Nº 113.– My study method

Some time ago I had a lot of books, videos, cassettes, CDs, art magazines, Direct TV and electronic devices. About ten years ago I left all that behind; I have no Internet, TV or radio, and usually I do not read newspapers. They do not interest me. When we started to spread the Renunciation Message through Internet from Buenos Aires and published the Canon of Teachings I stayed in solitude, as I wanted, with the entire collection of Teachings by Master Santiago, at the beautiful Potrerillos Valley, at the foot of Cerro del Plata. Now we enjoy a golden, warm autumn. Ideas from the Canon, memories of old readings and permanent meditation on Humanity problems constitute the scenery of my thoughts to play and my study method to learn. Meditation is synonym of Reflection. A lot of Reflections remain in me; and literarily I set in order other Reflection to appear on the Web site along with the Renunciation Message, for everybody.

At this environment of silence and solitude I am living day and night the widest thought freedom; I stay still, during the day seated on my easy chair by the firewood hearth, and by night, at bed, some times in the dark and other times with the light on. I never read, except the Teachings to learn them or the Reflections to amend them. If I need some information, I appeal to memory (I am 82 years old), and if I do not find it, it is unimportant; all those things on which I reflect and write is that which is in me, like a memory or a fantasy. I do not care about the exactness of names and dates; I feel attracted by the flight of my thoughts launched to the uncertain future, such as they appear on Aquarian Stories. Ideas are not only ideas, but also feelings, hopes and premonitions.

My method is not rational but intuitive. It is the intuition which allows a being entirely to examine strange places, and its results are ever global, holistic experiences, or in other words, three-dimensional experiences; the object is understood from above, from below and from behind at the same time. There are no gradual stages, through which one is going forward little by little, adding ones to others, like an arithmetic theorem until you arrive to the ending. We may say one understands at the first moment everything as a whole, or one does not understand anything. When Michelangelo was going to Carrara to choose his marbles, he never was wrong, because in his head he had the entire statue he wanted to sculpt. Later he said: “To sculpt is easy; one is to remove just the left over from the marble”. As a rule, he carved directly, without models or clay trials. He was quite eidetic.

 Saint Therese the Great practiced and taught a similar method amongst her Carmel nuns: meditation divinely inspired, which was not practiced in C.A.F.H. Like a block of salt in the sea, or tea in boiling water to get an infusion, the meditator, divinely inspired in meditation, got an entire result: knowledge about the object that he was looking for, and a whole transformation. A clear example of that spiritual practice is the beautiful poem written by Saint John of the Cross: “Dark Night”.

How do I am able to reflect and get a result? We are going to develop it with a theme known to all those concerned: North American situation in crucial times. North American influences even the farthest reaches of Earth with its particular way of seeing things, like it or not. In Latin America, this ideological presence spreads out from Pole to Pole, taking up cultural and social spaces of nations, up to lowest classes. A Bolivian worker in Mendoza aspires to have a Ford pick up; he is not interested in house, health or hygiene; he wants a pick up and has it. Russia, with its entire power, is nonexistent for an Argentinean; for an Argentinean it is more important to pay a visit to Disneyland. In the rest of continents, there is a situation more or less similar; for Muslims from Asia and Africa, the United States are a mortal enemy; and for others, the United States are the ideal of life, which they want imitate and reach.

North America is the most worrying nation of all, and the most fearsome. None fears Russia, China and other nations of atomic power, except their close neighbors. They are not aggressive; they only want to develop that which they have, as it has been demonstrated in Vietnam; they do not mess with anybody, they cultivate the land, and are peoples of ancient customs. But if they are attacked, then they defend themselves fiercely, as Frenchmen, Englishmen and North Americans know quite well. And at the end they win.

