Nº 127.– Circles

On Sunday October 3, at the premises of the Village of Children, we have celebrated another anniversary of the birth of Master Santiago and, on this occasion, the Honor Prize was for Dr. Enrique Giana, a resident in Sao José dos Campos, Brazil, who travelled along with his wife, Namir. Dr. Giana is born at Los Cóndores, Sierras of Córdoba, Argentina, and was a pupil at Leo Bovisio College for several years. At his youth, he migrated to Brazil and developed a splendid work related to medicine and welfare for destitute persons. He promoted the Canon Edition in Portuguese, and such printing is released through different environments of the Brazilian society. The following day, they travelled with Mr. Nestor Pereson, President of the Village Foundation to Los Cóndores and paid a visit to premises of the former College of Embalse Río Tercero.  There they gave, for the Center where the remains of Master Santiago are kept, printed copies of the Canon Teachings, in Spanish and Portuguese: by these two languages the Renunciation Message started spreading the Renunciation Message throughout America, when the Master still lived. It was a personal offering made by the travelers, who conveyed the homage of the Children’s Village and new disciples disseminated throughout Nations of Earth by Internet. In this way, the first circle of the Master’s ideas ends up, –ideas that started their dissemination since the moment he landed in America at the beginning of the 20th century. He wrote many Teachings at the College, seated on a stone or a trunk at the pine grove of Cerro Vesubio, in front of the shining water mirror of Embalse Lake.

The second circle of polytheistic ideas is wider and older, starts in Egypt at the 13th century before Christ, and its protagonists are the Pharaoh Ikhnaton and the High Priest of Amon, –previous incarnation of Master Santiago, according to his own public statements that I witnessed in 1959. This conflict, the Two-Sun War, comes to our days under other names and other peoples confronted (See Course “History of Esoteric Orders”, Teaching “Ancient Egypt”). The second circle starts with Tutmosis, married to an Asian woman from Mittania, at present Kurdistan, like Nefertiti, woman of Ikhnaton, worshipers of Aton, a materialist god, with no images.  Ikhnaton pursued the High Priest of Amon, who found refuge in Greece where he brought the Polytheism, Zeus, Neptune, Aphrodite, et cetera, and the Mysteries. When the heretic died, the High Priest of Amon came back to Egypt and established again the worship of Amon. The second circle will conclude with the end of the present Race.

A New American Age has started, which like the previous Aryan Teutonic and Arian Celtic Ages, lasts approximately 24,000 years and its main features are expressed on the Canon: Hidrochosa, the Way to Renunciation, et cetera. Such Age has started casting a planetary magnetic sphere since the first day of the third millennium with the opening of Santiago Bovisio’s site in Internet, and quickly reached all nations, greatly welcomed by new spiritual students. For keeping a cohesive writing, we shall say this is the third circle that will develop and perfect proposals of the Holy Masters for Humanity: Renunciation Message, Egoencia of Being, plural worlds, and a society with no intermediaries for the evolution of souls. The Masters left signals of the New Time in his Teachings, and some few years ago I wrote “Aquarian Stories” based on such Teaching and at the same Web site of the Canon. They are anticipation writing, rather literature than premonition, and their purpose is to help students to understand the Renunciation Doctrine.  The plot of such Stories takes place in the middle of the American Race, about ten thousand years ahead, and contains some few chapters dedicated to the end of the present civilization and the painful start of a new age. Some of the fifty chapters relate their matters to Teachings and bind together those circles and the affinity with the Mother Idea of the Aryan Race, such as it was told by one Teaching, and that I have related especially to Master Santiago’s work. Even it is the Master that finds the stone on which the basic texts written by Manu Vaivasvata are engraved at the start of the Aryan Root Race, on the present Gobi desert. The end of these Stories closes the evolution circle at the new planet Sun Ra which those who are perfect as to Renunciation we’ll be able to live.

