Number 12.– Renunciation and Consequent Renunciation

In his Book “The Way of Renunciation”, Master Santiago says Renouncement is the only way to save the humankind. And he adds, “This fundamental doctrine is not new, but that of all Great Initiates, of all great beings, who gave the Message to Humanity but were not heard. Since his arrival in America, the Master devoted his life to prepare the doctrine in a coherent and modern system, sustained by the oldest esoteric tradition and by his own mystical and conceptual experiences. As a result of this, here is a collection of 37 books presented by Internet for public use, in the simplest language fit for our time.
Also he states, “Renunciation will be the Law for the future world”. If it is a Law, its validity is over its observance or rejection; its action is unstoppable willy-nilly. This Renunciation Law operates irrespective of personal attitudes; this Law simply is. But its consequences respond to human behavior, like in karma’s case. So far Renunciation has been proposed by Holy Masters to be a way of salvation. Those who ignore it are unconsciously and thoughtlessly carried away by their passions, and suffer and inflict suffering on others. But this permissive and unfair world is over, and the Way of Renunciation became a Law by Maitreya’s presence. Now one cannot live as in the past century and just as we wish. Now the Universal Message expands and begins to be familiar through Master Bovisio’s Teachings. Maitreya proclaims alone the Renunciation Law. Here is the only reality.

This Renunciation Law is one. If one observes it, it will be a Way of Salvation. If one rejects it, it will be Law of Consequent Renunciation, with dramatic effects over transgressors. This occurs even now, but karmic debts must be paid after death, and the individual being has to wait for a new incarnation to start again. The Law of Consequent Renunciation immediately adjusts those unbalances that arise from evil actions because men, institutions, moral, consciousness and life as a whole are sunk in it. No more period of waiting because the Message will be in the soul. It will be the Universal Law.

a. Consequent Renunciation

Renunciation is the Law of life; none can avoid it. When we are born, other experiences are forgotten and we enter an unknown field; when we die, we leave all our possessions and attachments, and we sink in the mystery. Renunciation is this: to leave once and again because in fact we do not posses anything permanently. Those who are conscious of this Law, and adopt it, are building to themselves a world of peace. Those who are reluctant to give, and remain attached to their possessions, goods, affections, privileged positions and so on, create sorrow to themselves and to others. Death is inexorable and, at the end gives us the bill with quite high interest. Because suffering in the hereafter is a hundred, a thousand times more intense than on Earth. This Consequent Renunciation is valid and fair when a mean person does not give what he believes his own. Possessing is the most mistaken, illusory and expensive human business. Man, before Consequent Renunciation snatches from you any surmised possession, detach and liberate yourself voluntarily, and you’ll walk a space wider than this one in which you are now confined!
During past millennia, men have been entirely irresponsible, as if life were a gift of Gods to enjoy it as much a possible, taking advantage of everything irrespective of consequences. After the Two-Suns’ War and the triumph of monotheism over Semite religions (God on Heaven, man on Earth, and justice after death, according to Jewish, Christian and Islamic peoples), under a cruel and materialist civilization, the strongest overcame the weakest. Prophets –even Jesus– were only able to utter promises and blessings for the hereafter. And here, where people suffers with no hope, what can they expect? To abbreviate their period of waiting, like Palestinian children charged with dynamite to seek in a promised Paradise happiness denied by men? Here is the culmination of a dualistic-materialistic civilization that is ending as always –in bloodshed and destruction.
This Renunciation Law is in force with Maitreya, not as a proposal, but as a way to live in an ineluctable planet, when crazy men finish what they have started, until the last atomic bomb, the last chemical weapons, all aircraft-carriers and submarines in the sea bottom, factories of weapons burnt, and all warriors dead. When this Earth becomes a desert, then survivors –seeds for the future–will live this Renunciation Law.

