Nº  133. I Reflect

1930 – World capitalism collapses by finance depression.

1930 – The Soviet Union starts quinquennial plans.

1933 –Roosevelt assumes a President of the United States.

1933 – Hitler is Chancellor of Germany.

1933 – Heinz Guderian creates German Panzer divisions to conquer Europe.

1938 – Germany causes the first nuclear fission in Berlin.

1939 – Germany conquests Poland in one month.

1939 – Germany conquest Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Albany, Yugoslavia and Greece.

1941 – Japan attacks the United States, starting the Pacific War.

1941 – Germany invades the Soviet Union on a fight that will last until 1945 with the whole destruction of the Third Reich and the end of combats in Europe. More than 40 million dead. The reconstruction starts. The Soviet Union is great world power with the best army of the world.

1945 – The United States bombard Japan and the Pacific War ends. The Soviet Union invades Manchuria, and the latter is delivered to Mao Tse-tung’s armies.

1949 – Chinese communists defeat nationalist armies and occupy all China, except Taiwan, protected by the North American fleet. Mao declares the creation of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing.

1949 –India conquest its independence, followed by other colonies of England, France, Holland and Portugal.

1952 –The Soviet Union creates its own atomic bomb and starts a competition with the United States.

1963 – Atomic missiles crisis in Cuba. The United States moves away its missiles deployed in Turkey and Iran. The Soviet Union moves away missiles from Cuba.

1963 –Beginning of dictatorships in Latin America supported by the United States.

1963 –Vietnam War and defeat of the United States.

1990 –Globalization of communications, economy and finances. The Soviet Union dissolved.

1991 –Third Millennium and American Age starts. The Renunciation Message starts its dissemination through Internet with Teachings of Santiago Bovisio in four languages and millions of contacts and printings in 62 countries.

2003 – Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York.

2008 – Financial crisis in the United States and Europe. Mass unemployment.

2010 –China is the first world power.

The world situation during the time of my existence on this Earth has been and is like that, and I meditate on these things continuously having as my guide the Master Santiago’s Teachings. When I feel some ideas may be useful for persons, I give them a concrete form of four-pages Reflections, printing and passing them to Internet as translations into English and Portuguese. These Teachings reach masses, but it is difficult to understand them quickly. Every day the world situation is more in tension a every areas of human activities, insecurity, more and more scarce subsistence means, huge inequality in distributing benefits of Nature, wealthy persons that are wealthier with bigger and bigger patrimonies and poor people becoming destitute by thousands of millions, communication media increasing the culture mediocrity and forcing banality through TV, press and shows, degrading continuously the human condition. The Church is collapsing by its mistakes and excessive money. The Islam is immersed in wars and tribal confrontations. There are not philosophers or sociologists to deal with people. The public education has fallen in its lowest level while corruption and waste are a world phenomenon. Most young persons are only interested in enjoying and getting an easy job.
I reflect about the world situation because I cannot make another thing. Even being healthy and young, I would be unable to change it because the history of the modern civilization stays at its final stages and there are no alternatives; cards are spread on the table, all of them, ones covered, and others face up. Cards have been played and there are no tricks in the human evolution because its destiny is set since the beginning by Great Initiates. We know that such end is a general destruction and oblivion throughout centuries, as it occurred with other races that have passed though Earth leaving behind a memory of their achievements in the Akashic Annals, and a synthesis of their experiences in the mystical body of Humanity.

I stay at a place of the Andes Mountains with very strong radiation; such radiation and my meditations receive the Power of the Great Current expanded. Ired needs a discharge point on Earth produced at certain places and distributed to persons deserving that power, whatever be the place where they stay, near or far away, or in a city or field. We feel these Reflections sent by us through Internet are bearers of Ired’s sparks that reach here and, as we do not stop them in any way, they spread freely in search of receivers. Master Santiago felt that the destruction shall be lesser when it is higher the number of those who receive the blessing. More souls shall be saved by working for education and by heritage so as to work in the Renunciation law. The program made by Master Santiago many years ago has been fulfilled by some souls that got an advanced fulfillment, conquering a high grade of spiritual freedom.

It is the first time that a new race is announced and anticipated with all those features and rules to be fulfilled for its full development. The Gospel of Jesus came after his death. The Pali Canon with the Buddha’s Renunciation Teachings took place centuries after his death. The transition from the Atlantean Race to the Aryan Race lasted thousands and only during the last centuries it was able to express the promised works. The Mother Idea of the Aryan Race, outlined by the Teachings and sustained by Maitreya, starts being known and is opposite to dogmas of monotheist religions. Every one shall reach his redemption by his own means and by personal efforts. No more saviors, they never existed. They were dogmas of religions needing psychological tools for their perpetuation. The American Race, with science breakthroughs and advances of Renunciation Mystique, need not dogmas but knowledge and patent proofs.

In the beginning of this Reflection we have made a synthetic list of world event that have marked the twentieth century and into which we are cornered. As inhabitants of the Planet, we all were witnesses as protagonists or by information quickly reaching even the last corner.  Even the human flight to the Moon was seen and heard instantly in five continents. Therefore, we are responsible for the world situation; karma is ecumenical, collective, whatever the phenomenon is, even far way and with unknown authors. The divine law is like that and therefore we all should pay. And as the divine law is fair, we have the right and chance of being saved from destruction. Who can know where shall explode the nuclear bombs? None. Perhaps farmers on the Bolivian high plane (plateau) or some few Patagonian mapuches that took refuge in forests are predestined to found the New Race.

Sparks of the Renunciation Message are similar to electromagnetic communication units by radio or Internet, though they use a parallel field that however cannot be detected by physical tools but by souls prepared in an especial way by Mystique practiced. As in a dream spontaneous contacts take place between similar souls, so the Teachings carry sparks of the Message that is being used more often every day. It is an annunciation of the New Era in the service of Maitreya for the transmission of his ideas. Jesus communicated and preached with his word to some few persons that stay nearby. Maitreya communicates directly with those souls willing to hear him, without intermediaries or allegories. Ideas and program are basically the same presented on the Teachings because Master Santiago was the Forerunner of the New Era.

As readers have in their hands the whole Cannon of the Renunciation Doctrine in an ordinary and understandable language as if Master Santiago were speaking, so with the support of the Teachings they are able to receive the words of the Great Solar Initiate Maitreya communication to every one and taking care of his personal needs. One should move away from the mind-and-heart banal attachment that distracts our attention and, leaving the soul in blank, we should be prepared to receive the Message of the future world.

José González Muñoz
December 2010


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