Nº 122.– A Planet Renewed

The Earth is shaken at every side, and men are frightened. It is neither the first nor the second time. When Solon, one of the Seven Sages of Greece, visited Egypt for his studies, certain priests in the temple of Sais talked to him about the sinking of Atlantis and the Flood, and said it had not be the only Flood but many others had occurred throughout the times with Earth collapses and emergence of new lands. This information has reached us through Plato’s teachings. Other cultures from the old continent and from America speak of such planetary events that are pointing out the appearance of new Races and civilizations. An elephant has a bath in the river during torrid afternoons of the tropics to get cool, and those insects living in its skin are terrified because a cataclysm will exterminate them. This elephant, now clean and fresh, leaves the water and enters the jungle.

The Earth is immensely big and powerful, and no civilization, however destructive may be, is able to affect it. Even being attacked by all atomic bombs of nations exploding at the same time can affect the Earth. The most spectacular phenomenon ever known –Krakatoa’s collapse– has sunk a part of the island, but some few years later, vegetation came back and now everything looks as if nothing had happened. Where Lemuria and his gigantic pyramids are? Where those beautiful Celtic cities in the area of the Mediterranean? And Poseidon city with its Golden Gates? They had passed and were forgotten. Other civilizations have come and made beautiful constructions, Saint Petersburg, New York… and they will be destroyed and forgotten soon.

Powerful nations, interesting cultures, wonderful landscapes like Rio de Janeiro, mountains, rivers and lakes, jungles like those of Amazonia, unique animal and vegetable species, religions and arts, and everything we love is disappearing despite claims and weeping of the weak. Ignorance is bigger and bigger, and Humanity is now like a new species filling every mass space and leveling essential differences downward. In the old Aryan Teutonic Race, the individual became a termite going to sport stadiums, wandering by avenues, filling the Piazza of Saint Peter, and being around The Kaaba and reciting prayers. At home, such individual is immersed along with his dear ones, even with his very young children, in the imaginary of a pornographic and destructive TV.

According to the ancients, angels are envious of men because men hold the gift of death. Angels are unable to die and are ever remembering. The human being holds the benefit of forgetfulness. What a man has learned, known and experienced goes to a cosmic deposit and is kept in Akashic Annals. After many years in plural worlds, living extraordinary experiences, he comes back to a body of flesh, which now is renewed and clean, and with a program of achievements. So, by stages, a man becomes self-controlled and comes nearer to the model of Great Initiates.

The Earth is like a man, and it lives, changes and is regularly new again, in harmony with stars of the Solar system and evolution of Races. It is a singular process synchronized and led by Michael, Regent of the system. On every change of Race, our Planet adjusts its forms and resources to a good development of men at that period. Read those Teachings describing geographic changes throughout millennia. Lemurians used to live at swamps of unbearable air today. Arians started at the big Coral Island, in the Pacific, and were instructed by Manu in order to be suitable for the new climate of Central Asia, which was cold, hard and stimulating for mind powers. Atlantis was sunk in the sea and American survivors stayed at mountain summits of the Andes. The Atlanteans based their power on their developed psychical power, and their continent was in favor of them. All of a sudden, historically, Arians lost their knowledge of such power and came back to a primary state, like a newborn. They developed reason, and by it they got similar achievements by other means: sciences, technology, metallurgy, atomic power, genetic manipulation, and communications. They are now at the summit of achievements in a globalized, self-repeated civilization at every corner, without future. Then, the Planet is prepared for changes, and announcing it with some few signals: Katrina, tsunami in Indonesia, atmospheric heating and its outcomes, disappearance of species, et cetera.

At these crossroads of the destiny, men remain trapped and are doing nothing to save themselves. They are weeping. As ecologists “green” people from Germany, ranger NOGs, and others, they can do nothing because are unaware of Renunciation Laws. In the United States, 40 wealthiest men of the country have decided a donation of 50 % of their fortunes for a super-beneficence to help those poor people that the same men squandered and reduced to destitution for generations. Even the wealthiest won’t be saved; they are more scared than others because can lose a lot of their material riches.

