Nº 111.– To Live in Peace

Master Santiago’s Teachings are of high rank and few persons are able to assume them. Their Canon is a coherent system of traditional wisdom, classified into six parts: Doctrinal Courses, Ascetic Mystic Courses, Courses on History, Philosophical Courses, Esoteric Courses and Courses on Communities. In short, 777 Teachings. Its objective focuses an explanation about the New American Race, which started in the beginning of the third millennium and probably lasted 24,000 years, like the Teutonic Race that is ending. The extraordinary phenomenon of the Western civilization, which we are living as to its highest expression, also is explained by concepts of the Piscean Era for a better insight of that which will come. The Teachings, extended throughout every space up to limits of the possible, where some few cam reach. Let us takes as an example the Course “Science of Life”, or the Teachings “Saint Francesca Romana”, “Tibetan Disciples” and “Planetary System”.

This is the frame in which we have dealt with writing Reflections and Aquarian Stories; to get out of those limits is to be lost on labyrinths of modern life and arrive nowhere, so as it happens to improvised essayers, writers and statesmen  who write and write and do not  bring one positive idea for present man. On previous Reflections we have referred to matters that are shaking Humanity without break, from financial collapse in capitalism, immorality of priests, drugs, insecurity and sex deviations, to threats of a closer and closer atomic war day by day. If freedom and justice becomes unattainable goals, we retain a hope: to get a little of peace by understanding new laws of the American Race mentioned by the Canon: Reversibility, Analogical Contradiction, Ethics of Right and Wrong, elimination of intermediaries between God and Man, Spiritual Perfecting through our own efforts, Plural Worlds, Ired, et cetera. On the Universe of Pair of Opposites, all men can transform each other, not losing their identity, and conciliating pairs of opposites. This game to seek the contrary and differences in others so as to unite in them, is the beginning of peace, which is within the reach of all at any moment.

Man and woman constitute a key to live together in harmony from the source to the ending. They are a model of pair of opposites that are able to be together and reach harmony of the contraries.  This subject need not cause us to theorize because a direct practice of living achieves it. There are no doctrines of love, but love amongst beings. There is a Full Moon Message from 1956, “Works of Love”, where Master Santiago soars to highest mystic summits of love, within the reach of understanding of all and that has been experienced some time by each man. In exemplary cases, Saint Little Therese of Lissieux, Saint John of the Cross, Ramakrishna and many other devotees have given proof s through their works of that permanent love, which is foundation of life on Earth.

A man and a woman decide to live together sharing time, thoughts and affection. So that this union may be  a fecund field of peace, it must guide their actions according to the laws of Renunciation of the future world, not in exclusive moral of Monotheistic Religions, which has brought about breakdown of marriage and disgrace all the time because life is multiple, plural, reversible and unexpected.

Every day there are more marriages undone entirely followed by children forsaken, families scattered, moral and economic misery and loss of peace for ever in case this peace existed.

A human being is not mechanic but organic. If he degrades his higher condition through anti-natural actions –drug-addiction, aberrant sex or crimes– he does not mend his ways but continues to repeat constantly the same. When an experience fails, in a family as that which we are describing, every attempt of new opportunities leads to more disorder and suffering, as you can often see it around amongst companions and relatives.

The one who fails is not sentenced to sorrow; this happens if he follows the same way, the straight line. By learning, he must retrace his steps and try a new experience to emerge from analyzing his failure and knowing new possibilities about himself and about his mate if they male up their minds for share their lives otherwise through Renunciation. The serious reader should peruse the Canon Teachings and will find new dimensions of living, eventually finding that which concerns him.

To live in peace is difficult in modern civilization. There are devils everywhere. You may look for a lonely and isolated place, quite in the open, after little while, they are here, spoiling peace. Last year, 2009, it was the spring and youth day, here in mountains of Las Vegas, almost uninhabited, without agriculture and workshops, when it was invaded by 30,000 teenagers from Mendoza and for two day took drugs, committed outranges indoor, much alcohol, hellish noises, aggressions, and later they went back as they arrived. They destroyed peace in this place and soon they will return. However far one may go, will be there disturbing all harmony. Now, hell is aggressive and wants the entire Planet; like the personal God, it wants everything in its own way.
Kind men wish to live in peace and some peoples get it: Bedouins in Sahara, rose cultivators in Bulgaria, peasants in continental China, fishermen in Oceania, monks in Himalayas, ascetic Trappists and other known persons. As Friar Luis de León said: “How tranquil is the life of him who, shunning the vain world’s uproar, may follow, free from strife, the hidden path, of yore trod by the few wise men that in the world have been!”.
Everybody knows we live at this moment the ending of civilization, y those parents who got harmony at home are anguished for their children that stop being boys to face a reality of responsible actions: studies, university, professions, human relations, et cetera. They do not know what to do. Since their children were born, their house is invaded by magazines, relatives and friends. After fourteen years of shared education with these means and at this environment, how to revert this tendency?

Amongst some primitive peoples of Africa and Oceania, the entry of a child into adolescence was carefully regulated by ceremonies of initiation which taught to live with responsibility. And the best school was in the Initiation Temple of Ancient Egypt, where a being was entirely transformed. Now, the initiation of old boys takes place in night clubs and fields of soccer.

The Laws of Renunciation for the becoming world are in the United States, Brazil and Latin America, for all, through Teachings without any restrictions or dogmas.  As protagonists you see those teenagers who start practicing responsible actions in the life, wherever they stay, with a solitary group –a student or worker, man or woman. Their parents are obliged to put at their disposal those laws so that they may know them, guiding them to interpret difficult concepts and helping to relate ideas, and getting most valuable conclusions.

These times are difficult for young people, and if parents are unable to get those results that they are looking for, none knows the final destiny of the souls; at least they will find inner peace for fulfilling their duty according to their responsibilities, Because a man not only looks for peace in his family and with his friends, but also his own inner peace from which all the rest derives. Even though the world may budge around, when and if he is strong and has found his relative place, he will live in peace.

There is much pacification; treaties of peace are signed by nations which later break them; tribes and groups hold peace conferences; families are in peace for a while; friendship, you know, has good moments and bad moments; and married couples struggle and later become reconciled. Therefore, peace is individual, permanent, secret and untransferable. How to get it? Through Renunciation, by harmonizing all parts of the spiritual complex and attending day and night so that it may not disturbed by strange elements or by inner lack of control. Here are some indicators:

  1. Deep respect for his own dignity as a representative of Humanity. He should not allow any disqualification.
  2. To respect society rules: road transit, fulfillment of promises, punctuality, personal hygiene and neatness, lack of rudeness by oneself or others, and refusal to contacting persons of doubtful reputation.
  3. As far as possible, little by little, gradually, to move away from the city noise and its degrading entertainments, to practice silence and meditation, and to read good readings.
  4. To give the tithe for his earnings, to treat others well, to protect animals and plants, to avoid any contamination, to dream of beautiful future probabilities, and to make efforts to live in peace.


Dear reader: Every one has a world, partially inside and partially within. The reconciliation of those two universes is the basis of peace, for us and for Nations.

José González Muñoz
June 2010


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