Nº 118.– Change of Race

The Canon of Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings begins with Hidrochosa, another name for Aquarius, and announces the change of Race, from the Race of the sign of Pisces to the new American Race or Age of Sakib, saying: “New ideas and works are prepared for the world”. It is assumed that this Course “Spiritual Development” has been written in 1937. In the third part of the Canon you find the Course XXIII “History of Man”, where it describes the formation of the Aryan Race, 118.000 years ago, under the leadership of Manu Vaisvasvata. Since then five Aryan Sub-Races have followed one another, roughly 24,000 years each one: Aryan-Aryan Sub-Race, Arian Semite Sub-Race, Aryan Iranian Sub-Race, Arian Celtic Sub-Race, and Arian Teutonic Sub-Race. The latter has just concluded and coincides with the astrological times in order to give rise to the American Sub-Race under the sign of Aquarius. You can get more information in the Course “History of Man”.

A change of Race is not like a change of guard in the Royal Palace. In the latter, it is the guard that goes, in full uniform, receives the following guard, likewise splendid, sometimes with music band, and gives the relief. The onlookers applaud pleased and confided because such ceremony is a symbol of stability, security and trust in the Royal Power. On the change of Race, movements are tragic and last hundreds years. The guard that goes has not replacement and sinks in decadence, since is unable to support the power, and eventually every work that constituted its greatness disappears. It is that which we are seeing every day: Dissolution of the great Soviet Union, immorality in Roman Catholic Church, corruption among politicians, businessmen and economy, TV, et cetera. And no Race with new ideas and works replaces them. The Aquarians are implied at individuals but not at a Race. Hundreds, thousands years should pass so that this ideal may be a fact on Earth. Meanwhile, the Royal Palace is inhabited and filled with detritus, pest and predators: none takes care or cleans, roofs collapse, and trash is piled up on ancient chambers. There is no change of Race but the end of one Race, the Western Civilization, which has to fulfill its cycle until the depuration of the Planet from all these evils. Between Atlanteans and Aryans, Mankind came  back to the stone age, starting from the nothing a civilization that 10,000 later was able to take the man to the space. Evolution is so slow.

In the first centuries, the Christians were unaware of the unusual expansion that the Western Civilization would achieve at the end of its time; they did not know the future and historic premonitions. Any hope of a better life was on Eden, but not on Earth. The Gospels do not speak of the coming time, but of individual behavior and ethics of good. Those Great Initiates who created civilizations never presented a plan of their works –they just presented with much energy basic ideas, which their disciples developed later. The Christian doctrine started forming a coherent body with Saint Paul, which became steadier through Councils and writings of theologians. Just in seventeenth century, there was a clear idea about the mission by perfecting the reason and developing sciences; therefore, by controlling matter and the world.

At the present change of Race, the human being knows the program of change previous to the appearance of the protagonists; the theory and methods for the development of the Renunciation Doctrine are there, but without actors. Even, the writings of the Canon and the disciples who have conveyed it are seeking and calling in the multitude those predestined souls. The last Full Moon Messages of Master Santiago leading permanently the Ordained Sons of Community are dealing with and emphasizing that quest of chosen souls.

The first experience in this life was led by Master Santiago through the Foundation of the Cafh Order, since 1937, synchronized with the theory, and its development was positive while it lasted. At his death, in 1962, doctrinal deviation and indiscipline started at once. Some few years later, Cafh ended. The Teachings remained and, from the year 2000, the start of the New Age, are covering the world through Internet. But the actors are not visible, and the same occurs with Maitreya –motor of the American Race. We stay in the middle of a decadent bustle of the old world, and those few persons who stick to new ideas need to know what paper can  they play for keeping and developing the Renunciation Law, in solitude and unrecognized, without a social group to be with, and being only bearers of the content of the Doctrine. This Reflection offers some few ideas as a help to those heroic souls so that the transmission chain may not be broken in relation to the Message from generation to generation, until the end of the storm when the Renunciation Message may have public voice, when and if there will be a society sufficiently constituted so that may be one voice and one communication among the souls. Just the Divine Mother knows the times of the new Race and its characteristics, but the disciples should work in the dark so that the flame of the spirit may remain alight.

