Nº 125.- The Future Is Present

For years, we have read novels and essays, and watched movie pictures and TV series about the world destruction at a near future. Prophecies and interpretations are coming from the days of Nostradamus. The Teachings tell the same many times. Many people interpret the Maya calendar for that fatidic date. And even Fidel Castro, after his long disease, points out some near time and an almost total atom disaster with some few survivors. On a journey I made to Israel in 1970 along with two Jewish companions we got proper attention from Argentineans at a kibbutz. They showed a fallout shelter, and said: “Arabs are one billion. As we are cornered against the sea, we’ll throw atom bombs, and the world will disappear”.

Such forecasts we have mentioned are a conceptual body of signals coming from everywhere about an immediate future of Humanity, which is so near that it here right now, we see it, and in many unfortunate cases is experienced by thousands. A holocaust, the end of civilization has started for them, not only by eco-disasters, but by satanic human work. History critics are in agreement that to the reason for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and destruction of nations by the West was the lack of oil in the United States. Now they are threatening with the destruction of Iran, but the Iranians are hastily working for the possession of atom power. A holocaust is being lived by Palestinians that are unable to defend themselves; for them, the end has already started for since the Seven-Day War.

Nations are unities of life revealing a collective style, a system thriving when and if it keeps itself cohesive and well structured. In the North American system, its establishment is neither democracy nor individual freedom but money. Every political internal-international action is based on this premise. Now they are in bankruptcy. In the Soviet Union, the abuse of the socialist establishment at the Politburo has led to the disintegration of the Union. Fortunately, Russians have acted quickly and left aside Moslem and Catholic nations, reduced their own dimensions, and now are stronger than before militarily and politically. They do not compete against the United States as at the Cold War, their reserves are immense, do not provide subventions to associated nations, and their army is the most advanced in the world.

Nobody defies the Russian Federation or People’s Republic of China on an economic or military level. They have no bases abroad, deal with their own affairs, and do not tolerate any provocation. Moreover, they protect small nations that are safeguarding their boundaries: North Korea, Iran, Vietnam, and others. Asiatic nations have consolidated a group of unassailable power –China, Russia and India– which counts with an automatic adhesion of their weakest neighbors. None is able to attack Iran if the Kremlin does not permit it. Now, a world that we know by books and realities of the 20th century turns itself around, and nations that were subordinated in the past,  become domineering at present. At the end of his lifetime, Mao left his political testament: “Going on to construct tunnels and never searching for hegemony”. Those nations trying to be domineering –British Empire, Nazi Germany, and United States– now are subordinated to the Asian Group. For Humanity, this is quite dangerous because at any moment, a mistake as to strategy and nuclear operations may be made. Many times it has been said an atom bomb thrown over an enemy city is equal to unleash the world war on such level.

Pauling Report Offprint: “Here is my estimation of present nukes in the world. If ten percent of such store (32,000 megatons) were used for a nuclear war, exploding bombs as an average of 150 kilometers from the target (not necessarily at its center for expected results) 60 days after such only day of war –taking for granted to comprise Europe as a whole–of 800 million people living on those areas, 720 million would be dead, 60 million seriously wounded, and other 20 millions with lesser wounds and harm, but they should cope with the trouble of an entire destruction of their cities and metropolitan districts, and of communication media and transportation, and of entire society disorder, death of cattle, and intensive radioactive contamination of every vegetable and food. It would take for granted the end of such part of the world; some harm of this kind would be caused in the rest of the world, which none has been able to estimate in a worthwhile credit way”. Linus Pauling: 1962 Nobel Peace Prize and 1954, Nobel Chemistry Prize.

Master Santiago was thinking about other factors related to the sinking of civilization in addition to the atom factor, particularly degradation of human condition that we are watching all over the world irreversibly. In what proportion? Along with the end of fights against Atlanteans, some few Aryan Teutonic Aryans that survived became cave men by a gland defect like animals, and centuries and millennia had to pass so as to start their long march toward civilization. From stone axe to Concorde, many generations, wars and pains have elapsed. From some few thousands in the beginning to 7,000 million people falling on the abyss of human degradation and death. It is a changeless evolution process like stone that, after being thrown above, necessarily has to fall. Where to? None knows. But at this century, those who shall be able to save themselves may come back to caves.
George Picht, a German philosopher, in his book “At the Edge of the Abyss” (“Am Randle des Abgrunds”), 1972, announced some dangers Humanity was facing –education deteriorated, famine, and so on– but he held those problems would be solved by technology gradually. He was an optimist, like Leibniz. The opposite is the real world, and just an advanced technology is responsible for a disastrous planetary condition in 21st century. May we indicate some of those more threatening items? Yes, we do.

Greenhouse effect. Climate change. Orography disasters.
Unbridled population growth.
Atomic holocaust.
Socio-economic degradation, drug addiction, insecurity, family disruption, gay marriage, financial crisis, and unemployment.
Genetic engineering, new species, transplantations, and chimeras. Dissolution of religions. Immorality of priests.

Human evolution stays at a substantial transmutation point –the collective mind change has reached its last outcomes of every kind in social activities by a limitless development of egoencia of being, –a feature of the American Race started by the sign of Aquarius. All those signals above mentioned are obvious and have reached their critical moment at this first half of the century. Next winter climate forecasting in North hemisphere is serious and no government measure can prevent it. This year, lack of rains in America and Asia has brought about a quite reduced stock of edibles, cereals, soya, and cattle. At the two hemispheres, millions of   families remain in destitution because of unemployment. Desertification becomes wider and wider in Africa and America. As the result of it, crime, insecurity and reinforced quarters are more and more in Mendoza Province.

A destruction of the works has already started. Now it is not a matter of prophecy or forecasting, but of social and psychological analysis, and survival. There won’t be History because documents and legacies won’t be left. What about History of Atlantis? It is non-existent and none knows where it was. Our information about the sunken continent comes from tradition, and the latter from Akashic Annals that only Great Initiates are able to consult. But we are alive, and ancient rules, democracy, money, political power, religions, security, or reinforced quarters are useless. Communication is covering the entire planet; and nuclear power reaches every end of the Earth, even the most hidden corners.

There is a place where neither Internet nor nuclear vectors reach the inner sides of those who have left the collective mind behind and are looking for the immensity of plural worlds by themselves. Such spiritual place, or rather, the aristocratic state of being is forbidden to masses and to a man of every day living the machine civilization and human competition. A New Man does not compete with anyone to reach the goal of perfection: he refuses any achievement and, by that Renunciation, such Being emerges spontaneously, naturally. Here is the Holocaust Mystique preached by the Teachings. Holocaust is not nuclear war, or fighting against each other, but to take voluntarily our clothes off –accumulated for centuries of incarnations– up to the time when such Being is free.

In Master Santiago’s Teachings, you’ll find fundamental ideas about Mystique of Ash, which anyone can understand, being unnecessary to adhere to any Religion, Order or Lodge to set them in practice. On the contrary, group Regulations become an obstacle to a natural spiritual development in an individual being of the American Race. The Way and efforts are individuals. Intermediations of any kind between a being and his Realization have ended, wherever such being is at his Way –quickly or with troubles, with stops or withdrawals, he is on his Way. Here is Realization. In case of being faithful to himself and gradually detached, at the end he will reach the Ash, that is, spiritual freedom.

José González Muñoz
October 2010


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