Nº 129.– Seven Interpretations of the Teachings

We have been informed that a Director, resident at the province of Cordoba, in the present Cafh Foundation has declared the Master Santiago’s Teachings are literature and nothing else. Not only the Master’s Teachings, with many traditional religious pages in Aripal language of ceremonial texts, but even all religions of the East and West are holy and reveal the Mother Idea of the Aryan Race, from which they derive and express a more suitable interpretation for the purpose of those religions. According to the Teachings, there are seven interpretations of the holy texts, corresponding to the seven parts of the being, such as it is said in “The Whole Man”, from Course “The Becoming”: 7. Physical Body; 6. Astral Body; 5: Energetic Body. Those three parts of the being constitute the body of man. 4. Instinctive Mind; 3. Comprehensive Mind; 2. Intuitive Mind. Those three parts of the being constitute the soul of man. 1. Spirit. These principles, crowned by the Spirit, form the Whole Man by his own nature.

The first interpretation is the reading of the text such as it is written, an elementary information every person can receive anywhere in the world, living under diverse culture conditions, as it happened with the Renunciation Message, supported by the Master’s Teachings. In Philippines and Russian Federation, including Brazil and Mexico, millions are reading and studying the Teachings, and they are more and more, month by month. To improve this first knowledge state, which is the same to all, the student should come into himself and think, reflect in search of his own idea responding to worries raised by the text. Henceforward, the Way started without any foreseeable goal, and it will continue, life after life, until the transformation of the Pilgrim into a happy man, enjoying the plurality of worlds.

Great religious and esoteric institutions have made diverse interpretations of the holy texts that have been revealed to them; some of these interpretations have been widely published for general use, and other have been reserved to scholars. Jesus used to talk to the people by means of parables, but he educated his disciples with the whole truth –terrestrial and supernatural. Fatima’s revelations have been partially known by the people, but the secret part about nuclear war, remains reserved by the Vatican. Even sciences hold and spread several grades of knowledge about their experiences. Every body has watched atomic explosions by TV, but some few countries have formulae for their construction. So in everything according to the capacity of every one; children at the school learn reading, addition and subtraction; in the University, young persons learn differential calculation and advanced science tools.

Every one develops their convenient interpretations according to his intellectual capacity and concerns moving his own soul. There are not only external worlds on diverse dimensions of this planetary system and others, but even on the internal universe of every person, which are expecting to be discovered, explored and developed by all beings. The most important polytheism theory at any time is its declaration about the existence of plural worlds. The Akhenaton’s ancient monotheism is mean, and its initial success can be explained by the covetousness of the Egyptian nobility supporting it by plundering temples and their great treasures. Likewise today, a materialistic monotheism fosters and justifies the accumulation of wealth through Jewish, Arabian and Catholic corporations. Spiritual doctrines of such institutions are worthless and none follows them; but money accumulation by thousands million is important, as at the oil center of Dubai.  According to those doctrines, the reality is both invisible spirit and matter. As the Akhenaton’s reformation did not last long, so the monotheism of our days is facing the end of civilization. Survivors shall live on a desolate world for long time while nature heals its injuries and take new forms and species, offering to new beings all chances of the plural worlds.

Now one can imagine these worlds when still there is hope.  Now it is important the access to those dimensions when mental and natural powers are in tension, irradiating expectations and creating generative powers like those produced in the world by idealistic young persons,  because they give rise to genetic features and paths to coming generations. Henceforward, students of the Future Race can make a great task by engraving on their consciousness matrices of a new living, such as they are designed on the Teachings. They are not for a leisure-time literature or for a cultural status. They help creating human models. Master Santiago talked about coming prototypes, models and archetypes. This is why he said “The Son”, not anyone. Such models that in these times of individual and collective degradation cannot take form externally, can become matrices of future men when and if in our mind we are able to set them steadily as resistant nuclei that remain beyond death because they belong to all, and when the soul, prepared for reincarnation within seven hundred or thousand years, will find the necessary mould to become a fit American for the New Race.

