Nº 117.– REALITY

According to many persons, reality is the only truth, but that which is unknown gets another word and then these two words keep their lack of meaning and in this way they increase the confusion. Such difficult word cannot be clarified by ancient rules of knowledge applied in the Western civilization, but through new ideas analogical that are coming near: Contradiction, Ired, reversibility, ethics of good and evil, et cetera, because reality is changing and contradictory. Jesus said: “I am the truth” because he was multiple and contradictory. Jesus is the Great Solar Initiate and with along with Others they form the Mystical Body called Divine Mother who protects the human development. You should consult the Hymn to the Divine Mother and the Om to the Liberated, which are in the Course “Ceremonials, Prayers and Hymns”, in order to understand those words of Jesus.

The reality extends in every direction from the observer; macrocosm and microcosm, infinite and infinitesimal, outer and inner, matter and spirit. And in all of them it is the unique truth. In order to understand in some way this exciting phenomenon we’ll give graphic examples, which are known to all: The outer world and the inner world.

The Outer World:

  1. Sun and Moon, stars, day and night, snowfalls, earthquakes, sea, wind, rumor of water torrents.


  1. United Nations, Athletic Olympiads (Berlin 1936, the best; Beijing, the most brilliant), world football championship in South Africa, car races, La Tour de France.
  1. Second World War, nuclear power, genocide in Palestine, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Disintegration of the Soviet Union, collapse of economies in the United States and Europe.

  1. Crowds in streets of Benares, in the Mecca, Sundays in the morning at Saint Peter’s Square.

Family, relatives, friends and enemies, neighbors, schoolmates and workmates, collective transportation.

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica, the Louvre, a student of Philosophy writing an essay about happiness, city hall workers gathering home trash, a beggar looking for food in trash cans of Florida Street in Buenos Aires, dogs walking through Santa Fe Avenue, the Columbus Theater.
  1. Slums in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, old boys smoking marijuana at the main square of the town, primary school children learning mathematics.

North American aircraft carriers patrolling seas and from time to time, as their planes take off are loaded with death threats; nearby. Russian submarines keep an eye on them; chiefs of State assembled every week; an Afghan patriot explodes himself along with a group of soldiers from NATO.

  1. A dying person on his sickbed is asking air, lights are going out, he enters the tunnel gradually illuminated, weightlessly he goes ahead and does not listen to shouts of pain from his relatives, he moves forward and as soon as he stays in the open, Invisible Protectors welcome him; they will teach him to live at new dimensions of his new Reality.

The Inner World:

  1. A man that has just died is led by his Protectors to learn how to live again.

Many invisible dimensions of the inner human being are didactically classified by the Teachings into seven planes, from the first of the spiritual leaders to the seventh elemental where there are savage beings, retarded, spirits of nature, and just disincarnated souls. The mind dimension is beyond and further beyond the spiritual dimension. It is inaccessible the World of Devas: Hosts, Archangels, Powers, Seraphim, et cetera.

  1. In a living man also there are inner words: a spiritual student    meditating, love of a mother for her child, poetry, music, and mathematics.

Suffering and happiness.

  1. Good of the good, and evil of the wicked.


  1. Dreams, sleepless nights, responsibility fulfilled by an authority of family, undertaking and government.
  1. Heroism of soldiers who die for a noble cause. Individual karma and collective karma.


  1. Transcendental doctrines, Religions, Esoteric Orders, rituals and ceremonies,  blessings.
  1. Prophecies, scientific and illuminated forecasts, traditions, revelations, secret sciences.


 A man who died is prepared for a new incarnation. For 700 years he traveled through higher planes of the astral world until he reaches his own place, where the Masters have showed him scenes of his new life and mental and affective resources to achieve it successfully. In 2700, a new mother is expecting him on the ground, in a cavern of the Eastern Andes, at certain height, protected by rachitic trees that survive after a severe drought. Far ahead, in the distance, a desert of wild mud and stones continues. The old Amazon is a little brown river where animals drink and some grass and xerophyle trees thrive. Beside a future mother, a sorcerer prepares warm water for the childbirth. The future Aquarian child pushes and pushes to get out. He gets out, air enters his lungs, and he shouts in pain.

You can measure and locate things of the outer world, calculate their weight, and touch them exactly. The velocity of light is ever exact, and thermometers mark temperatures at  any place of the Planet. The time is subjective in things of the inner world; in the astral plane, where gravity is non-existent, a being wants to walk but cannot walk; he thinks and moves. The laws of the outer world are different from the inner laws. A young woman is in love with his boyfriend, but she does not know how much she is in love; there are not measures for love. The time passes; she has another boyfriend and now hates the former: the Law of analogical reversibility. Ethics of good and evil. Ired. Wise men try to unify the physical laws of matter. Their inductive and experimental procedures push them toward diversity and antagonism of parts. The Teutonic Aryan Race has reached the possible limits in the discovery of matter and its possible techniques. And uncertainty continues. Perhaps now, with the  American Race, the awakening of new powers such as clairvoyance, energetic anatomy of the human body, investigation of the Astral and forgetfulness of old methods, they may reach the harmony between matter and spirit, not only knowledge, but even an integral achievement.

The reality is one, and its material or invisible things are as they are. They remain so since the Creation, evolving, progressing, and coming near to the purpose of their creation. A man is real evolving internally and externally by stages, ever around a nucleus that is keeping him throughout reincarnations: the seed atom. The mission of the Aryan Race is the discovery and control of matter, so as it is doing it with outstanding results. For this achievement, he had to concentrate on Reason (Philo) and forget other dimensions, even God.  But Philo is an exclusive tyrant who does not admit competitions or alliances and, after millennia, the man, with a wonderful material Civilization at his disposal, stays alone with his conquest and feels quite unhappy. Laboratories have reached the top, aircrafts are riding the outer space, telescopes are gazing at galaxies and measuring the dimension of the world –even they want to imitate the Creation of matter so as they are doing with life. Such loneliness and existential void have led him to lowest passions and to a lethal confrontation with others. The time of Civilization is ending and the destruction of Nature, Society and individuals has started right now. It appears like a macro-extermination of the Race. It is as if the Planet entered a millenary darkness.

These Reflections, the Teachings, the Renunciation Message, and the action of Maitreya are for some few predestined beings who under extremely hard conditions must transform themselves physically and spiritually for their transmission of verities to men of the American Race. The Renunciation Message is everywhere in many ways and within the reach of all. Many souls have written it in black and white, but it is not the material possession of the Teaching that which ignites the discovery flame, but the magical contact, a particular sympathy, the spark that was hidden in the heart of an unknown being, which burns up and starts as a spiritual fire.

Reader: I you are one of those unknown chosen beings, you should not waste your time trying to understand the way as a whole, but start walking right now with that which you have.

José González Muñoz
July 2010


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