In Master Santiago’s words, that which materially exists had previously astral existence. The astral body of men evolved on the Moon before the first material test made on the Earth through the first Uranian Root Race; likewise, the vegetal and animal kingdom in other planets. Also the planets have an astral time before their materialization, like the star Sun Ra, at present between Venus and Mercury, being entirely astral and just visible by clairvoyants. The new American Race, already started on Earth, at present is potentially developed in other dimensions in the plurality of worlds, which are visited by predestined beings while they sleep. They are similar to us and different from us, and spontaneously are practicing the characteristics of the New Age: analogical reversibility, ethics of good and evil, detachment, no possession¸ no family, no government or countries, individuality, Ired, new food, other ways to travel, et cetera.

Predestination is not a theory; predestination is constructed. Those who work on the divine plan and are considered predestined beings for such work, for long time, even for several reincarnations, have made efforts in the quest of that ideal. It is like a seed expecting in the dark of the earth and swelling under heat and humidity until the time when it is able to sprout with little leaves on the sunlight. It is the start of predestination; it is a vocational call consolidated by perseverance and continuous efforts. If you wish to study this in depth, please consult “Vocational Discernment”, Course XLV, “Intimacy of the Perfect”. Although it is meant to the Community of the Ordained Sons, can be properly applied to the vocation for Renunciation, which is indispensable for participating in the New American Age.

The change of Races is asymmetric and refers more to a complete structure of the physical/astral/mental man than to derivatives of changes, languages, cultures, et cetera. These cultural products are brought about on the summit of the evolution, when the mission is at the height of its powers. For instance, technology and engineering of the Race that is ending. In this way, it leaves an undeletable trace in the intimacy of men, however they may not practice their conquests and forget them. It will remain on the Akashic Annals and in the subconscious as a synthesis, which is along with others when at the time of great harmony in the end of the earthly cycle.

The one who accepts the American challenge must become strong in solitude because most people follow the current of masses; all want money, even rancho houses have a TV set with its antenna aiming at the satellite, attend to football matches wherever they are played, want to win in weekly lotteries, to enjoy life and pleasure in vogue by civilization, without any restrictions. That unrecognized man, who is spiritually brave, won’t find support or comprehension because none admits the Renunciation. Testimonies are personal. But if that man is paterfamilias, if he is solitary and has a confidential friend, if he is a professor with pupils, can transform his life by means of an outstanding mission; keeping the legacy of the Holy Masters with entire purity and conveying the testimony to the youth. The Teachings are all over the world on an accessible and understandable written language, and anywhere on Earth you may find addressees of the Renunciation Message. Every one chooses and decides. So he starts constructing his destiny by himself, without intermediaries or religions, as the law of the American Race points it out.

Reader: To be the bearer of a higher Message is a lofty gift that some few men had got on Earth:  The Gospels of Jesus, preachers in strange countries, possessors of Renunciation. Spontaneously, such Message sprouts in the soul as a flower, and that fortunate man feels obliged to take care of it; he does not keep it for himself, but shares it with others. In the special case under consideration, the meanings are multiplied by the change of Race; the Bearer is a bridge between two worlds: the ancient world coming from the Message and the unknown future. It is a legacy from generation to generation, from   fathers to children, so that the coming men may have the experience of those men who constructed it. And nothing is more beautiful than this work of filial love. Ancient Romans erected a monument to Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi brothers, society reformers according to the moral conscience received from their mother. Who does not feel proud and happy when he listens at his son telling to others: “I have learnt this from my parents?” Is it not a beautiful example the book “Recuerdos de Provincia” (“Memories from Province”) when D. F. Sarmiento speaks of his mother?

On these days of uncertainty and suffering, those parents who educate his children with the highest spiritual teachings are forming a self-sufficient nucleus of happiness, even when they are gone, because they have given them a higher power to protect them forever. So, the legacy passes from parents to children up to the destiny that has been predestined by the Holy Masters.

José González Muñoz
July 2010


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