The Apocalypse is a solution for our present Humanity. As the involution of the Race is proceeding, soon men will become automatons without discernment. It happened once when men had intercourse with mindless females, and as the result of it was all those species of apes and gorillas. Day by day, marginalized mass men are more and more, and young carton-recyclers are lying on a corner by a pile of dirt, waiting for the gatherer. One may tell the same about those who are going to night clubs, or about slums or forsaken persons.

There is no solution for geographic and climatic changes, because the latter are the solution. As an old man dies and leaves behind this life so as to start another one, the Christian Race leaves the world behind and makes room for the New Race announced. We Americans need a clean geography, of other features and possibilities, where negative results of this civilization and memory of disastrous things have disappeared and we are able to walk freely and create the promised world.

We need a new world free of mental and social spooks, without threats or inequalities that divide a society into groups of the wealthy persons and the destitute: a new world without injustice. The Christian civilization must disappear definitively, whatever be the cost and time this may demand. Predators will be annihilated in mass until being the smallest proportion that will be unable to harm the Earth, species and their fellow men any more. If possible, we need an empty Planet where we Americans may walk freely and reconstruct it and fulfill other laws.

The Holy Masters are announcing transformations by strict, steady methods. The Renunciation Messages are available so that men, at least internally, may find a path of peace. It is the beginning.

Who are these Americans? Those who love renovation. The experience of Cafh is quite sad. Cafh has been created and led for years by its Founder Santiago Bovisio, who has taught Renunciation, rules for the new world, Reversibility, detachment, ever giving and never expecting any reward. As soon as he died, his closest disciples moved back to money, private planes, purchase of properties, luxurious secluded houses, and repudiation of the Regulation; education of children was left behind. Despite Perpetual Vows, they never were Americans, and the Work disappeared along with its possibilities. If they have moved back, how will those people who receive the Teachings in their hands, anywhere in the world, be able to travel through the Path of Renunciation? If this has happened with the Master Bovisio’s Work, which was so protected, what can one expect from planetary transformations?:  all and much more. Changes will be radical, and quite self-detached men are necessary to endure destruction and keep Renunciation principles steady. The bridge between past and future constituted by Cafh has collapsed, and only ideas are floating over the abyss. Anyone can take, accept or reject them. They are in the world written by the Master, free and gratuitous from the first moment, easy to understand, and attractive by their contents. It is difficult to put them in practice, and to live and defend them on every occasion. In a super-populated world there are predestined souls of unknown names, who gradually will assume the mission of working in the New World. The extraordinary expansion of the Renunciation Message in nations of the five continents, and millions of copies of the Teachings unloaded from Internet for ten years, permit us to prove there are many predestined persons expecting this spiritual event that is just beginning.

Two races, gradually separated, are going toward opposite destinations, dividing friendships, families, married couples, parents and children. This process is irreversible and definite, without confusions: on what side of the abyss are you? What about tendencies of your soul, enterprises, possessions, travels and money? Or do you prefer to move away from noise, entertainments and material adventures, and stay quiet in yourself?

As navigators in the Renaissance threw themselves to the sea in search of a new world against every risk and danger, even against wise men of those days, and eventually found it in America and arouse sleeping forces, so the new American cultivates his vast inner space unknown to him, and starts to glimpse marvelous landscapes in plural worlds, expecting bravely to pass through the doors of the soul in order to enter those worlds.

A renovated Planet rejects those parasites that have deformed it. This renovation process will be very long because human traces are deep. After hundreds and thousands of years, the Earth will retrieve its original splendor, without memories and ruins, and with other seas, other rivers, and other trees and animals. And, over all, with other men: we are supportive Americans that are already working on this awakening.

José González Muñoz
September 2010


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