Nº 109.– Bunker

When and if a man has understood unsolvable problems of the modern world, and he wants to survive he is to convert his soul into an inexpugnable iron bunker, without any compromises. Too long time we have lived with a weak spiritual sentimentalist model, type Franco Zeffirelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth”, more according to not-busy sanctimonious women than that which we need in these days of horror. The real Jesus of the Gospels, who walked over the waters and banished with a whip merchants from the temple, was a strong man without compromises, but later, other merchants of different names came and filled Christian temples with gold and pomp. The temple collapsed and buried its treasures, which were not of material kind, but a spiritual legacy left by the Master to his followers. How many of them are left? Very few. They are Aquarians seeking the Master in the dark. “I will come back victorious”, he said. Those seekers are to be strong like the Great Initiate to find in the Teachings signs revealing the way and are to transform the soul into a well-kept bunker where merchants cannot enter.

Through these pages we have already said the first social experience in life of modern renunciation especially designed by Santiago Bovisio was C.A.F.H., following ideas expressed in the Canon with the most evident achievement: Communities. When the Master Founder of Communities was living, these Communities were bunkers as well in the institution as in consecrated souls living there. To understand this form of living you should read Courses about Communities, which were well explicit and detailed, from “The Holy Gate”, which defines the aspirant’s admission, to valuable Teachings –“Intimacy of the Perfect”– where it is offered an insight of the soul, which is a model for future men. Communities have decayed by the same causes of the Church’ decadence: a worldly stream entered its abandoned chambers and differences between past and future were erased: affluent Retreat houses, money in banks, the Great Master marrying an Ordained Woman and raising her to the highest hierarchy. Guardians of the holy dimension did not fight and remained mute and hidden behind a sentimental sanctimoniousness.

If a bunker is full of strange things, the bunker gets spoiled. Santiago Bovisio’s wife, Mrs Amelia, once asked the successor: “Why do you gather to much money?”, and Waxemberg replied: “Because money gives strength”. They accumulated economic goods and every day they had new compromises with powerful and influential people, government and taxpayers. Goods of C.A.F.H.are intrinsic and clearly detailed by the Regulation: blessings, ceremonies, et cetera. Devils entered along with possessions, and by 1984 the Holy Order ended. Specters were wandering adrift.

Repeatedly and extensively we have referred to the phenomenon of C.A.F.H. because it was a model for achievement of the Message and because it ended when experience was abandoned and replaced by illusions of the world. That work does not exist any more, but those teaching left by them behind about right and wrong can be helpful to those who make of their lives a model of Renunciation, an inexpugnable bunker.

In the beginning of an epoch, its prosperity and continuity is based on its initial protagonists. “When aviation started, the most important thing was aviators, but later, once aviation was consolidated, the most important thing was air companies. To be a pilot is a disciplined profession”. Read Antoine de Saint Exupery’s “Night Flight” and you will understand the first aviators were self-made men with risks of life and death, pioneers in a new way of living and travelling. At present, pilot’s training is ruled by flight simulators. When Jesus called his Disciples –ordinary, not-quite outstanding men –they had to learn everything, from the simplest prayer to living together amongst them. The Master was patiently teaching them, mending deviations, learning to live in poverty, getting rid of their possessions and calling people around the Master. In a short while –three years– they became extraordinary evangelists in pilgrimage through Palestinian towns, preaching the holy Word. During the following two thousand years, the Christian work has been built on foundations of those first twelve disciples. Were it not for them, the Gospel’s message would had remained as an unimportant historic anecdote like some others from Israel’s people.

We are at the birth of the American Race and none is able to define by words the New Man. It is a mystery revealed in the soul of every one when and if that birth takes place. Even it cannot be communicated because those characteristics of that which still are unknown have not been defined. In predestined souls, their inner  enlightenment will gradually reveal the mystery, and the chosen one will gradually be developing it being faithful to the self-revealed being, when and if that thing occurs. He needs become an unbeatable bunker so that the seed may develop without strange distortions. Such is the Judas’ case, who being tempted by the world, committed suicide by hanging himself.

