In China, when both nationalist and communist armies waged their war and final combats, a booklet about contradictions in political fights was released –the red Mao-tse Tung’s short pocket book, where the Chinese leader was explaining to the people basic ideas to carry out a great work, in this case the Chinese nation’s liberation until the final victory. The key to such victory, if I recall well, consisted of handling contradictions outward by liberating the people from those contradictions. Mao,  “great helmsman” as he was called, has been masterful as to such art until the end of his lifetime, being sometimes misunderstood by his fellow countrymen. The Cultural Revolution took place by efficiently handling Chinese revolutionary forces which expelled the counterrevolution gestated among middle class and intellectuals. Students of the Cultural Revolution promoted the present greatness of China. On the contrary, the Soviet Union, which after the Cuban missile crisis followed the Stalinist straight line by assuming inner changeless contradictions of the Party, was easily dissolved by Brezhnev, Andropov, Kirilenko, and following. They were unable to solve their contradictions. The dissolution was the unavoidable result and now, the Russian Federation, which is more compact and governable, looks stronger than before, and the Russian people wants to live better.

Nature remains young and perpetuated by contradictions that are moving its actions by a wonderful embellishing game: day and night, winter and summer, birth and death, et cetera. Life is contradiction. The Moon, which is sterile, does not have contradictions and will follow the straight line until the final blast. Every dead, motionless and non-contradictory thing is like that by moving away from life by fear, or because it has carried out its cycle, or because other stronger currents have left it behind, and it has lost its evolution bearings. This phenomenon, which is so useful to understand the future, can be seen on stages of history. For instance we are witnessing the unavoidable collapse of the Christian Church, which fastened on to the line of medieval dogmas, rejected proposals of science discoveries, nineteenth century’s social breakthroughs, and changes in family relations, and took its stand on money, ostentatious rites, collusion with political powers, and refusal of youth. This Church does not practice its contradictions.

On the Course “Renunciation in the World and Souls”, Master Santiago gives a simple example on ethics of the opposites, or analogical contradiction. He says: “Here, our Sons have planted the seed of an apple tree, which in due time shall determine its life as a tree and such tree shall bear fruits. It is the final produce and result of every effort; it is its soul result. But if we leave the tree behind, such tree decays and rots away, when and if there is not a reaction to cut the straight line method, in other words, to pluck it out to meet the nurture sense that an apple offers to a human being. Such deed, which is the opposite to the production of the fruit, amalgamated with it, gives an example of true ethics.”

The history of Cafh gives so clear example of analogical contradiction that it is necessary to explain because still there are persons who belonged to the Order and do not understand what happened; many more persons have in their hands the Teachings and Regulation and do not understand contradictions between these documents and the dissemination of the Renunciation Message delivered to the whole Humanity.

To get in Cafh, since 1937, an aspirant needed many soul conditions and a long preparation time. Later, in case of being admitted, he stayed under gradual Vows of Silence, Fidelity, Obedience and Renunciation, until  reaching the highest grades of perpetual commitment that, except death, none could dissolve. But in case of dispensation or dismissal at any time, a person was obliged never to talk about Cafh: his Silence Vow was perpetual. Such moral obligation was ever fulfilled even when many years had passed since his separation from Cafh.

According to Master Santiago, who stated it to his friends, he would live until ninety years old, and he was regulating several stages of his Work according to such supposed time. In due time he established in 1953 the Community of Ordained Sons, and at another key time, in 1953, he wrote down “The Renunciation Way” containing many contradictory points as to previous Teachings. But he died suddenly and did not finish his Work, when the Holy Masters called him for the fulfillment of an extraordinary mission. That mission must be so serious so that the Master did not finish the Work that he had started: Cafh. On a previous Reflection, we have explained his role on the Cuban missile crisis. But before his death, he left an extraordinary Full Moon 1962 Message, which was entirely opposite to those Vows of Silence and Fidelity which became our own formation for many years. This Message was his spiritual testament.

