The Argentine Nation is one of those many republics produced by the French Revolution, but it was unable to bring to fruition its initial proposals             –Liberty, Equality and Fraternity– that other countries have achieved in the past. Being different from other American nations of large dimensions,        like United States, Canada or Brazil, gestated in another way, suffering slavery until the mid-nineteenth century and speaking other languages, the Argentine has no identity face but many faces, perhaps theater masks periodically changed under strange circumstances that still have not been identified. When someone writes about the latter, references are meant to only one face, perhaps two, but not all, like in Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s book “Facundo”. If one has to mention an outstanding feature, we should not refer to “Invertebrate Spain” by José Ortega y Gasset and to dark tendencies of a disarticulation that has occurred as to territory in nineteenth century, but to a social inconsistency prevailing these days of violent chaos. Is there a return to continuous stability on a near future? We believe that there is no return. Does Argentina exist as a nation? We believe that it does not exist as such. Extreme sociopolitical phenomena have occurred once and again in the past, and these years of twentieth first century Argentina has crossed the limit with the class struggle, and the Argentinean inhabitants are irrationally confronted causing one another very serious harm.

It is not possible to understand what happens on this country if one does not investigate dark forces ruling it. It is a rich country as to natural resources of all kind –mineral, nutritional or hydrical potential– splendid tourism landscapes, from Iguazu Falls to Patagonia Lakes, welfare to all, and magnificent cities. There is a widespread dissatisfaction to live in Argentina, and the people, whatever their economic level, runs behind deceptive advertising; professionals of university grade and immediate job migrate to Europe and United States dreaming of fantasies; well-to-do farmers by the product of their country estates move to cities; and those who feel rejected end up in slums without sewers and running water, attending football matches, and begging on the streets. And if they live in Buenos Aires and even in main cities, they gather money the whole year to go away on vacation to Mar del Plata or on winter vacation to Bariloche or to the Falls, or on a cruiser, whatever they can get. But nobody is happy with what he has. In general, the population suffers from the syndrome of being hypercritical about life.

All days, newspapers and TV are publishing these reports, but one only suffers from them and does not understand or amen anything of family life and government administration. There are no differences on human quality between slum inhabitants and rulers. Perchance, last decades, destructive and violent forces from Argentine society are not organized and led by its own leaders? Are we in front of a collective suicide? A lot of power remains in the hands of leaders –the police, laws, and multimillionaire budgets ruled with no control– and sociopolitical analyzers do not explain satisfactorily such events. We shall try an analysis about what occurred last years in our country as to the historic scene of the change of Races and Master Santiago’s Teachings.

As Races, Nations and especial men are born, they bring a mission, a specific work to achieve, which is different one from another. The materialistic historic schools do not believe in it; they do believe on mere phenomena, class struggle, commercial competition, and money, coincidence and chance. Traditionalistic historic schools, of deductive thinking and a polytheistic conception about reality, adduce the divine plan, union of the Great Initiates, Ired, and inborn mission of every one, men or institutions. Even chance does not exist when a leaf falls. Everything is subject to universal laws, and the Akashic annals from the Grotto of Ras register the testimony of human events. The variability and historic evolution emerge from this predestination. Animals have no history because they are bereft of an individual mind allowing them to achieve a work. Lions are selfsame among them on Africa pasturelands since the times they are known; their minds are collective and meant to keep the continuity of the species. The same can be said about the vegetal kingdom. Even Angels do not have history; they are emanations since the start of the creation of the Solar System. By contrast, men do have a history performed by them birth by birth because one life is not enough to carry out the predestination. In history, to the extent that we go back we see with more clarity the work of public men. At present, one understands the Julius Caesar’s task despite his contradictions: the creation of the Roman Empire. Likewise, we understand the Christopher Columbus’ journeys, Galileo’s discoveries, Max Plank’s quanta, Wagner’s music, et cetera. By the vast critical work made by historic researchers we are able to study and explain the History of the Christian Civilization until its final moments that are taking place since the Second World War. By the principle of predestination, we can realize and understand why atomic bombs have been created and for what Japan cities were destroyed, starting the holocaust of a civilization that now is of seven billion people.

