Number 9.- Forty Years Later

Master Santiago Bovisio died in the morning of July 3rd, 1962, in Cordoba, Argentina, forty years ago, and left to the disciples an extraordinary mission as his heritage: “Mother’s Sons, expand Cafh and proclaim the Renunciation Message on Earth to all the world!” (“1962 Full Moon Message”, XIX, 16). These were practically his last written words, his spiritual will. Now, first year of the third millennium, Teachings containing the Renunciation Message are read through Internet in forty countries of the planet with more than half million files downloaded, and the interest in knowing them go on to persist, at present with 45,000 monthly accesses to the site.

Forty is a mystic number with deep meaning: the pilgrimage of the Hebrew people following Moses through rocky ground in Sinai, until their arrival in the promised land, lasted forty years; Jesus’ trial in the wilderness before he started his redeeming work lasted forty days; one’s blood needs forty days of abstinence before its renewal; and forty days is the number of trial and regeneration. Teachings of the Master remained silent for many years, and became mighty in the shadows, and now, in the beginning of the Aquarian Age, expand all over the world without obstacles and limits, such as they were written, in freedom.

The Master addresses his demand to his disciples, and calls them “Mother’s Sons”, upon which his expectations and future of the work are dependent. Nobody felt some time that these Teachings could exist out of a personal meditation field so that they could reach everybody. But Cafh ended up long time ago, and now this Renunciation Message expands over the whole Earth, over the whole Universe. And between the Renunciation Way to save some few and the Renunciation Way for whole Humanity, there are forty years with trials and suffering, which need to be explained for the sake of the spiritual peace of those who received the injunction of expanding and had to walk alone on the wilderness.

If Santiago Bovisio’s mission had been to create a spiritual system by means of concepts and ideas alone, such as many modern authors did, it would be sufficient for him to publish his books and to give lectures, being successful from the beginning. But he tried to transform men, leading his own soul to similar souls coming to him; he was not a writer; he was a Master of Wisdom. So he founded the Holy Order of American Knights of Fire Ilhes.

a. Holy Order of Fire

Master Santiago Bovisio’s main work has been to create the Holy Order of Fire in America. It was its predecessor in Venice (since remotest times) that educated him in his early youth and gave him a foundational mission in America. An European Order –Chef– was smashed by fascists, and its members were killed or scattered (“History of Esoteric Orders”, XVI, 6, 7, 8 and 9; “Great Initiates of the Aryan Race”, V, 15).
The Holy Order of Fire is astral, and its terrestrial manifestations in doctrine, actions, expansion, contraction, power and authority are a reflection of the Original Order. Any separate, independent or reformist deed, produced by its terrestrial derivations, brought its immediate failure.
The Order founded in America was a reflection of its astral source, and its legitimacy is established on a Perpetual Regulation subject to Vow of Fidelity. After the Founder’s death, Cafh ended up as a result of personal actions detached from the Doctrine, or adulterations of the Regulations.
The Work contains two fundamental parts:
1) Renunciation Doctrine –preserved in this Internet site and dictated by the Astral Master of the Order, the Monitor (Girolamo Savonarola), and adapted to characteristic American minds of these days– has been received by the Founder, who wrote it in Spanish language.
2) An esoteric organization, subject to the Traditional hierarchical Order of Teutonic Knights, transmitted by Chef from Venice; this organization had to be depository of the Doctrine.
This Doctrine prevailed in spirit and letter, in spite of setbacks in tumultuous and destructive times of Argentine life in the last half century up to present days, and perhaps an expansion of the Renunciation Doctrine is the result of such a seclusion in the wild and permanent silent fidelity of the disciples. Strictly speaking, this Teaching is permanent and continuous, and received in the innermost of one’s being; writings here published are author’s handwritings and notes helping sustain ideas. Such an extraordinary dissemination of the Teachings –which you can find in monthly statistics sent by the Internet server– would had been impossible without a perseverant adhesion in adversity.
Those readers who tell us by e-mail their adhesion to the Master and their fidelity to the Teachings reveal the efficacy of Renunciation and the urgent need to find the Way in the dark. Some communications come from distant countries, in other continents. The Teaching is everywhere, such as the Founder left them, within the immediate reach of a needy soul; it is the Renunciation Way for Salvation of all.

b. Repercussion!

