Nº 116.– Personal God

In Mankind, there are Gods everywhere. In some countries, for instance Argentina, these Gods live on top of each other, but they do not speak: they are proud and stay absorbed in their own greatness. In Christian Religion, there is an especial God with three different persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are each equally and eternally the one true God.  In Jewish Religion, there is Jehovah, a fierce God who punishes his people when they do not obey strictly. The Jehovah’s face remains unknown because they do not describe it, except his sudden wrath. In the Religion of Islam, there is Allah, also invisible and faceless, with numerous quiet adepts willing to thrive in family. These three are the main Religions, but there are other lesser Gods among Protestants, North American worships, esoteric groups, Brazilian quacks, Bolivian Coyas (or Collas), Patagonian Mapuches, and some few more popular Religions. Every one with its rules, although self-proclaimed as universal, comprehensive and merciful Religions which grant rewards. They are Monotheistic owners of a Personal God.

Many Gods were also worshiped by the ancient Greek: Zeus, Neptune, Apollo, Aphrodite –belonging to any category and mutually amiable, even forming a family and having children: Lesser Gods. The ancient Greeks loved them although with certain preferences, according to cities and particular trends. Nobody was offended and their worship was without discrimination. They were polytheistic.

Likewise in ancient Egypt, numerous male and female deities were worshiped –they had beautiful temples where the highest wisdom was taught and Priests-Initiates from any place in the world were instructed. Solon and Pythagoras are examples of it.

In every ancient culture –Pre-Colombian America, Mesopotamia, China, and India– there was the widest religious freedom and mutual respect among priests. In Egypt, since the heretic Akhenaton, a change takes place and only Aton, God of material things, is worshiped. Moses, Jews, Saint Paul and Christians, and Mahomet and Islam adepts followed after Akhenaton and along with them, intolerance, religious wars, separateness, obscurantism and Inquisition until our days of war between Christians, Jews and Moslems. Behind religious motives there is the thirst for power. History examples can be found in the Crusades, conquest of pre-Columbian peoples, the Reformation and the 100 years’ War, and present wars in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. In his lips, Bush had God and the F-16 Fighting Falcons (also called the Vipers).

If you wish to get an idea about the diversity of Gods and Religions, you can see the Course “Comparative Religion” –through 29 long Teachings, ancient and modern worships are described; they contain documental information, from Vedas to ancient Mexican Religions. It is untenable religious fascism to stick to the universality of some solitary God who possesses the truth while the rest of Gods are false and wrong. Before the public opinion, some ignorant sectors remain by means of power and thirst for riches.

Nowadays science is testing the origin of the Universe by repeating the Big-Bang phenomenon with the particle accelerator beneath the city of Geneva. Also they are creating new species with genetic engineering that is used in agriculture even now. Big telescopes discover unknown worlds in galaxies. Laboratory researches explain the origin of the species and life. What about the inviolable dogmas of the Religion? Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake by the Inquisition for defending the plurality of the worlds. Galileo Galilei was tortured. Likewise hundreds of wise men were persecuted by the monotheistic religions that still are defending from the pulpit and in religious schools such concepts as Adam and Eve, Pope’s infallibility, et cetera.