Years had to pass by, and the world underwent a transformation, the Argentine society where the Cafh’s leadership was based experienced so hard changes, dictatorships, thousands of dissident young persons were missing, Embalse and San Ignacio Colleges were occupied by the Army, Superiors were arrested, and the Tables became self-secluded like neighborhood parishes trying to be ignored. The Dissemination Message was never carried out even on a reduced scale, the Teachings were hidden, and the empty Colleges became factories of pizzas and “alfajores”, likewise in Brazil and other places in America. As the alms center continued working and providing money resources, real estates were bought, and luxurious retirement houses were built in Sierra de los Padres, Campos de Jordao, Wildomar, Costa Rica, et cetera. Nothing was given for free. Nothing was given up. Possessions and foreign currency were accumulated in the United States, and the apple fruit, which was ripe for its dissemination, started decaying.

Since Master Santiago’s death, no further talking about Maitreya or proposals from the New Race. Even virtues of Aquarius, or the future were not taught. The Founder Master was considered old-fashioned, and other ideas were offered, mainly taken from North American sects, such as expanded consciousness, mind control, et cetera. Teachings written by Bovisio were altered, the Perpetual Regulation was changed, Cafh stopped being a Spiritual Order to become a Foundation registered on the government bureaucracy, Sons went away and other unknown partners came. Apples of the previous example decayed and fell down. By 1984 Cafh was over.

In 2001, the start of the American Race, the Analogical Reversibility took place in the Work. The Renunciation Message of the Canon Teachings disseminated all of them by Internet: the new vehicle for world communications reached everywhere. It was instantaneous and shining as the Master had foretold. Sixty nations, the most significant in the world, received the Message in four languages, and more and more persons are compiling such material.  The Canon of Teachings are original copies which were kept in matrices and cannot be adulterated. They belong to Humanity. They remain at many places, Argentina, Brazil, China, Russian Federation, et cetera. And those unknown souls that accede to them become guardians of the Message of the Future. There is no more reliable “safe-deposit box” that conscience of men. While such men are alive, also the Message will remain alive, under whatever vicissitude of the future. Such men will be founders and protagonists of the New Race.

We have offered the subject on analogical reversibility, which is basic on the Renunciation Doctrine, and applies to all activities of human behavior –whether political or institutional activities– or of spiritual development, along with some examples about the good result of an intelligent and timely application. We all need it because it is the key to human evolution –the great reversibility which takes us to worlds that we have conquered or lost by ignorance. The Renunciation Message, along its integral ideas, teaches us not to fail by covetousness of something that one has when it is time to leave it behind for its opposite, as in the example of ripe fruit.

Since our childhood we are changing inner and outer things for their opposites because life is an analogical contradiction permanently. We leave our family and go away so as to form another family; we finish our studies where we had got so much knowledge and we start working and applying it; we leave behind pleasant activities as to start other higher ones. Saint Joan of Chantal left her little children behind so as to take care of Sisters of Charity where Saint Francis of Sales had called her, and he carried out a wonderful work.

Without Renunciation there is no happiness, because however the prettiest and more profitable things may be, at last they tire and you need renovation so as to feel full. One leaves belongings and social position behind, stops going especially to concerts and soccer matches, or donates clothing, furniture, and money, whatever for the sake of giving them and to feel free. Moreover, one offers his own person, his time, his knowledge and experiences of years attending the needy in hospitals, with charitable deeds, and helping destitute persons. Three million retired persons do not work in Argentina; millions do not work in the United States and Spain and get a small amount for their livelihood. But such persons do not give anything, for example, time, cooperation, dirty street cleaning, and assistance to the needy. They continue on the straight line and at the end they encounter death; they did not learn the gifts of the Analogical Reversibility.

This is an intimate –strictly personal– matter; its is given or not given, without publicity or public recognition; but a person who reverts his tendencies that do not give results, and gives up for the opposite, surely gets a gift that everybody is looking for: spiritual  happiness.

José González Muñoz
December 2010



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