Nº 112.– Keys

We are living in a clash of opposite worlds: a Christian capitalistic civilization of two thousand years of development, which is powerful and in the last times of its manifestations, and the American Age, which is just born and babbling new ideas. It is not only difficult to live, but also to understand those phenomena which appear before our eyes; we have no instruments to interpret them and as a result to survive to chaos. Ideas of Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Karl Marx and Dostoyevsky, postmodernism, et cetera, are of no use to understand the globalization of Internet, the collapse of the Western system or the supremacy of China where the powers go in pilgrimage for help.

Master Santiago’s Teachings constitute a bridge between two worlds, whose seat is modernity from which they are launched on a great arch to the future and mainly make it advance by announcing the Renunciation doctrine. In our time, the work of the Great Solar Initiate, the development of the New American Race, is outlined before the public appearance of Maitreya, with concepts and ideas which will govern it for thousands years. The new world is energetic and intuitive; the old world is materialistic and rational. Through reason one cannot understand the modern reality as advanced sciences prove it. Patterns of an energetic race are disseminated throughout the Teachings, unclassified and, sometimes, briefly enunciated. The reader should examine in depth their contents and come into contact with the environment of those ideas, meditating on them and intuiting them in order to discover the keys to that bridge which unites present and future. Here we will point out some themes, such as they are written on the Canon, giving exact references, more as a guide of other personal searches than as an explanation of those writings.

1. Jews and money

“The Way to Renunciation” – Teachings “Goods of Renunciation”: “What does it consist of the mystique of that people, not the people in general, but of its highest exponents? They transmute their land into a promised land. According to the Bible, they have no land; they are established on an ideal land, which is not the land of man but the land of God”. “Economy falls on their hands. It seems untrue but it is so; money moved in their hands because they only knew how to manage it.” “Really, mystique transmutes detachment into a possession, which in this case, now, is one of the greatest dangers in the world, and can be a factor of destruction or salvation.”
2. Church and money

From the same previous Teaching: “The ecclesiastic factor is other economic factor, which today is a danger in the world. Institutions of those men who had renounced are the wealthiest in the world. How can all riches to be in possession of those men who have left everything behind?” “Centuplum accipietis.” “A self-sufficient man can sleep anywhere, the same clothes are enough to him; he acquires a power that is not only spiritual but also material”. “For what do those souls want goods of the world? Those souls do not want them, but those goods are in the same way coming like water to those souls. What happens with institutions that accumulate riches along with Jewish trusts, or with institutions of the Catholic Church, which are accumulating so much power? A power like that is crushing them. How much good could be done by those great institutions! They should not accumulate what they have, which is to be distributed to the poor of the world!”

3.Stalin’s death

Teaching 6 of the Course: “Renunciation in the world and souls”:
“The thirst for being attached to the personal labor must be destroyed so that the intimate wish of the Mother may be our own final objective. This method is masterly followed at present by Russians with Stalin’s death. They overthrow it so that his expansion may grow in the future, and do not stubbornly follow only one line of affective action, like the United States, where iron, capital and religion are resisting ever focusing one idea that is dominating and absorbing them”.

4. Reversibility

Course: “Messages”, Teaching “Adoration of love – 1947: “During the last ten years a lot of work has been made; too many new things have been invented; and in peace and war, mankind has moved to much but did not find an atom of happiness. If we wish to say a word of health and life, let our lips be quiet! If we wish to do something, our pilgrimages should stop. Let us stay in our unique sanctuary”. This Full Moon Message was sent out soon after Second World War, which brought about 60 million deaths and the holocaust caused by atomic bombs. Later, wars in Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan came, and Humanity is worse than before, entirely degraded in customs, in moral and economic misery, and is following the straight line to the abyss. There are no changes and there is no reversibility. The advice from the Message –loneliness, quietness and silence– has not been fulfilled. On the contrary, men are living tumultuously adrift.

