Nº 128.– Radiant Being

When Jesus prepared his disciples and gave them his Gospel, his instructions were to preach, two by two, the God News throughout peoples. After his death, many persons travelled through the ancient world preaching the Messiah’s Redemption. The most famous of them was Saint Paul, whose letters are kept up to our days.

The 18th century prepared its revolutionary ideas at Paris, the most important city of the world, by means of written press. There were hundreds of one-page newspapers that anyone could use for communicating his ideas and selling them personally by the streets. Commercial publicity was non existent; only ideas did exist.

New mass communication devices were used by Hitler: loudspeakers, radio, movie pictures, and even TV through the first broadcasted world Olympiads of 1936 in Berlin. Even today some few large black-and-white TV sets are kept at museums.

After the end of the Second World War, the hegemonic United States covered the world, in the West, with sound-colored TV and an irresistible commercial propaganda.

By the end of century, communications are massively disseminated by means of satellites, computers, electronic money, personal talks and business from one to another end of the Planet that became globalized.

The dissemination of the Renunciation Message, proposed by Master Santiago en 1962, has been spread instantly at the beginning of the 21st century throughout all continents and several languages. By millions, spiritual disciples know the face of the Masters and his ideas over the New American Race.

Shall be electronics the basis for such dissemination at the New Age, like oral and printed press has done the same for religions and political-social movements in previous centuries? We doubt if we consider the present world is in decadence and seriously threatened by human and geographic catastrophes. If computers and communication nets disappear, and transportation means are destroyed, how do men relate each other when so many things should be made, –nothing less than reconstructing the Planet?

Ideas of the New Age are entirely opposite to the rules of logic and qualities of the Race that is elapsing. Physical sciences have reached so contradictory points that are exhausting. Einstein, a cosmologist from the beginning of the past century said “God does not play dices”, a sentence of a rationalistic mind, but last years, some breakthroughs in technology and physical explorations are going in the direction of uncertainty of quantum mathematics. Likewise, advanced mystique that was looking virtues, achievements of psychological powers and spiritual wellbeing, now gets rid
of all that and focuses entire spiritual and material detachment, according to the explanation of the Teaching “Mystique of Ash in Saint Paul of the Cross” that is so badly understood, and even rejected by Catholics. They prefer Saint Therese of Lisieux or Saint Francis of Assisi instead of “Nothing to gain. Nothing to have. Nothing to be”.

To understand basic ideas of the New Age one needs to study Master Santiago’s Teachings, especially Doctrinal Courses: “Spirit of Cafh”, “Messages” and “The Way to Renunciation”, which express his laws and proposals with clarity. As the Aryan Race developed in depth the instrument of reason to control the matter and its mysteries, as one can prove it by technological discoveries and achievements of the Western civilization, substituting it to control the Planet, so the American Race –as the Renunciation Message announces it– shall develop –and is doing– the egoencia of the chosen in a globalized energetic world, and shall reach unknown dimensions of the soul: the man shall be a radiant being. He shall reach all souls and all things, however remote they may be, by radiation of his being. To reach this wonderful state of communion, he has to give up the ordinary personality that is the fruit of social experiences of this life and previous lives. The Teaching “Transmission of the Renunciation Message”: “From his egoencia’s heart, the presence of the Son acquires immense immensurable proportions. The Son practices and leads to practice by active participation the Renunciation action by all souls growing wider and wider in very field, in every time and in every thing. The Renunciation Message is transmitted by self-offering, self-immolation, and self-consumption. Here is what we are considering in this Reflection. In the American Race, human beings construct and know each other by intrinsic means underlying in them, who radiate physically and energetically as they develop a Mystique of Holocaust, a Body of Fire.

All things radiate: the Sun illuminating the day, fire radiates heat, vegetables giving food and health, birds with their migratory flights, and humans with higher or lesser intensity according to inner qualities of every one. Mass radiates disorder, rudeness, and low instincts; as they do not know what the individuality is, their expressions are violent at stadiums, street passions, and TV programs. Joyful and healthy radiations are radiated by children. Each race has characteristic radiations: Jews in one way, black people in another, not only by feeding but also by heritage.  It is quite hard to overcome social conditionings: even one may incarnate once and again in the same race, increasing its features.  A being can get rid of such karma only by sustained Renunciation.

Ordinary individuals, even those with studies and relevant professions cannot radiate a higher message, but his personality. To disseminate the content of Renunciation, a being should get rid of material and spiritual possessions acquired during his lifetime –prayers, ways of meditating and inner states– so that the Message of the Holy Masters may speak by means of him. Modern devices, cellular telephones, computers, and satellites do not speak by themselves but are tools to work for communication; they radiate messages. So, a soul that gives up and joins the Mystical Body does not radiate a personality such soul does not have, but  disseminates the Message of the Mystical Body at any distance, and by similarity reaches chosen souls for its reception.

The first years, when Cafh worked under the blessing of the Master’s Ired, the Teaching reached all Sons by means of the Orator at meetings that were strictly disciplined, with schedule and ritual established by the Regulation. Now, with no Regulation, some few souls formed spontaneously a group around the Canon spread by Internet and keep communications and help by electronic mail, however they may not see each other personally.  Some of them do it in one way and others differently. They are an intermediate bridge between Meetings from the time of Cafh and the future dissemination of the Message by radiation of Bodies of Fire, when civilization has disappeared under the glow of the nuclear drama. “Ascetical exercises without an achievement lead the soul by mystique simply and freely within, emptying it of all, just reflecting the Renunciation Message without impediments, and communicating with all suitable souls by inner similarity”. (1962 Full Moon Message.)

In this first stage, the ideas are for all, such as they have been expressed by the Master the past century, whatever may be their conditions and chances, because all inhabitants of the Planet must know the laws of the future world, without differences of creeds, religions or social condition. It is a right of Humanity at it reaches the end of its successful path in the evolution of Races. But Teachings revealing the secret of the American Race, not as an idea but as a whole achievement, are for the chosen. So as in the Order of Cafh ideas about Renunciation were known to all Sons since the beginning with the first Vow, in the time of the Message, the idea about Renunciation also must be known to all human beings without exclusions. This is a short period, from the release of the Canon in 2001 too the nuclear holocaust, possibly in 2025.

Who shall choose the chosen? None can know, so as none knows who may be the fortunate individual in the lottery up to the lot is over. Many play, many are alive, but survivors shall be some few. Those who survive shall be the chosen, although it does not mean they shall conquer the Renunciation, the fundamental law to live in the Age of Aquarius. In Cafh, as at any religious or social group, many could enter the Seminary of Community, but one of every five persevered up to the Solemn Vows. Even this little triumph did not guarantee any achievement because the true trials started from that moment. There were Ordained Sons with all Vows, like priests of religions, of twenty or more years in the service, who left their vocation behind and came back to the world. So, to survive the holocaust does not mean the chosen shall be the basis of the American Race. This shall be a hard trial for Humanity for next centuries.

The American Race shall be founded on radiant men, those who have reached total detachment by mystical practice so that such radiation may come from the Mystical Body of the Masters that are leading and fulfilling the Great Work from higher planes. These Ideas have been presented and made known in all nations. Some of those beings faithful to Master Santiago are radiating the Renunciation Message from their own being. Now new disciples shall come and radiate it throughout the Planet.

José González Muñoz
November 2010


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