves in the widest freedom of form. It is what we are exploring at the Children’s Village through ecology classes and communitarian work along with primary schools that visit us and construct on a small scale future worlds made by their own hands without limits of any type. It is the best way of learning because it converts the pupil into an American child.

So, what kind of liberation by one’s means is this as Maitreya proposes it? For him, liberation develops in the world that each one is able to construct by his own means. It is the program of achievements that a man brings along since the start of his individuation, incarnation by incarnation through dimensions of the universe until reaching the goal proposed: the Substantial Union. The last time, Jesus proposed a model of perfection to men, but he did not succeed: now, Maitreya proposes for man to develop a model safeguarded in the soul. A necessary mystic-ascetic method to bring it about is Renunciation such as the Teachings describe it. They are plural worlds that we have dealt through these Reflections, which are potential in the beginning of the New Race, but will become real as a being goes forward by the Path. Also, this means egoencia, the most perfect individuality; each man is an aristocratic world where the queen and lady is the soul.

As one can understand, both religious and metaphysical dogmas are not fit for this new form of living. Each one would need a conventional dogma irrespective of others; so, collective agreements to establish them are not required. Collective systems in force for men have expired and are useless for ruling them or for living. Even masses without individualized worlds but with collective worlds are useless, such as it occurs with money, animal instincts, globalization, sport stadiums, TV, authoritarian education, et cetera. Thus one is able to understand the divine plan allowing the development until unsustainable limits in economy corporations to put an end to the civilization of masses. On the other hand, seven thousand millions people are a genetic monstrosity that only could produce degradation of the human condition. It is the end.

Through Aquarian Stories we have described a premonition of these concepts. Also, in Children’s Village, we bring about in pupils worlds that they might inhabit in the future. We all can start imagining this treasure that we are bringing along. We should try because the future begins now, and at any moment we make a decision. And the start point is ever an act of Renunciation. It would be useless to know how we are within when we lie buried under tons of wrong images bombarding us day by day from everywhere and proposing an unreal and perverse life.

We are that which we create in ourselves, inner world and outer worlds in a permanent reversibility, dynamic, beautiful and ugly, pleasant and sorrowful, in continuous transformation. But for that man who knows the laws of changes and handles them for a higher end, to live means to create. The Mahatma Gandhi properly said that the higher art is life and nothing is more beautiful than to make of oneself a beautiful work. Saint Paul of the Cross wrote to one of his female disciples who used to complain: “I am happy to know that your new superior treats you in a harsh way. How good friend of God he must be willing to give the last snacks to the statue and embellish it for the heavenly gallery. And this is why he does not allow any comfort may be granted, but to use the thinnest and sharpest chisel in order to polish it properly”.

The construction of a master work by our own life and by our own discoveries from birth to the perfection of a Gothic cathedral –body, mind and spirit– a prudential distance requires in relation to us so as a painter moves some few meters away from his easel to discover a lack of harmony. Picasso painted “Guernica”, a terrible master work about a war of the XXth century, but when the destruction world is there at a distance of some few meters, he painted to himself, a self-portrait of his soul. “I express that which I see”, he used to say. He was ever himself in a permanent contradiction, analogous and perseverant. During his last days, he said: “Now I am free; I paint like a child”.

We do not need be artists for achieving ourselves; we need authenticity, Renunciation. Through Renunciation, we deprive ourselves of those things adhered to us and deforming and making of us that which we are not: a puppet, an android, a Michael Jackson, an impossible chimera. The reader should start cleaning the house, his own house, little by little, gradually, and as he is creating clean spaces, he will see how, from the bottom of his soul, jewels that were therein kept begin to be revealed. If you turn off the TV, or rather if you set aside such torturer, you will discover times of silence beyond imagination, like a seedbed duly prepared where little plants unknown begin to sprout. When and if you persevere, those plants will grow up, bloom and give gorgeous fruits. And when and if you discover the delight of being a gardener of yourself it will reveal flowers that only you can bring about by enriching both life and men. Humanity will be a garden in the time of Aquarius.

José González Muñoz
May, 2010.