5. Communication from Maitreya

We refer to a spiritual communication received from Maitreya by Master Santiago during a trip he made from Buenos Aires to Rosario, which has been developed through the Teaching of February 21, 1951, and made public through Reflection Nº 49, “The other time I wished to bear on my shoulders sorrows of men, to understand what men had in their hearts, and to shoulder and raise them to my perfection, but I did not succeed. Now I wish to come back, but not to understand men in their evils, but to enter them and practice, feel and realize their evils and good fortune. Being bad and cruel, and experiencing pain: thus I will carry in myself as much a saint as a sinner so that, from there, I may raise men to their perfection”. This message is clear: Maitreya does not save anyone, but every one is to redeem himself by his own means through efforts of his individual perfection. This key is useful for understanding not only telluric but also moral and economic events of today.

6. Community’s apple tree

Course “Renunciation in the World and Souls” –Teaching “Exhortation”: “How many times an immoral act brings stimulation and gives rise to a moral act. In a true ethics, both human and collective values must go together and amalgamated. Let us take this example: Here, our Sons have planted the seed of an apple tree; in due time its life shall become a tree and this tree shall yield fruit. It is the final product of every effort; it is its soul result. But now we leave the fruit on the tree, this fruit withers and rots away by lack of a reaction cutting the method of the straight line, that is, if this fruit is not plucked out in order to satisfy the nutritious sense that an apple offers to the human being. This act that is opposite to that of yielding the fruit, amalgamated with it offers an example of true ethics. Humanity fails because wants to give us an ethics whose only purpose is to see the good. Both poles must collide; the light shall be seen only this way”.

7. Plural worlds

Master Santiago, as an old priest in the polytheistic temple of Amon in Egypt, has widely developed that image here called plural worlds. As a hint, you should read “The Astral Aura”, “The Planetary System” and “The Becoming” in Esoteric Courses. There you may get information and understanding about this Universe in which we live, and somehow to imagine the advanced Physics of new particle accelerators. Investigators recognize it is other physics and other universes. An ordinary man can accede to experiences of parallel worlds through resources of his own soul when and if renounces like mystic clairvoyants, by the gift of other   energies, are doing it. Not only through dreams about remote places, contacting beings of other dimensions, extraordinary landscapes and different meals but also having the understanding of those people of developed intuition, plastic artists (Michelangelo), musicians (Wagner), or mathematicians (Poincaré). Children are intensely living in dreams and enjoy them, and sometimes express them through drawings and tales. They steadily believe in them and in some cases they reflect them through beautiful books when they are adults (Alice in Wonderland).

8. Pope Alexander Borgia and Savonarola

To understand the extraordinary phenomenon of corruption in Catholic Church, which is shaking the Western world because it touches more sensitive zones in the human being, that is, children, is of use to know the conflict between an outstanding Master as Girolamo Savonarola and Pope Alexander Borgia, whom Savonarola had to obey in full Italian Renaissance. In History, is known in detail how the Roman Curia was immorally living since the start of its power until our days. There were many honest priests who fought for the salvation of the Church from its stubborn dogma of continuing straightforward its anti-Christian axioms. A Dominican priest, Savonarola bravely worked in Florence claiming for a change in the Church, but the lascivious Pope ordered his murder.  The Church became tougher and more intransingent and cruel through its repressive instruments. The Church had a great opportunity to revert this situation in nineteenth century with the industrialization and culture of masses, but Pope Leo XIII, steadily attached to the powerful, accumulated immense riches and lost the working class. Soon later the Second World War, with the victory of the Soviet Union, being victorious over Nazi Germany XII entirely excommunicated communist in the world. The Church remained in isolation. There was no reversibility, and its fall continues because the immorality of its ministers, following the same way, without changes.
Reader: To understand the life of Renunciation and the present world, one should have in his hands the keys of the Teachings to open the secret doors.

José González Muñoz
June 2010


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