Nº 121.- Why I write

Soon after being released Master Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings by Internet, I started to write. I had written “Letters from the Monastery” previously, which were spread by mail and even some few printed books distributed among my friends personally. As these Teachings are within the reach of everybody, even in several languages, why should one comment and see them in another way when the said Teachings have told what they had to tell? Many times I asked if it would not be a helpless repetition, an unnecessary work.

First, my reflections and personal thinking about the Renunciation Doctrine are an intimate work and I continue looking for in the Master’s Teachings and advice on problems of life and hereafter. And I am learning day by day. Most meditations of mine do not become writings, they remain there at a state between reality and dreams, and are cultivating each other certain friendship that later yield its fruit as a work that at the end I feel helpful for readers. Then I write.

In my personal case, my métier as a writer is comparatively simple; it is like making a wooden shelf or painting a room. Those things that I have to tell are in me, and my only work is to copy by means of a computer those ideas expressed internally.  My writing is fast. Then, censure will come for many days as to grammar and sayings. Some times such censure is so strict that a Reflection aborts, goes to the wastebasket, and is neither released nor read again. No regrets.

As soon as Master Santiago arrived in Argentina, he started to write his Teachings. Here, he took with himself some of such Teachings coming from CHEF, the European version of the Fire Order, where he was educated, in Venice. Other Teachings are universal, at several Institutions, tell more or less the same, and are printed and sold at bookstores. Those Teachings that are considered suitable for the American Race, which have been written by the Master for such purpose with a permanent help from the Monitor (Girolamo Savonarola), can be read in the Canon and mixed with other Teachings in Courses. Some of them were studied by groups of Cafh, according to an annual program devised by the Knight Great Master. Individual typewritten copies of these Teachings were delivered and, at the end of the year, they were burned. The following years, other Teachings were given. But many of them never have been used at Cafh. Why did the Master write some of these Teachings that never had to be used? This question was never answered because those Teachings were unknown to the Sons. They remained kept and sealed in Matrices at a reserved and secret place, and were brought out by spreading them to everybody through Internet in 2001.

On one occasion, Santiago Bovisio told “He was not concerned with persons but with ideas”. We could tell like in the Book of Ecclesiastes: “Generations come and go, but ideas remain”. Generations have passed through the Holy Order of Fire, in Europe and America, many of them are dead, and some few remain lost in a disordered modern living; the same Order has ended its physical presence on the Earth, and fundamental ideas of the American Period are still in sixty nations of all continents. A new Humanity will be constructed on such foundations.

An expanded Renunciation Message got its own life and sufficient critical mass to overcome its initial immobility, and now develops by itself by a constant growing. In July, last statistics pointed out copies from the Web site of 60 million Kbytes. Doubtlessly, people of any condition need them everywhere, even though they were written more than 50 years ago and then the world was different. They hold a seed of present and future, and men are wondering: And what will happen now? The Apocalypse has started? What will happen to me?

Such Teachings are late? Not at all. For years, even those who had these Teachings within their reach in Cafh do not understand them. Their only thinking was about themselves and their needs. The time of the Great Planetary Suffering had to come, now, so that men may look for Renunciation. Renunciation is linked to the American Race’s destiny, which is starting at the end of old times. Look at the Planet. May somebody solve ecological catastrophes, fires in Moscow, deforestation in Brazil, oil leaks in Mexico Gulf, existential licentiousness among Catholic priests, and extinction of species? Not at all; but now, as suffering and death are knocking at the house of all, men are weeping and looking for a remedy. An Apocalypse becomes the planetary solution so that androids may disappear, and some few predestined American who are developing and being born may survive. The Aquarian Stories take place in a remote time 10 millennia ahead, while 2 million Americans are surviving with a different physical and spiritual nature.

