Nº 130.– Death of Santiago Bovisio

“As in the Universe all is order and harmony, our planet is rather surrounded by three concentric spheres of Divine, Semi-Divine and Higher Beings arranging, protecting and regulating destinies on Earth and its inhabitants. As a race decays and another race starts its cycle, as human activities are to be given a  new push, and as need becomes more demanding, these Beings come directly and live with us.”

Santiago Bovisio’s death remains a mystery since the moment of his passing away till our days, and no disciple has tried an explanation to satisfy the heart of those who knew him and are orphans of his personal assistance. He did not have substitutes to lead their work and spiritual living. We all are somehow broken and, as years pass by, the memory of his teaching becomes sublimated and perfected. He left a legacy to Humanity, requested by the last Full Moon Message:  complete Courses of Teachings that now are divulged by Internet.

Great Initiates are inaccessible to an ordinary man without needful mind tools to understand them such as they are. A clear example of it one may find in Cleopatra, Great Initiate whose actions were deformed by her Roman enemies. But Master Santiago was well aware of the Egyptian mind and gave a historic, cohesive and credible explanation, though present scholars prefer the legend about the asp. You should read “Death of Cleopatra”, Course “Great Initiates of Fire”.

The subject under consideration is not only quite recent by affective bounds with disciples that still are living, but even external events around the fact are plunged into such darkness that the Master wanted to preserve facts and motivations. We shall try an approach, not to understand it but to clarify and coordinate historic circumstances of that moment, 1962, when was set in motion the crisis of Cuban atomic rockets that were about to be started giving rise to a nuclear war and destroy partially the Mankind. These conjectures are historic critics where political powers of the United States, Soviet Union and Cuba take part. On a different level, but with higher power, Great Initiates are acting and protecting Humanity.

After the Second World War, two great winners remained: the Soviet Union, overcoming Germany with the best army of the world then, and the United States, overcoming Japan with the best war navy and atom bombs. Few years later, the Soviet Union constructed its own nuclear arsenals, and two superpowers started competing and developing a bipolar balance by mutual fear. In 1958, the Soviet Union launched the first man to outer space and brought him back to Earth safe and sound. The United States were lagging behind that space undertaking and went crazy. Thousands fallout shelter were built, and military men at the Pentagon worked feverishly to reduce the obvious Russian superiority.

Kennedy was the President; a very popular young man, without international experience or historic culture, and a police story fanatic, like agent 007 against the “Satanic Doctor No”. Some few years earlier, the Cubans expelled Batista, the dictator, and started the socialist revolution by expropriating big estates of North Americans and the Church. The Che went to Russia and started a political relation. The United States invaded Cuba, but were defeated on the Bay of Pigs. Cuba was entirely seized.

Meanwhile relations with Russia became tense. The United States covered the North of Turkey and Iran with hundreds of intermediate range nuclear missiles. High altitude reconnaissance aircrafts crossed the Soviet Union from Turkey to Sweden. Also missiles were stored at Federal Germany bases. The Pentagon could not forgive the defeat in Cuba, and prepared a second 350.000-soldier invasion (these information’s were revealed publically by Fidel Castro many years later, when international relations were harmonious). The initial test was the Cuban invasion, expecting any reaction from the Kremlin. But Russians and Cubans were ahead and planted about sixty nuclear missiles in Cuban jungles, which were operated by Russian technicians. By TV, Kennedy denounced such threat and said he was ready to intervene. There was red alert for all combat-civilian defense units.  Some years later, Castro was asked what could have happened if those bombs exploded, and he replied the whole South East of the United States would be destroyed and Cuba would disappear from map. Ultimately, such confrontation started from nuclear artillery sited in Turkey, Iran and Europe. Khrushchev risked everything, and his politics was not to grant control of the world to a belligerent power. Before this extreme situation, these two countries agreed to start conversations as soon as possible, before any mistake could trigger nuclear war.