b. The Desert Planet

At this moment, nations of the world produce enormous quantities of goods and services of any type; statistics about food, machines, clothes and weapons beat all records. This Humanity has never produced so much, but there is starvation, rebellions, unemployment, misery and threat of a Great World War. This war could start even tomorrow; Master Santiago writes, “Demons have prepared everything to destroy the world”. Any of the six most important atomic nations is prepared to give a total response immediately. Few days before he left the government, President Mitterand openly stated how many nuclear heads were of France: 96. This number is sufficient to produce an Atomic Deluge. How to explain that wealth and death are together? Does abundance produce wars? Is perhaps a better solution to be poor?
Men do not go crazy by hunger but by desire for possessing; the wealthiest are the thirstiest. A very wealthy Argentine businessman said, “In my youth I had a million dollars. As soon as I got them, I was unable to stop any more”. And he goes on to accumulate wealth, not knowing for what or why, and doing much evil. A diabolic worm, in his head, is afflicting him incessantly. At his death, this worm will seek another guest, dollars will come in abundance, and carrying again his astral covetousness, this unfortunate being must repay, at certain ugly place, indexed installments in the Consequent Renunciation Bank. Justice is always in force, before and after death.
Physically and economically as wealthy as at the final moments of the great Aryan Teutonic Sub-Race (24,000 years with constant efforts), this Earth has reached the most sorrowful existential void of all times; men are dead souls, mechanized automatons repeating unconsciously instinctive impulses and walking toward destruction. This Planet is a spiritual desert on the brink of becoming a real, visible and inert desert. After the 1,500-Year Fight, the Atlanteans disappeared along with almost all Aryan Teutons. Few and quite primitive beings remained to start a new stage as real cavemen who survived savagely among wild beasts, such as anthropologists state. The Atlantean Magicians also had quite sophisticated weapons, automatic iron monsters and big combat aircrafts like those of present powerful nations. In the beginning of a New Age, after vast destruction, and being this Earth purified by tremendous sorrow, men start from the nothing, in a virginal state, on a void planet.

c. Purification

Great evolution stages start from the nothing after purification. Their initiates are rustic, primitive, defenseless children without past or memory; they forgot everything to learn new ways to live . (We suggest to read Book IV, “History of Man”; Book V, “Great Initiates of Aryan Race”; and Book XXVI, “Anthropogenesis”.
Astrologically, the American Sub-Race starts in the third millennium of the Christian calendar when the Great Solar Initiate Maitreya appears, and the purification time may be very long, perhaps a complete zodiac period. How much can the present reversibility process of old civilization forms last: one, ten or twenty centuries until a planetary regeneration? Nobody can know; radioactive waste last centuries to disappear, like to reforest woods, to erase ruins of bombarded skyscrapers, to forget destructive knowledge, to purify waters, and to change the psychical structure of men. This gigantic clean is physical, astral and mental Consequent Renunciation.
Dear reader: What can we lonely individuals do in front of a devouring monster that is destroying us? Not only according to prophecies, predictions and warlike threats, but according to a desperate situation in Argentina. Colombia, Palestine, Indonesia... all! No choice; we must start the Way of Renunciation, leaving aside attachment, ambition, fantastic plans and superfluous wishes, beginning to seek real life, inner life, the marvelous spirit world; let’s not fear; never we’ll be without a piece of bread at hand. All the rest is mere frivolity at the crossroads of living or dying. If one asks people about their sorrow by the financial situation of the country –wealthy or poor, even those who by the night gather cardboard and tear garbage bags to eat– we can shout face to face, although they do not understand, “You are mistaken!”, and repeat the same with a saver who bangs pans and pails, “You are mistaken!”, and with a politician who lies to preserve his privilege, “You are mistaken!”.
Men: leave whatever you possess, stop this madness, and sit and meditate about yourselves. What you are doing is a mistake. Don’t do it any more! Go and be quiet and calm, and begin to renounce voluntarily, for the love of freedom, before you are thoroughly destroyed by destiny. Don’t fear; you’ll never lack a piece of bread.