There are many human circles expressing themselves while perfecting the course of their incarnations. In Great Initiates, such circles are spaces of numberless dimensions, in ordinary men are pieces hardly geometrically suggested, and in the android mass are scribbles of a moron. At the New Age, we count on Maitreya’s Message so that each soul may redeem itself and make efforts to trace at several incarnations the circle of its only mission that is different from others. The individual being’s thinking should be the opposite to modern reasoning, and he shall develop new powers, loving but not expecting any reward, and developing intuition and other forms of meditation; some few persons, very few person shall take care of the Earth as their home, not killing, and not possessing money or properties according to the description of the above mentioned Stories.

Circles are intertwined with civilizations, sub-races and root races because evolution seeks a unique objective. When the Arian Race started, many centuries have passed up to the sinking of the last Atlantean island. Europe is heir to the ancient culture: right (jus) and plastic arts. The monotheistic laws of Judaism and Islam prevailed in religion. Christianity is a mix of many currents. We have said the Two-Sun War lasted up to our days and became intolerant in the Fire Order of Cafh. While the Founder living, harmony and unity as to thinking existed, as you can see in the Canon. But as soon as he died, Waxemberg, his successor changed systematically for a materialistic ideology, including the Regulation. Waxember resigned, and Kutcherauer, his successor and number 3, increased the tendency toward business and economic power. In 1984, Cafh ended up, and a new stage started for “Exaltation of Life” on a little scale. The publication of the original Teachings by Internet has been a decisive blow on the materialists. Master Santiago’s ideas have overcome the followers of Aton, whom were unable to offer a believable choice. They do not exist, except on factories of cakes (alfajores) and Christmas sweet bread at the old Leo Bovisio College.

With those proposals for the new American Race developing the Mother Idea of the Aryan Race, each soul shall find its path of redemption with no intermediaries, and shall develop its egoencia of Being. American survivors of the change of Ages shall deal especially with the preservation of the Earth that will recover its ancient splendor, and even with development of inner psychical powers that were ordinary in previous races, such as clairvoyance, astral journeys, mental communication, natural preventive healing, free human relations, and discovery of astral worlds. The American Race that starts is a synthesis of all previous races and a preparation for next races that will reach a level that only Great Initiates have achieved. Even at the Teaching 14, Course “Planetary System”, the future man is sketched at his final state: “The body shall be transparent, with no inner organs, except the heart and circulation system, and the face shall have only one eye at the center of the forehead. At the sixth Round, the individual beings shall leave behind any physical and astral body, having only a mental body beyond any description. The seventh Round shall be a quite high spiritual state”.

History is cyclic throughout its long periods, like the individual human evolution: incarnation, development and death every 700 years, around the central idea that is moving it since the beginning. Borges wrote a splendid recurring tale on this subject widely disseminated through polytheistic cultures: “Circular ruins”, where everything comes back to the beginning on a higher level. So it happened with successive Races, short periods of History and souls forming circles. Since the end of religions keeping themselves on a theoretical congealed and invariable time, with a changeless Paradise, wisdom became again circular, mainly in physical sciences. Now, many Big Bangs are admitted, and many creations of different worlds and new laws of opposites start being outlined in the thinking of learned persons. What seemingly was not possible earlier is experienced in laboratories now. Ancient prophecies come to be true before the incredulous eyes of masses. The Strong Maitreya, the Liberator, who is something subjective for the Church, is already developing his ideas on a part of the most avid youth. Such serious questions, as those by which our spirit is moved, are forming circles intertwined and changing events continuously for good or evil. In spite of those in possession of a strict law –Moses’s Tables, the Koran, Gospels, and Roman Right (Jus)– they are overwhelmed by accelerated changes. What happened to those who trusted blindly in money and market economy? What should be made with those priests that have sworn before God to keep purity in their deeds? And what about trust in marriage, family and good customs that today are almost non existent? A circular time has swept those invariable rectilinear concepts. Renunciation is teaching another way of living.

A dogmatic monotheistic Age is reaching its climax, and reveals catastrophes, social chaos, wars, and planetary threats. This end cannot be changed. But now, ideas that men can use are followed by some few predestined beings for surviving and keeping the legacy of the Masters. The American Teachings are travelling through the Planet and stay at the memory of those who are called to work. We are little circles intertwined with other larger circles of higher worlds, and we all are constructing the great radiant circle of the New Race.

José González Muñoz
October 2010


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