In the Piscean Era, with a redemption program that is different from the present one, Jesus has chosen disciples to raise them to His Perfection, and over them, to the rest of men; this program was unsuccessful according to the evidence of the modern civilization. In our American Era, according to a Maitreya’s communiqué referred by us through these Reflections, every man should find redemption by his own efforts: every one will be his own savior. Disciples are not arbitrarily chosen. The Renunciation doctrine, the Law for the future world, is now instilled in Humanity, as Master Santiago had asked it once and again. Every man set himself up as a disciple, is responsible for his actions, and there is no salvation coming from outside. Liberation is born from an infinitesimal point of the soul, and it grows from there along with every vicissitude, danger, failure and success in life. Step by step, in each birth, a pilgrim goes forward to perfection of his model, which is unique amongst all and that it is he the only one able to construct. So that this divine adventure of the spirit may go forward on his path, the soul should become an iron bunker.

Enemies of perfection are those who are at home, inside, –and feed on life granted by a conformist soul. In his time, the Founder of C.A.F.H. was invulnerable if Sons remained steady, and however powerful its enemies may attack C.A.F.H., it could not be destroyed from outside but from within, as it occurred later. In 1965 there was the first light attack in Mendoza and Cordoba provinces: C.A.F.H. was slandered through sermons dealing with brain-washing, not sending pupils to Leo Bovisio College, and so on. At once, full of fear, Superiors published a paid announcement in newspapers, hid copies of Courses and tried a rapprochement to the Secretary of Cults, changing the Regulation. That was the beginning of the ending. After few years, nothing remained. The order was strong but its Superiors were quite weak. There are no dangerous colleges; the Mystic Order became an economic Foundation regulated by Juristic Persons, a trade mark to collect contributions and gather its members freely. The world devoured them and their fallacies –they did nothing to spread the Renunciation Message for the evolutionary change in Humanity. Those who started spreading the Doctrine were those who defended the integrity of the Great Work and other persons who did not belong to the Order and set themselves up as defenders of the authentic Regulation and original Teachings. Now the Institution does not exist, but Renunciation remains instilled in Humanity. Therein, in the heart of individuals, even though they are far away, in other continents, a vocational seed will germinate to grow and yield beautiful fruits   –fruits of a gardener cultivating his flowers. If he wants to thrive, he must wall and transform it into a bunker where pests from the world cannot damage his flower beds.

Each being, whatever his social level and place in the world may be, a student or house wife, young or old, holds at hand potential elements to keep the garden of his/her house clean because tools are intrinsic and come from the Renunciation Law. You should peruse the Teachings to find in each paragraph an idea about inner detachment, an image of negation of the ordinary personality, a formal stimulation to set aside “the bread bag of the poor one”. In these times when mass communication media have replaced the conscience, and televiewers feel, love and hate that which TV and mass publicity say, the mystic asceticism of the new man is absorbed in expelling detritus stored at every corner of the house, which are acting by themselves. They find in others the same sensations to form an enormous polypus pressing every man to repeat once and again the same collective actions and to feel no original feelings but passion of masses.

Dear Reader: The task is immense and covers the whole existence because it is very life, not only this one we are experiencing, but all those necessary incarnations to reach our liberation, including their intermediate states, permanently, without breaks, until eventually, being able to say: “nothing to gain, nothing to have and nothing to be”. The being is the model that has been reached though continuous efforts –efforts belonging to him individually.

To start is to follow the good path. The work is of spiritual cleaning, without any kind of conquest, a work of ways to meditate, purification of feelings, and clarity of thoughts. On the ascent to Mount Carmel, Saint John of the Cross made a didactic design about ascending paths to reach the summit. In the Course “Archaic Symbology”, Master Santiago points our ways to reach the summit through knowledge and Renunciation. In his book “Voice of the Silence”, H. P. Blavatsky also includes the same old Tibetan tradition.

The spiritual bunker should be built gradually, silently and slowly, from within outwards.

José González Muñoz
June 2010


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