Nº 126.– Ash

Master Santiago gives a beautiful Teaching in “The Way of Renunciation”, a Course where he explains with clarity what Mystique of Holocaust is: “Mystique of Ash in Saint Paul of the Cross”. Here we write again some fundamental paragraphs: “The most wonderful and surprising aspect in the life of Saint Paul of the Cross is his extraordinary spirit of renunciation and absolute detachment of anything in the world; and this is so great that he establishes in the Christian world a congregation totally devoted to achieve that mystical death that is like that mystical death of souls offered in holocaust to redeem Humanity”.

One day, the young Paul was praying at the simple room of his house when in the twilight, a lady entirely in black and wearing a mourning veil on her head appeared before him. Her continent was sweet and pleasant, and she was weeping and weeping. Admired before such marvelous vision, he ran toward that lady: she was the Divine Mother, Mother of all sorrows and suffering. Paul heard these words: “Paul, I want for you to be in mourning for the death of Jesus, my son. I want for you to be ever in mourning for pains of the Son of Man, which have been entirely forgotten by men. I want for you to be not only internally but also externally in such mourning and grief in your clothes, in your behavior, in your way of living, and in all your things”.

Later, she said again: “I want for you not only to be in grief, but also take part on suffering and death of my Son, and to live as if you were dead and crucified; I want for you to be physically dead and crucified. Bear always this sign on your heart” (A white heart engraved on black, with a black cross above, and initials of suffering symbolizing Christ’s pains within. There, under that name, three nails of Christ’s cross.). At every Passionist monastery of the world, Passionist monks bear such symbol.

For more than eighty years in his long lifetime at the center of Italy, by Argentaro Mount (Silver Hill), Saint Paul of the Cross practiced and taught Mystical Death of Ash, or Holocaust Ash, not by books but through his disciples directly or by letters, thousands of letters that have come to us.

Now we stay before another ash that is not of liberation but of destruction: radioactive ash of Chernobyl, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, atom wastes sunk in the sea, atom power stations producing electricity, nuclear missiles ready to be launched from silos that are keeping and storing them, or from gigantic Delta IV and Poseidon submarines, cruiser rockets that can be launched from a merchant ship, and nations becoming poor in search of the atom secret for strengthening their “sovereignty”. Those persons that had started this process ended badly: Einstein regretted having made it, Oppenheimer, who led the construction, regretted it, that man who threw the first bomb from a B-29 became a Trappist monk in search of peace though he did not get it. Conscious men of the world condition are afraid and warning about the danger while the rest of the mass enjoys as much as possible and tries to move aside images of an atom holocaust. And they have a good time as they know how, becoming empty beings that refuse to think: soccer, drugs, sex and pornography, more money, festivals, TV, and immorality. In this way they succumb quickly, and this is worse than death because they continue existing transformed into beings deprived of rational mind and hope.

By lack of a collective form to escape from destiny designs, we have to change Races, and anyway that will produce nuclear holocaust, degradation, geography catastrophes, wars, or all together at the same time. All atom bombs are the same and have the same purpose, of whatever source: destruction, annihilation of enemies in Washington, Moscow or Tel Aviv. There is no defense against nuclear power. Strategists have devised many doctrines, dissuasion, Galaxy war, quite powerful laser ray, et cetera, with no result. As in Hiroshima, the bomb explodes and spreads death by heat and radioactivity producing ashes.

There are many mystical paths and we could say each soul is a potential path in search of the right moment for revealing himself and starting his development. Sooner or later, he will start according to his karma created by his earthly experiences. Great Initiates began as men at the start of the human evolution, and liberated themselves by Renunciation. Mystics practice different paths: Saint Therese of Lisieux and Sai Baba, by love: Saint Francis and the Buddha, by poverty; Saint Ignatius of Loyola, by discipline; and Saint Vincent of Paul and Saint Paul of Tarsus, by charity; Saint Dominic and Savonarola were preachers; and Saint John of the Cross, and Swedenborg, clairvoyants. Detachment from everything is looked by Mystique of Holocaust. And freedom or joy comes after Ash. (Synonyms in poetry: Schiller’s Ode to Joy.)

