Nº 119.– Lonely

A man will be universal when and if he develops his potential powers that lie in him since the beginning. He has access to material dimensions and, in some few especial cases, to plural worlds. In his astral dream, he gets rid of his body for several hours, and his mind is able to travel through other planes, almost ever involuntarily. If he uses hallucinogenic drugs and is not prepared, he succumbs to lesser planes in the astral world, where mental larvas, elementals, those who suffer violent death, and even demons stay, and his suffering are awful. By his spiritual development, he develops powers to live in the plurality of worlds, progressively, by stages. Death and reincarnation are stages to undergo by a man if he wants to perfect himself and reach universality. There are two ways to reach such state of freedom: by knowledge and by renunciation, which are explained in the Course “Archaic Symbology”. By the first way, the traveler must know all sciences and go entirely through every physical and spiritual path in successive reincarnations until he reaches a gate where this legend reads: “Not to pass” and beings who are free of karma are expecting him there: beings like him. By the second way –Mystic of Ash, Holocaust of Eternity– such being systematically renounces to everything –to material and spiritual goods, meditations, knowledge, rights and desires, even to his search of realization, and   he gets entirely rid of karma through detachment. He also finds a gate whose legend reads: “Not to pass”, and joins the free souls forming a mystical body without any dimension, which we call Divine Mother in the tradition of the Order of Fire.

The Aryan Teutonic Race got the entire knowledge of matter before very long, finds an existential void, and is unable to go beyond that which it knows through reason. It feels very unhappy because there are forbidden worlds. Some scientists explore and experience by means of new techniques and advanced mathematics, and successfully glimpse, far away and hazily, those paradises of knowledge, but they do not know how to reach them. This Mankind of 7000 million beings collapses in the swamps of self-destruction and its fall is lethal. Most people have lost any possibility of survival as much in this life and as in other lives. Perhaps, once the American Race develops its spiritual possibilities, may prepare some place on Earth for those poor men who at present are protagonists of wars, football championships, TV, and pornography.

We are at the intersection of two Races of 24,000 years of astounding fights and conquests, without combats as in the 1,500 years’ War against Black Magicians, since the new American Race does not foster collectivities or mass organizations –it fosters egoencia of being, the lonely individual. To understand in some way this future enigma, I’ll refer to two motion pictures: “Galaxy Wars”, where different civilizations are fighting and annihilating themselves, like that final war against Atlanteans. The new crisis might be like “The Lord of the Rings” –J. R. Tolkien’s mythology, where a lonely being –Frodo– defeats armies, establishes peace and inaugurates a new time. There are other exemplary writings on ancient traditions. Master Santiago wrote: “I heard of some commentator: “A man with atomic power can destroy the world”. But I say: “A lonely man is able to save it”. This Reflection deals with a lonely man and his possibilities to live and overcome in a world of unruly masses that do not know where to go.

A crisis of Races may be interpreted in two ways. By a historic interpretation of civilization of masses about the end of empires, world economy collapse, religions, atomic destruction, and environment cataclysms.  And by an American interpretation about the individual being and plurality of worlds.

There is other obvious and personal proof: the experience in Cafh. The Holy Order, constituted by many groups of study spread throughout the American territory and thriving in relationship with each other. Those who stayed out beg for the connection with groups and do not deal with the Teaching, like those Jews in Sinai desert crying for Egyptian onions and rejecting God’s manna from Heaven. Cafh of masses disappeared; it was an obstacle for the expansion of the Renunciation Message. So, manna appeared on the Planet for the individual good in the search of truth.

In a society of masses, those who were more advanced –armies, universities, corporations, governments, et cetera– organized teams and the best achieved their personal and material aims. And the results passed to undifferentiated masses. In the New Age, more possibilities remain in the hands of integral beings that develop their inner powers and practice the Renunciation laws: Reversibility, Power of the Great Current, ethics of good and evil, harmony of opposites, et cetera.

In these times, how may an ordinary man join the growing forces of the New Age? He has a lot of possibilities when and if he admits to work following the rules of Nature expressed by Renunciation mystique. The new path is not through right or universities, but through ascetic mystique   –individual, lonely and intimate. Aquarius will be a society of lonely souls who are looking for their individual perfection, exploring plural worlds, communicating with each other directly without intermediaries, free if thirst for possessions, and moving in universal harmony. Now there are many souls of this kind, however they may be unaware of it, especially young persons who spontaneously live the Renunciation and stay quiet because they do not fit in society. If they do not find their Aquarian identity right now, after a while they get lost and should wait for a better time on next incarnation for an unrestricted manifestation. One of the aims of the Teachings is for those unknown pioneers to find rules of Nature and to be entirely developed.

How an individual can intuit his tendencies to live in harmony on a society of masses, to walk by streets full of pedestrians who are in a hurry, to work and study with others, to pay attention to family and relatives, and to TV and competitors, and so on? Are there Aquarian signs to clarify the mystery of identity at a change of Race? They exist and are in Master Santiago’s Teachings. One has to study them with freedom of concepts so that not be mixed with systems of old religions and traditions without destination. Here we are going to express in a simple way those signs such as they are seen in souls manifesting noticeable Aquarian features in harmony with the Renunciation Doctrine.

  • The individual being withdraws from multitudes, groups, family parties, and friends. He rather remains alone or with some close friend sharing the same purposes.

He does not care about social status or looks for its economy symbols. He arranges his life in simplicity, and ever lives in the same way, not showing off clothes or personal expenses.

  • He rather lives quietly, usually devoted to read or meditate or study, or simply to stay in silence.

He does not shout or want to be the first or better. He remains in his site.

  • He is not a conformist, defends the destitute, helps the needy, and fights for justice and welfare of all.

He practices passive virtues and develops his activities internally, looking for plural worlds in his soul, investigates latent powers in his dreams, and approaches to Holy Masters.

How many men, women, children and old persons live in these conditions, sunk in multitudes of metropolis and being unaware of their Aquarian identity –which still has not been openly revealed? For those pioneers it is time to be conscious of their role at these crucial rimes of change and transformation. They are moderators and, in Master Santiago’s words, they will help for some not too heavy planetary destruction.

Every day gatherings, assemblies, symposiums and political meetings take place among Aryan Teutonic rulers who had launched Mankind to the edge of the abyss, and certainly they will not solve global troubles; on the contrary, they will deepen such troubles (Kyoto Conference, Group of Twenty, United Nations Security Council, et cetera). Just a lonely heart, or thousands of these hearts, can relieve human suffering. Global troubles in American Race are not solved by collective institutions but in the intimacy of every man, one by one, integrally. For good or evil, everybody participates, and the outcome of this dilemma depends on personal choice. If I am unable to solve it in me, how should this trouble solved collectively? Let’s take an example. Present North American President has promised Guantanamo prisoners’ liberation and did not did because intimately he is not sincere; he had whole power in his hands and just a signature could solve the question.  He did not sign.  Now, in his soul, he is bearing karma of unfulfilled promises.

While every one is small before powers of the world, he is universal however in his inner world and even able to solve in himself great troubles of Mankind. By similarity and surrender, the inner worlds join together on higher planes. In society, a lonely man or a woman can do little, but spiritually a man or a woman can do all. Besides, the future is theirs.

José González Muñoz
July 2010



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