Ancient races –Lemurians, Atlanteans– had no religion. Because of their unusual psychic powers, they were living plunged into a deep cosmic feeling, which was able to fill the need of the soul to belong and be connected with the Universe. With the appearance of the Aryan Race and its mission of developing the reason and explore all secrets of the matter, such Race has lost its parapsychological gifts and remains exposed to the freewill. Then a religious feeling emerged for satisfying a fundamental part of the soul. A beautiful example of such spiritual need can be found in the ladder envisioned by Jacob with angels of God ascending to heaven and descending on earth. As soon as Jacob awoke from his sleep, he erected a rustic stone altar as a memorial of that experience. Centuries have passed and altars are multiplied all over the Earth covering a good part of civilizations. But religions have stayed behind, and repulsed sciences and freethinking, popular education and social revolutions. Now they stay at the bottom of History fulfilling the last rituals, while in some way they are agonizing and disappearing. Relics of their temples and popular traditions will remain, as Egyptian pyramids and the Tarot do. Meanwhile, from a few centuries ago, an unstoppable progress of science goes on to explore and explain the form, origin and transformation of the Universe.
Portals of the American Race are opening even now on the astral dimension, and intuitive minds perceive first images of the New World,     –harmony between spirit and matter. Formerly, separate parts could not be harmonized; religions dealt just with the spirit incarnated in man and in Heaven, and sciences just with matter in all its forms. They did not communicate with each other, although a human being is one and gathers them in himself. The human wisdom will become integral under the Renunciation Laws by science breakthroughs and development of mystique through new methods. When this state is within reach, peace will return to Earth, old civilizations will become  extinct, Mankind won’t be numerous, and the reality will reach internally and externally a unified expression. Through spiritual development, the man will discover his own dormant inner powers and will meet again the Holy Masters who inhabit the plurality of worlds.

A positive progress of men in every collective area enables him to conquer by his own means those indispensable potential powers of his soul for achieving an integral liberation, which cannot be reached on Earth but on higher planes of the Spiritual World. Great Solar Initiates were those men who lived in the Planet, who sometimes descend to help us, and form a perfect Spiritual Mystic Body, which we call Divine Mother. They expect by the gates of Eternity for the arrival of men. Such is the liberation that some time will be conquered through continuous efforts in the Renunciation Law.

Buddha refused to speak about God because God is non-manifest. In H. P. Blavatsky’s opinion, Jehovah, the God of Jews, is the (ever resentful) planet Saturn. Christian figures, such as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, are rhetoric to get on well with the Vedic Trimurti: Spirit, Energy and Matter. Those concepts about the personal God were helpful to Mankind because men were primitive, they did not know how to read or write, and science researches about matter were non-existent. The Roman society was living on bondage and exploitation of the weakest peoples, more than a half of the Planet was ignored, and hardly the Mediterranean was known; it was a cruel society whose punishment consisted of murdering on the cross. Religions allied to the political and economic power, and men stayed in servitude; education at schools was forbidden, and extant schools were parochial and their syllabus: Catechism. Some few people –the aristocracy– was able to accede to books and trips. But in 1789, the Great French Revolution overthrew all that, and along with the appearance of the industry, they started the change.
The Road to Renunciation is for daring people, for some few who are appearing along with the American Race. The rest, 99 percent of Mankind will continue with TV, football stadiums and consumerism. They will disappear soon by the hecatomb that man himself is bringing about, and the world will start a new stage in harmony of spirit and matter. Such is the function of the extant atomic bombs. They are constructed, are planetary karma, and will explode at the destiny time; none knows the date, but they will explode indeed.

The Road to Renunciation is oneself, and the Teachings describing it are in Internet within the reach of men, however they may walk or not. It starts at any moment. Sometimes is a voluntary decision, other times is clarifying illumination, and other times a long process taking step by step silently and with perseverance and humility. Many long years can pass and the man did not realize that he stays in the Renunciation and eventually one day finds that the things of the world do not concern him, leaves them behind and lives in intimate reclusion.        

The Road to Renunciation is for those young persons who are in the age of courage and generosity. Even children should know the doctrine because many of them are predestined before being born as a fruit of positive experiences in past lives. Usually, boys are living the Renunciation naturally. Many Saints have started in their childhood.

Personal Gods never have existed; they were ideological figures supported by religions for the completion of their propagated doctrines. Without Jehovah, the Jewish people would have disappeared on the Roman diaspora. Without Allah, the Arabs would have been dispersed in the desert, from which they came. Personal Gods fulfilled their mission by keeping the flame of the spirit alive in primitive and ruthless times, with the tendency to return to a mere instinctive animal state. That time has passed. Peoples have progressed through knowledge of the universal space and of nature and of themselves, and along with the American Race they are in the position of go on to progress without religions or Personal Gods.

José González Muñoz
July 2010


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