In 1957 Full Moon (“Renunciation Message”, XIX, 11), the Master exclaimed, “Look at the valley of the world, with souls claiming for their salvation and receive, as a response, darkened light-beams, roars of profaned abysses, prophetic destruction voices or hope voices given by intermediaries! Sons of the Mother, why don’t you get down among men and teach them your Renunciation experience? Take to an anguished and expectant world your Renunciation Message!”.

From 1957 up to his death, always he claimed for expansion. How to do, what instruments to use, what right way to use for Message to reach good destination? The Master passed away, and his disciples did not know what to do. They developed experiences and tries, but with poor results. Expansion in the world was the work, the Sons’ mission, and justification of the Holy Order. But it was not the time, there were no proper tools and clear discrimination about the way to follow; the Teachings had not been understood, “The Sons’ power is quite great, but Renunciation is for Humanity!” (“Renunciation Way”, XVIII, 10). In spite of clear and unequivocal injunctions, the disciples felt the Master’s Work constituted a private possession, and the one who did not enter the Order could not get the Teachings.

In our opinion, that quarantine of trials –temptation to power in society, alluring fleeting success, fascinating money in abundance, vanity feeling to be single and exquisite as to ceremonial, and inflated ego– was necessary to separate straw from wheat, so that the wind of modern life may carry useless things away, remaining the seed alone: authentic Founder’s Teachings and inner, perseverant, painful and secret fidelity of Faithful Disciples.

We had to wait for the harvest time, in the beginning of the New Age, in the Third Millennium, along with Redeemer Maitreya’s actions; now expansion mechanisms are ready and mature on the whole planet: instantaneous, accurate and free communications, without intermediaries, from Master Santiago’s mouth to an immediate, direct and expectant screen, navigating trough a magical dimensionless space. All Teachings start from an infinitesimal point at the same time, reaching thousands of homes in most important nations of the globe. Such a long-awaited repercussion has taken place: to be everywhere and nowhere in particular. It is the most beautiful and categorical proof of the Great Current Power in the Renunciation Way. It is the accomplishment of Aquarian prophecies: spiritualized matter, friendly nearness to a Master of Wisdom by means of most advanced communication technology.

c. Exhortation

All those beings who were with the Founder and his Work, at any time, even after his death, were predestined, and if not, they would create predestination by participating in the Order’s Gifts. In Master Santiago’s view, most important Vow was the First, that is, Vow of Silence, for it enabled a participant to enter a superhuman dimension for whole life. So this Vow of Silence cannot be dispensed, and belongs to an endless supernatural order. Although Cafh is not an Order at present, although many Sons have quitted many years ago, and although others may have been set aside or fired by diverse causes, links established remain potentially up to the time of death.

And many that at present are contacting the living Master’s thought by means of this page, also are creating predestination for future life. Teachings are not only text and information; they are a magnetic force intensely vibrating in touch with souls looking for them; Teachings mean to be in tune with more and more intense cosmic waves by a planetary expansion of Maitreya’s redeeming aura, and to participate in rebuilding the world and experiencing a new way to live.

We exhort all those who knew the Founder and had the privilege to hear directly his words, or are in touch with his words, to strengthen their adhesion to this Renunciation Way, such as the teachings expound it in a marvelous way.

We exhort souls of the world, wherever they are, to study, meditate and further Teachings here offered; they come from a Master of Wisdom, who reached the highest realization summits, and devoted his life to save Humanity.

We exhort those who are responsible for mystic ways and educational organizations of most varied currents, whatever be the language of the words, not to hinder or obstruct the dissemination of Master Santiago’s Teachings; these Teachings have been made with fraternal love at moments of History in which Humanity is staggering and running the risk of being destroyed. Nobody can hinder changes announced by Great Initiates; but the bigger the number of faithful disciples following the Renunciation Way, the lesser the damage, and many beings will be saved. Forty years after Master Bovisio’s death, it is the time for the truth of his Teachings, and they are teaching men all over the world.