Here is the moment to show the action of Great Initiates and expound conjectures arisen from the events with precious news, at least those related to Santiago Bovisio. We start this Reflection copying the mission of Divine Beings that are protecting us and regulating the destiny of Earth and its inhabitants. Master Santiago had declared to a group of disciples that Fidel Castro and the Che were his more obedient children. He dealt not only with the Holy Order, but even with the destiny of America. Out of Cafh, he had other direct disciples under his guide. Chiefs of the powers are also Great Initiates and have their astral protectors, though by their works may be enemies to one another: Nelson and Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin. From higher worlds, Spiritual Masters surveil the fulfillment of their mission and control so that they do not break the rules of the game, as it was about to happen at the Cuban crisis. There is no public news about those protagonists of the crisis, but they have them always.

The most effective way of acting upon incarnated minds is from higher planes and in case of any urgent need these Great Beings come back to their spiritual world, leave the Earth, and along with other Masters form a very energetic front influencing political decisions of men for the protection of Humanity. The Teachings comment what happened at this environment during the 1,500-year War between Aryans and Atlantis. We are aware of Master Santiago’s influence on the Cuban leaders, and we are able to assume that the adversary of the latter would have their astral guides too.

Russia could not be invaded, but certainly could be atomically destroyed. With Cuba nearby, everything was prepared. But the presence and availability of missiles dispelled the danger. Here is the agreement: North American moved away all atomic arsenals from Turkey and Iran, and promised not to invade Cuba. Russians moved away missiles from Cuba, and everything remained as it was before. But Pentagon hawks were furious against Kennedy and accepted another objective: Vietnam, that was not any danger to others, was invaded and cruelly bombed. Vietnamese under Giap’s leadership expelled invaders losing three million people. In 1963, enemies of Kennedy assassinated him in Dallas.

In January 1962, the Master already knew he was to leave Earth soon, though not the exact date. He ordered the construction of two mausoleums, on in Magdalena, near La Plata (I contributed to its construction) and another in Almafuerte, near Embalse Community, because he did not know where he would stay, in Buenos Aires or Cordoba, his two residences. Meanwhile he would arrange things of Cafh and attended to the Full Moon Assembly, brought about changes, and wrote the long Expansion Message, his spiritual testimony. As usual, he kept silence about coming changes, though gradually he hinted among the Sons his passing away, mainly at the Women’s Community. But he was 57 years old and many tasks to perform. Foundation of new Tables and Community for American, educational Colleges, retreat houses, et cetera. His face ever looked well and we did not suspect anything, because there were no reasons. I went on to taking care of children at the Niños Argentinos School, in La Plata, and the others dealing with their usual tasks. The Master instructed him two times to clean the windshield, but after it Julio does not remember anything else.
On July 2, the same year, in Embalse he ordered to prepare the car for a trip to Buenos Aires. Julio would be the driver. The next morning, everything was covered by snow, and went on snowing more and more. They followed the route to Rio Cuarto and from there, the 8 route to Federal Capital. I have asked Julio about details of this trip. The Master stayed with his eyes closed, as usual meditating during long journeys. As they left Rio Cuarto there was a frontal collision against a long distance bus. Julio was unconscious and with many injuries. Santiago Bovisio was dead, with a little bruise on his forehead. His remains stay at the Embalse crypt, along with Amelia, his wife, and Leo, his son.

Master Santiago totally knew in depth the technique to bring about the mystical death, as it is explained on the Teachings. The accident was a formality to explain his departure from Earth. The Sons continued to live following different directions. I took refuge at Mendoza Mountains, constructing a Children’s Village for their education in ecology.

Some few years ago, the Village Foundation established a reward to fidelity, which is given year by year on September 29, day of the Master’s birth. This year such reward was for a former pupil of the Leo Bovisio College. The previous night, it snowed and Mrs. Lucero, who stays at La Aldea and is a prestigious healer that receives patients from many places, even New York, received the astral visit of Master Santiago. They talked a long time because such experiences are usual in her. The Master said “take care of this place because it has a strong radiation, of the trees, and of her sick persons. And he added: “previously he left with an unfinished work because he had a very important mission to fulfill from Heaven”. He would come back soon. And the Master disappeared. The following day, Luz told these and other details.

José González Muñoz
November 2010


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