None knows he is American until demonstrating it. The New Race’s identity is a divine mystery, only revealed by the reality of facts. There are a lot of predestined beings expecting, one incarnation after another incarnation, a time for working directly and constructing a new world. But we are witnessing now the destruction of the old civilization materially and spiritually. Those people belonging to the American Race are unable to work in a constructive way at the present society because they do not know what to do; some few references to the future are written down in the Teachings and should be unraveled. Their mission is a secret testimony and protection for those who are born and have the same task. Many years of ruins have to pass until the disappearance of frameworks from the Western Civilization, metropolis, population, factories, communications, armies, et cetera, and until the end of human perversity and eventually a Planet in peace.

So, why do I write? My work becomes a search in the dark. Disciples of Great Initiates –Maitreya, Santiago Bovisio, Blavatsky, Gandhi, Ramakrishna, and others– are alive but unknowing their own identity. They are wandering in the crowd, but do not find their destination. There are many disciples everywhere –China, Russian Federation, Australia, South and North America, and Europe– but are not aware of their own mission. Now, social or political tasks, or religious, scientific or cultural ones are non existent. Such activities are falling down one by one, and leave ruins and suffering behind. A man ought to discover intimately who is and for what he has incarnated once more. Such search is mystical, lonely, and gradually is going to reveal his permanent identity, which neither changes nor can be permuted: it comes since the beginning. Master Santiago’s Teachings will help this man in his inner working, because Renunciation is the Law of the Future World: it will not be possible to live without Renunciation.

Now, Aquarians exist everywhere, but how will they be able to develop without mutual knowledge of relationships, being submerged in a compact and cruel mass society? The Renunciation Message needs no promotion to expand thorough remote areas with different languages and customs, and each Teaching takes root in such ground like a seed of future, which in due time and fostered by destiny, will grow indeed, telling what it has to tell, and will be heard by new men –perhaps still unborn– who are expecting individually their own time. In the hereafter, they know each other spontaneously by a state of similarity, and when the  moment of American fullness arrives, they will incarnate and restock by surges this Planet devastated by Nature’s disasters and endless wars. This destruction has started, news of the day are confirming it and are more and more year by year. Also, a birth of American children has started: their hard mission is to continue the human life at its essential survival condition by casting aside civilization wastes and protecting seeds of new life, namely, renunciation, individual liberation, egoencia, plural worlds, and spiritual freedom.

The Roman Empire organized nations in the Mediterranean for 1,000 years by a twofold power; right (jus) and armed forces. Later, the Roman Church continued such cohesion through dogma and monastic living, which lasted up to the Renaissance. Since the French Revolution until our days, civilization has covered the entire planet with industries, technology, and sciences. Last years, instant planetary communications have produced an incomprehensible Humanity without savants or proposals, which becomes a termite nest of millions repeated by the most elementary forms of living. It is the end of a super-materialistic Teutonic Race whose only aim is money accumulation.

The American Race just has started, and one can find its only visible expression on Master Santiago’s Teachings quickly spread through continents. Such Teachings can be read, unloaded by Internet, and conveyed; they are tangible, like The Bible, like The Bhagavad Gita. And as the result of such work and assistance by Spiritual Masters, one has the unseen, intimate and just hinted presence of the Renunciation Message in some few privileged persons that have contacted the new Aquarian vibration, which starts to be felt at predestined places. In the Planet there are many sites where sensitive souls are finding peace and conviction of the New Age that is coming near. There, with such quietness, a soul feels and takes part of a fascinating and invisible community that is attracting and making him/her happy. Such person is not alone; he/she partakes in the Mystical Body of a new Humanity.

Before being constituted materially, every great work takes form astrally: Planets, vegetable and animal species, Races, and men. Since the start of Aquarius, even previously, forerunners were in gestation; they were brave souls entering the dark future in order to point out paths. By the dissemination of the Renunciation Teachings where laws to be lived for future millennia are pointed out, the Mystical Body of Humanity that has been dreamed by idealists of all times is in gestation. To accede to these Teachings, and to read, study and make them known, already becomes an engagement for life, a wonderful adventure, and anticipates a participation in the Mystical Body of the American Age.

José González Muñoz
September 2010


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