108.–  Difficulties

As months pass, it is more and more difficult to offer new Reflections. It is easy to write them; one learns this office by experience. But it is difficult to find Aquarian subjects when protagonists remain sunk on turmoil of an ending Race. What are Aquarian subjects? That which one knows is in Master Santiago’s Teachings and we have reflected about them many times, sometimes repeating titles and concepts, trying to put up to date ideas along with international events that are shuddering Humanity. Through a mere literary anticipation I had presented my conjectures in Aquarian Stories, an anticipation writing ten thousand years ahead in future history so as to design clear, indelible images about what the new men could become in a planet also rejuvenated. But life is now, here, real and the only experience was C.A.F.H. that Master Santiago constructed since 1937 in Argentina and it lasted until his death giving noticeable Renunciation results. This experience failed and some few survivors after much mind efforts are confronting a frail balance between works in conflict. Within their reach, they have the Teachings and read them once and again so as to keep the vocation flame in their memories. From there to life of integral Renunciation there is a long distance, and there are many difficulties for the Pilgrim on the Way.

 This time, the Great Solar Initiate Maitreya, in his action differs from his previous incarnation on the form of Jesus, and the background in our hands about redeemers of the past does not help us to understand that which will be the present line, when we do not have signs about this presence anywhere, and only the Canon Teachings and ambiguous references from some of the traditions. However, the souls are so needy and threats on the old world are so heavy by its atomic bombs prepared and aiming at every target that we are taken aback not knowing what to write and about what points of the doctrine to reflect so as to bring some hope. In a newspaper I have seen the photography of a North American adult who is looking down abashed and sorrowful, at a handicapped and deaf person maltreated once and again by a priest that was children rapist. I was touched. Will we be forced to face for long time the human perdurable image for thousand causes of miseries in Argentina, Afghanistan and Gaza, hungry African children, North-Americans abandoned to their fate, homeless or jobless?

To understand our difficult situation, we should go back to the root of ideas when the Master started the work, at zero point, in the beginning. In 1937, date of first information about the Sakib Era and change of Races, the world was different, although conditions were being prepared for decadence: the World War still had not broken out, there was not TV or global communication, and no atomic bomb had been constructed, space trips were science fiction, some few people were drug addicts, homosexuals or pederasts known. Computers or robots were non existent. Day and night, life in cities was normal, without violence. There was job everywhere. And we children went to primary school six days a week strictly during six months a year. National holidays were celebrated in the School by festive ceremonies where school misses, parents and pupils took part.

Everything was being gestated, good and evil, hope and destructive rage that starting from the war broke out in the Planet. Nations were ablaze, Europe, Russia, China and Vietnam, Korea, Africa and Latin America, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, men and Nature, religions, life and customs. Demons transformed the planet into a hell of seven thousand million sentenced. And over this chaos the blade of inexorable atomic destruction, fatal, instantaneous. Is there any space where men of the future may survive and keep the Renunciation Message until the time of America? In the first Teachings we will find the answer and behavior guide for the achievement of this spiritual mission.

We have no institutions to take refuge, however kind it may seem, and neither in family, the littlest collective offered by Humanity, even being financially and socially protected. Statistics of families destroyed –of little children– are painful. Wherever we are and whatever is our cultural situation, we are the only possible, individual place. One has to learn how to enter the vast spiritual, mystic world to live. There are no goals to conquer like in professions and sects that offer strength, intelligence, expanded consciousness, paradises and powers. One should get in oneself and remain there. Every mystic way teaches that there is no other form to attain peace. Those who feel that inner peace is boring are void and ignorant. One should start travelling through that way because is the only one to integrate life.

What about behavior procedures within the reach of persons at any situation  they may be, for instance, office, home, street or friends? We will try to offer a list of actions leading to a permanent relation to oneself in every circumstance.

  1. If you practice a methodology to increase your ego, or the illusion of feeling better than others, whether through psychology, sport, society or knowledge, get rid of it.  The more an ordinary personality increases, the more it wants and desires. It is like money, and that person does not seek other thing than further money, without limits. For example, see those athletes who are marking speed, resistance, height records, et cetera. Their whole youth devoted to become more than others by acquiring score: the number one and thousands remain behind who never will arrive anywhere. It is instructive to listen at the words from sportsmen in retirement: years and years of futile individual efforts, just to compete with others. A person like that is a failure. If instead of increasing their petulance they had looked for a possible balance, they could have been happy.
  2. It is necessary to reduce our environment because directly it affects our inner actions. There are professionals passing their lives acquiring academic degrees, doctorates, honor mentions and prizes, as one can see in medical offices of walls filled with diplomas, which more than anything are showing personal vanity. Likewise in social life where many persons live sunk by parties, expositions, lectures or competitions without a free moment for meditation about themselves. They are void, and to them, any free time available is the worst punishment. And they do not realize this: that little or nothing in their inner lives is their greatest treasure because they start inhabiting it, like a baby first starts crawling, then walking, and at the end running on his own world. Those persons who are bored with themselves are wrong from the root by believing that to live is to have more, all the contrary to the Renunciation Law.
  3. If you are fortunate and have your soul vacant, and are not worried about it, start travelling through it, exploring its corners, knowing its empty chambers, some of them in the shadows because light never entered, others luminous and fascinating, and of nobody else. They are those plural worlds referred by Reflections, and do not fear because you are aware of yourself. On Earth, there is no more attractive world than this one, and some day you will completely know your golden palace.
  4. A distinctive feature of the Aryan Race was the conquest, since the first time up to our days: Roman Empire, Spanish Conquistadors, permanent wars, atomic bomb, space race, and so on in all activities of civilization which have taken Humanity to a border of the abyss, being impossible to move back or change. The New Age offers as its main feature the Renunciation Law, which has been widely developed for the mentality of these days through Teachings of the Canon. In the American Race, its actions are entirely different, opposite to those that we see in European history. If the motto for modern man is to win, the Aquarian different motto is to give. And this is the task for those who are seeking the salvation Way; to give not only things, possessions and heritage, but even to give themselves every time, a task of integral cleaning so as to let flourish gifts of the soul, and beginning of the perfect model of every one within.
  5. Those who are living in cities have chosen, or others have chosen for them since their birth. If you have a news stand of 4 square meters on the sidewalk, you will spend your life until being an old man looking at people passing by and living with their graphic proposals. If you are a seminarian, you have chosen and are already aware of that which waits for you like everybody is now aware, at any bishopric of the world, locked in an administrative and doctrinarian jail, being impossible to escape. All of them stay in the same way, as religious people take refuge in the show of dogmatic rituals, so an ordinary man hides among the crowd. But this ordinary man has further salvation possibilities because he is not locked by any doctrinarian net. He is able to find in himself a way to escape, in plural worlds expecting him even though he is seeking in the shadows.


Dear Reader: If you still believe in something, in life, good or yourself despite all, little by little leave behind those attachments that are tying you to a meaningless becoming, and have hope. Work in yourself, inwardly, for next incarnation.

José González Muñoz
May 2010


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