Nº 107.– BATTLES

“New ideas and works are being prepared for the world. If on a high level the race of Pisces –Christian sign– has developed collectivity states, great mass movements and organizations, the sixth sub-race (Hidrochosa, American sub-race) especially will develop egoencia of Being”. From Course I, Teaching 1.

First: 1945 –Through sea and planet, great British Empire dissolved.
Second: 1990 –Soviet Union disintegrated.
Third: 2001 –In New York, Twin Towers attacked and fallen down.
Fourth: 2008 –United States’ economy collapsed.
Fifth 2010 –Shanghai’s Universal Exposition: China, Russia, India and Brazil construct the  new world power, with a half of the population and economy production of the planet.
Sixth –Roman Church morally collapsed by sex corruption of priests.
Seventh: The Crucified One, symbol of mass civilization, replaced by Maitreya, without image, symbol of aristocracy of being.

Humanity is suffering of a permanent power conflict as for military forces, economy, religion and culture, ultimately in endless wars. Mass society manifests through violent rivalry in its members, even though they hold the same principles for those which they are fighting. Adversary nations in Second World War were capitalist. Second World War was decided in Stalingrad. In economy, struggle is fierce even in the same corporation. In Roman Church, in-house dissension distorts the gospel it should convey to the faithful. In family, parents, sons and brothers are living permanent conflicts. Even amongst beings intensely loving each other, tragic outcomes, like Othello, are taking place.

This is the law for Aryan Race: to live for war, like those mercenaries fighting in Afghanistan. Sport men, guerillas, merchants, every one in his own profession, are violently competing to win. One wins, other loses, and thus, throughout centuries and millennia, Humanity has evolved and staggered, ultimately ending in our unprecedented present society of seven thousand million globalized beings.

We Aquarians are at a difficult, critical crossroads between two contradictory eras from their root: Pisces’ people. materialists, monotheists, in a globalized civilization entirely disintegrated, waging continuous battles to survive in a littler and littler world, and Aquarius’ people, just born, who are hardly intuiting the Renunciation law and are coming out to look at plural worlds, but not fighting. If a Piscean is in front of an Aquarian, and this Aquarian demands him to deliver everything, the Aquarian gives it at once and feels happy and relieved. He wants nothing. His possessions are a burden obstructing his inner freedom. Also the thief is happy because he has more things. He wants everything. In the spiritual synthesis of the Community Ordination you read: “Ordained ones: have ever written in front of you, in big letters these words: Nothing to earn. Nothing to have. Nothing to be”. In fact, at the bedroom, over the bed head, we had a big sign like that.

The Holy Order C.A.F.H was the first model of Aquarian life designed by Master Santiago with help of Savonarola (Monitor) .While the Founder was alive, his members practiced Renunciation according to more and more demanding conditions allowed by the society of masses. It was a pilot experience developed in several American countries with good results in the beginning. But when the Founder died, his continuers willingly were seduced by the world: trips, money, luxury retreat houses and lovingly works as colleges were left behind. Likewise Renunciation rules declared by the Teachings were modified and the mystic Order became a worldly Foundation managing economy possessions. The old world devoured the new world that was being born. Some few survivors wander among the multitude and hold the Canon of Teachings in their hands, while they seek new Aquarians in order to convey them the spiritual legacy. It is very difficult. These times are of fireworks where Humanity of Pisces holds its own funerals in the only way it knows how to do. A bacchanal in corporations, Church, shows, artists, war. Bearers of the Renunciation Message patiently should wait until dawn of the new day.

Old Pisceans and the First Aquarians are living on different dimensions colliding among them although the stay at the same space: Earth. Modern monotheistic civilization has filled the physical space of the planet, from pole to pole, and by satellite communication its vibratory cover attains hundreds kilometers high. These are dimensions from skin outwards with every sense usufructing gifts of Nature beyond possibilities up to extermination. It is a magnetic passion for living and acting on an unstoppable straight line, like greed for money or sex compulsion; it is incorrigible, a curse.

In Aquarians, their dimension goes from skin inwards, toward the fantastic space of plural worlds: infinitesimal, alternative, reversible, good and evil; aristocracy of being with an exclusive queen: soul. How could Little Therese of Lissieux compete with Bernard Madoff, a super swindler? They never could be found ever living in the same building. Now these days we are living together with Aquarians and Pisceans and we do not collide and they cannot harm us, although they try. They just will harm themselves. Battles of Pisceans are bloody; thence their symbol is a man bleeding. Spiritual combats of Aquarians bring about tears and are imageless.

To live in this world it is not difficult because all know their laws for politics, economic and society. To live in Aquarius, Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings are the visible guide, which internationally are distributed through Internet. C.A.F.H. was the only group experience to live in this way and failed, and its isolated survivors strive to understand the Renunciation laws in the din of battles.

For the new Americans, the Way is lonely, silent and secret. The union amongst them is brought about by identity and similarity, not by conventions. As the American takes away habits adhered to his soul by civilization, atavism and karma like sea limpets adhered to the hull of an old ship after long navigation and unable to go forward, little by little, from the bottom of his being his own qualities belonging to him since the beginning start manifesting and, like the new born, they move, speak a new language and awaken plural worlds of wonderful colors and sounds; thus they are building the palace for their new life.

We all have had experiences about such rapture of the soul toward higher dimensions in dreams and wakefulness, with open eyes when by some especial circumstance we sink in the beauty of living. Artists, musicians and narrators know well these mystic states when a being is connected to those inner worlds. Mystics of every current naturally experience such states, in the beginning by efforts, later by renunciation, and at the end by a permanent way of living. Children up to seven years old connected to those worlds, although they do not understand them and are unable to describe them, express them in a wonderful way by glance and laughter. They have no fear or possessions; their living is every single moment and they manifest it with total naturalness. The future of Humanity will be like that life as children but filled with wisdom.

Jesus said: “If you were not as children, you won’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. The Kingdom of Heaven is plural worlds and happiness. Is it possible to become a child again, even being eighty years old? Yes by Renunciation. Hardly entering society, kindergarten, TV, job, et cetera, ordinary men are accumulating things and experiences by recharging the bottom of the ship with limpets of every ocean, and in the midst of their lives when they are unable to navigate, they weep in despair and finally die; while a man of Renunciation, hardly connected to the Message starts taking way his old clothes and evil memories –all of them, both external and internal– to be as a child again.

Two Races in contact do not collide; they cross each other and do not collide because they are in different dimensions. Indeed, they are entirely opposite; one from skin outwards, other from skin inwards. In the two there are battles, but an Aquarian does not harm anyone, either himself. Mohammed said: discipline in inner life is a true holy war. Therefore, men should not fear entering themselves because nobody will harm them. Even in the din of daily life, when and if he is able, he should enter the chambers of his own soul and Renounce while he is discovering things that dislike him. It is a difficult task of few results, but he will learn on the Way. Detachment even from necessary things brings peace.

But the one who makes a decision and moves way from street combats in search of a natural site far from worldly noise –in the plain, over the mountain or in forests– he will find ideal tools for the awakening of plural worlds that are sleeping within. There is a general movement of persons and families moving away from cities, not only by security but also because they find in fields a meaning to the existence. Especially if they are a family of little children, and go far way, without TV or newspapers, hardly a country school to learn how to read and write, all of them will develop harmoniously, mature people learning how to be old, old people learning to die in peace, and young people learning to be integral. In Aquarius, combats are soft, cheerful and harmonious.

José González Muñoz
May 2010



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