Since the ending of the Second World War, sixty five years ago, several important wars broke out, all of them were on North American territory and that country took the lead: Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan, being these two in full combat. Now there are two wars announced: Iran and Korea again. But the world situation is different from half century ago: many nations have atomic power by a miraculous balance and the littlest political mistake, accident or human despair can break out am atomic war. And it is known to strategists that one nuclear blast on any city will drag together all other bombs to fulfill their purpose. Terrorists are aware of it, and this is so feared by the United States. But they cannot change. The Humanity is following the straight line.
Gradually we are sinking on the existential ocean of the great nation of the North, discovering those dark corners that their huge publicity keeps in secret, or disguised. The Russian Empire was gigantic, but in 1917 some few revolutionaries overthrew it. After the Second World War, other giant, China, revolutionized its humiliated people for centuries, and now it is the wealthiest nation on the Planet, with two systems, Communism and Capitalism living together in harmony. In those cases as in others, change has been produced by a Great Solar Initiate: Lenin, Mao, Gandhi and others. A solution to problems of Humanity is impossible without those leaders. The United States had two: Lincoln in nineteenth century and Roosevelt in twentieth century; they have transformed them into a superpower. Now they have no leaders and go to and fro swinging by gales of the ending of civilization.

Those wars triggered by the United States are a visible expression of their way of being. Since the beginning as a nation, in eighteenth century, they were belligerent with their neighbors, and later with far away countries. Amongst their inhabitants there is a feeling of disconformity, a latent fear, and an existential anguish pushing them to violence. Every so many days, a student, or an unemployed person catches a personal rifle and kills as many people as possible. No doubt, violence permanently ingested by TV, which is their cultural and educational food, easily transforms them into their other ego that they carry within. When the New York Twin Towers were knocked down –a secondary event on the world arena– Bush declared war against terrorism and named seven countries as “axis of evil”, and the people again supported him en masse. But terrorists have no fatherland, or land in which to fight, or armies. But they produce astounding effects: the North American people live terror day by day; the army with weapons is patrolling airports and streets; the citizen has lost his civil freedoms, which were his pride. After September 11, no new attacks took place in the United States, but they have no peace. Terrorists have touched a hidden spring in the soul of that country and the North Americans are unable to deactivate it. In my view, it is a religious guilt complex like that of the Jews with Jehovah, who are so many and so powerful in that country. Over this subconscious breeding ground, natural disasters are taking place: Katrina, Mexico Gulf oil spill, California forest fires every summer, greenhouse effect and hurricanes. It is most serious and painful the economy collapse in 2008 and as a result unemployment, fourteen million houses evacuated, poverty, lack of welfare services, insecurity, growing crime, drugs and prostitution.

To examine the magic dimension of a people or of a man, a researcher should entirely get rid of attachments which may adulterate any discovery producing interpretation mistakes; he should renounce to himself and to be clean, as Saint John of the Cross said with the poem quoted above: “One dark night fired with love's urgent longings, ah, the sheer grace!, I went out unseen, my house being now all stilled”. The house, oneself, should be in order. So the mystery to discover appears such as it is on the light of the intelligence, independently of pleasure or annoyance, free of prejudices and with an honest will to know.

There are a lot of nations like the United States, which are similar or different, and when and if the student wants to starts his meditation about them, should begin again from the nothing of himself, so that his conclusions may be genuine. Likewise to study and understand any matter: persons, concepts, reversibility, plural worlds, ethics on right and wrong, et cetera. As a result of this, the thinker acquires knowledge and inner riches. He stays there, or is able to communicate so that other students may try the adventure.

What about results of the method divinely inspired? The divine law of race evolution sets up for them the same sequence as in the life of man: birth, growth, splendor and death. The time for the Teutonic Race has ended and we are witnessing the decadence of its human condition. Like during war against Black Atlantis Magicians, only the final blast is lacking. Many nations have atomic power, but only North America has a pending insurmountable karma: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a soul for a soul. Many writers, clairvoyants and even the human conscience foretold negative times. You should add to it the irreversible process of climate change, earthquakes, species extinction and general misery. We are witnesses to these great events which will remain in our memory.

Reader: At the end, we should accept karma as collective, of everybody. The Humanity places its hope in some of those Aquarian children who now are being born.

José González Muñoz
June 2010


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