Manu Vaivasvara is the founder of the Aryan Race 120 years ago, and the Order of the Astral Fire protected the fulfillment of its final mission: harmony between spirit and matter. Henceforward, after Five Sub-Races, the Divine Plan is carried out faithfully. The Order of the Fire ever had representatives incarnated on the Earth protecting the principles of the Mother Idea of the Race. In 1925, Chef, European Order of immemorial beginning, which resided in Venice, sent missionaries to several areas of the world to protect and disseminate such principles. Santiago Bovisio was sent to America, exactly to Buenos Aires. Other missionaries went to other regions, but their destination is unknown. The Fascism persecuted the Italian Order, imprisoned its director, Giovanni Venibieni, and he died in jail before the war. In Santiago Bovisio’s hands was the legacy of the Race, with the Power of the Great Current, the Teachings, Ceremonials, hymns and assistance of Astral Masters, especially Girolamo Savonarola. The destiny of ideas for the new era Hidrochosa, or American Race, was kept in Argentina.

Creations in History are integral and have all composites of reality              –spiritual, social, political, material, individual and collective composites– all of them, evil and wrong, advance and contradiction, progress and betrayals. Some works successful and others fail. Arnold Toynbee registered investigations about cultures failed and aborted. But the central idea of the Race is ever achieved on the time granted.

The time of the Cafh Order on the spiritual plane does not differ from that of social reformations of the working class with J. D. Perón. In few years, Argentina has changed projecting itself on Latin American countries, in the same way as Cafh expanded the Renunciation doctrine throughout America. Argentina had an integral –spiritual and social– mission on America. Opposite reactions were fierce and both ways failed despite their great achievements. When Perón escaped having the army and people by his side, Master Santiago prophesied: “In Argentina, for not shedding a drop of blood, streams of the blood shall flow”. Such tragedy has occurred with military dictatorships, and it occurs indeed with the social disorder of our days. Likewise it occurred in Cafh. After the Founder’s death, the monotheistic countercurrent came at once, the Teachings and Regulation were changed, and educational works were dilapidated. Cafh came to an end in 1984 in the same way that the social reformation ended in 1957. Despite all these terminal crisis, the legacy of changes has passed to other hands. Also, the Renunciation Message travels through the work on several languages and is within the reach of the scholars explaining to the people those transformations that we are living and the New Era that shall come.

We have said that every existential unity, a man, an institution or a country achieves their aims by ways of predestination, and they are successful or fail on those lines. They remain a determined time and, when general purposes have been reached, sometimes they come suddenly to an end, other times slowly, with decadence and extinction of races. After few days, in 1917, the Soviet Union conquered the power, and was dissolved in 1990. The United States, which cannot be compared as to world commerce and financial deals, economically collapsed in 2008, their companies and population make a living on borrowing and appearances. Likewise, the Catholic Church, which is rich and global, remains corrupt within on its own way: moral example.

The Argentine Republic, whose outstanding feature is inner and international tolerance, structurally is destroying itself just by intolerance. We have mentioned two entities to sustain our explanations –Cafh and the social postwar reformation; they distinguished themselves by a fraternal spirit foolproof. One can read the Regulation of Cafh and see how al currents were admitted, Catholics, Jews, Socialists, Conservatives, et cetera. And they were living their gatherings and meditation in harmony. They were an example of far-reaching tolerance Latin American countries. The Peronist Movement included diverse political argentine currents­ from that moment –Radical, Socialists, Anarchists, Conservatives, et cetera. But such works suffered from two abrupt cuts in their development. The first cut was in 1955 by a coup d’état and Perón’s escape. The second cut occurred on July 3rd by Santiago Bovisio’s death. So, The Argentine Republic started its own fall and dissolution. As years pass by, Argentina is increasingly down and does not know where the bottom is.

Cafh is over. Also the Peronist Movement did. Those leaders who created and supported those works are not here any more. Others have come and do not understand the fundamental ideas, bring about disorder and confusion, the world in decomposition has devoured them, misery is flooding all social strata, from Universities to communication media. Suffering of the Argentineans is general in all social classes and they do not find consolation. The majority is carried away by the collective madness of masses and corruption. Some few separate themselves, take shelter from it at home, protect their family, and wait. Also many young persons seek their own protection, do not give up, get ready, and wait.

José González Muñoz
January 2011