There is a parallel between Mystique of Holocaust and nuclear Holocaust, which can be understood by studying ideas of the Teaching: analogical opposites, ethics of good and evil, reversibility, Ired, and absolute Renunciation. Now, certain ideas of Saint Paul of the Cross are understood perfectly: “There is no salvation or spiritual perfection without a secluded and mortified living”. Therefore, he will be fiercely combated; he does not admit a soul is able to live the life of God and of the world. Even there won’t be salvation for souls living in the world if they do not get rid of things seemingly good, which may be used”. His mystique is: Yes or No.

At present, millionaires are buying huge terrains in forests of Patagonia to find a refuge when things become very dangerous in cities of the North. Shortly after the Russians launched their first satellites, America began to build shelters hysterically even in home gardens. Later they conducted a planetary research about the best places for their own protection; they found two places, one in the Himalayas, something like Shangri La in Lost Horizon, y and other in the Eastern slope in the Andes Range, from Catamarca to Chubut, over two thousand meters high. The Children’s’ Village, where I write these Reflections, is at the foot of the Silver Hill (Cerro del Plata), at about 2,000 meters over sea level.

This Mystique of Ash, preached by Saint Paul of the Cross, becomes an inner detachment of every binding, even of spiritual bindings: devotions, pleasant spiritual practices, inner consolation and ways of meditating, and one has to adapt his own living to that absolute renunciation to all things. One has to be free internally and externally and help to the human redemption. How will be able to help a destitute person subject to a possession, even for a sentimental attachment: a Convent, the Mass time, a way of praying, when a destitute individual has no help, no belief in a skeptical world? In Cafh, the Ordained Sons of Community had in their rooms a permanent reminder on the wall, over their beds, with big letters: NOTHING TO EARN, NOTHING TO HAVE, and NOTHING TO BE. Mystics of Holocaust expanded the Renunciation Message by living in that way and looked for similar souls in the dark. In a Message, Master Santiago says: “Shall be the Renunciation Sons as consequent as to prevent from the imminent destruction that will precede the Age of Sakib? They shall be able to rise and live by banishing the possession belief from the hearts of men”.

Humanity has been left to its own destiny. Forsaken by those Powers that protected it from evil, now this Earth is at the mercy of passions of men. Hitler attacked unilaterally the Soviet Union, and later Germany was entirely destroyed. In 1945, Harry Truman, the only man in the world with that power, ordered the atom bombing on Japan. Sixty years later, many countries have such power to destroy the planet. Great institutions that know perfectly the world condition –United Nations, Eastern and Western Religions, Universities and Armed Forces– do not say a word or seek an equitable settlement. Recently Fidel Castro, who hardly can manage himself, asked Obama not to start the nuclear war. Other world authorities were silent and smiled.

Mystique of Ash does not confront the nuclear war, although they are opposite. In a nuclear war, nations fight up to their destruction; in Mystique of Holocaust, the individual being gets rid from the possession creed for the Humanity redemption. After the war, some few survivors shall remain at places protected by the Saint Masters, with no technology, few edibles, and being deprived of medicine and relations with other groups. They shall depend on their own powers and on powers of those archetypes sowed by the Masters in their souls, even though the latter do not pay attention. The Renunciation Teachings are seeds that shall germinate in due time, and they will start sprouting and being the first steps of the New American Race.

The Teachings and Reflections are not lyrical feeling. They are an expression of the whole reality that the present men are living at a civilization that is ending up. All those things that we see are horrible and quite different from ideals of our youth and of children’s smile. The Teachings vibrate at a super rational dimension that masses are unable to understand, but are addressed to similar souls that are in the position to admit them by predestination. It is a resonance effect; a Renunciation soul vibrates and those that stay on the same wave start resounding consequently and arousing secret sleeping powers within. Predestined individuals are spread at the most remote corners of the Earth. By a state of similarity, they receive and emit the Renunciation Message.

José González Muñoz
October 2010


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