Dogmas are static and refuse any modifications; they are agreements forced by Religions in order to set certain belief in certain way, and a convenient purpose for the perpetuation of a generally monotheistic institution, which does not resist the proof of facts. As they are contradicted, take refuge on miracles or mysteries beyond any enquiry, or directly avoid considering it as something non-existent; for example, the Church refuses to deal with the subject of reincarnation, even though such matter was seriously considered during the first centuries of its existence, like other religion did. As they negated dogmatically the reality, were forced to invent the Paradise, Hell and Purgatory, and to enclose the human birth in God’s mysteries. In other less liberal times than our present one, they made use of public force, torment and death to put an end to this dilemma. The Inquisition has a painful history of injustice and perversity everywhere they checked the searchers of truth, for instance, Galileo Galilei, and the Earth movement, including outstanding scholars of the very Church.

On the contrary, the Teachings are dynamic, progressive and variable according circumstance and moment. What has been previously taught may need some change for the opposite the following month because circumstances are different and a text should be considered differently. In the Canon, by Internet, there is a notable example: the Interpretation of the Regulation for the Ordained of Community. Master Santiago was watching the Ordained Son for a year on their daily living, manual works, food, prayers, penitence and every detail, and finally he set the Regulation through a Canon Interpretation of the sixth part: “Texts for Ordained Sons of Community”, which was to be compulsorily learned by heart at the Seminary.
The Teachings have seven meanings because their aim was to help, cultivate and transforms souls not into an only type, but into the fittest model to the evolution grade of that soul, o rather, more proper to the evolution result of successive incarnations. Even it perfectly agrees with the Mother Ideas of the Aryan Race, supported by Maitreya: every one should liberate himself by his own means. It is not a perfect model that one should conquer, but a Renunciation Way to travel through all those lives one needs to incarnate in order to come near and know it. It is Saint Paul of the Cross with his mystique of ash, kept through his letters, who has given a better explanation about this detachment process of the being, including the highest virtues, for the conquest of spiritual freedom: “Nothing to earn. Nothing to have. Nothing to be”.

At the present circumstances of the Teachings, when his author Santiago Bovisio and the Holy Order of Fire have disappeared and left as a legacy to the Humanity a Canon written according to originals manuscripts, and after the universal spread of the Renunciation Message, every reader has in his hands the fittest tool to lead and advance in his own individual liberation, and he will achieve it when and if he does not  transform the Teaching into a dogma but into its corresponding interpretation. It is the only way to come into ideas of personal evolution. Necessarily this work takes for granted an intellectual flexibility and deep knowledge of some of the basic principles of Doctrine such as they are expressed through Courses: ethics of good and wrong, reversibility, analogical reversibility, Ired, deductive understanding system from general to particular, and renunciation to those  spiritual states already attained in order to get to other higher ones. On the Course “The Two Ways”, it is properly explained this proposal of a fit spiritual development for all, when and if the student practices it without covetousness and curiosity, nut with an attitude of sincere search of the way to freedom

There are not goals, by gradual stages. Sometimes one imagines an objective and as  soon as the Pilgrim reaches it, he discovers it was otherwise, and from such point he goes on and walks carrying his own experience and new chances just discovered. The Renunciation Way is to take and leave continuously. There are not any permanent conquests or Absolute Renunciation. Many persons fail, even those who are at the top, because they felt to have reached their destination, transforming such achievement into a possession. The spiritual world if full of gurus that, after reaching a point, stay there enjoying that little triumph that becomes the opposite later. To receive the Power of the Great Current you should be internally empty, without triumphs or possessions; so, the Holy Masters place in him who resigns not only power but also ideas to go on ahead. One should not be afraid of interpreting the Teachings even when you may feel to go beyond what is allowed. The Teachings are not cornered but have the whole space that the student wants to give them. If he is wrong, can rectify so many times as they are necessary. Immobility, and even to be proud feeling oneself something becomes an unsolvable mistake. Again we suggest re-reading the Mystique of Ash so as to get free from culture prejudices that are spreading stones on the Way.

José González Muñoz
November 2010


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