Number 13.– A Revolutionary Master

Master Santiago Bovisio is not like any modern Western or Eastern mystic. If one considers great Spiritual Masters of nineteenth and twentieth century –Blavatsky, Ramakrishna, Maharishi, Saint Therese of Jesus, Aurobindo, Dom Bosco, and so many others– it is very hard to situate Master Santiago among them. He designed and offered a doctrine of Renunciation that is not of modern age; its deep roots are in the oldest tradition, in foundations of the Order of Fire, in Kaor, in the beginning of the Aryan Teutonic Sub-Race, and goes toward Aquarius, preparing Maitreya Redeemer’s mission. There is a jump of 3,500 obscurantist years from the Two-Suns’ War, last but one incarnation of the Master, to his Teachings expanded all over the Planet, in the Third Millennium, forty years after his death.
Santiago Bovisio is the first to offer a whole system of polytheist wisdom, sustained by plurality of worlds, multiple states of being, Ired, Reversibility, spirit evolving to matter, and communion of Great Initiates in the Divine Mother’s mystical body, –as characteristics of the ancient Egyptian wisdom. It is a gigantic jump through time, a foot on the original tradition of the Aryan Race, broken by the materialistic Akhenaton’s heresy, and the other foot on the full birth of the American Sub-Race, along with the Great Solar Initiate Maitreya.
His memory about an antiquity he had lived is amazing, according to Chapters 4 and 5, Book XVI, “History of Esoteric Orders”. He was able to describe personally to his disciples, at will, the most varied aspects of that age, and personal fleeting incidents about his round trip to Greece, where he had to seek refuge during Akhnaton’s persecutions. (Master Santiago was High Priest in the Initiation Temple described in the above-mentioned Chapter 4, situated 100 kilometers from Thebes.) He would obtain descriptions about remotest times, Hyperboreans, Lemurians, Atlanteans, and so on, from Akashic Annals (The Mother’s Book, seventh mental plane), fully available to him by clairvoyance, which coincide with other clairvoyants’ versions who also have written about history of Humanity of the first times.
Master Santiago is a revolutionary because he announces and anticipates the future in the right Maitreya’s direction, accumulating wisdom of Great Initiates, while all other spiritual beings agree with this existent world, such as it is.

a. Why a revolutionary?

This world has always experienced great revolutions made by outstanding men who changed the history of Humanity. Also religious beings have made spectacular revolutions, but in his field of action, not encompassing society as a whole: Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and the Templar Order, Saint Ignatius of Loyola and the Company of Jesus, Luther and Reformation, and others. They would alter certain aspects of the reality, but everything remained the same, –but improved. In fact, were they revolutionaries?
A revolution can be effective by changing the reality as a whole: physically, socially, politically, psychologically, spiritually and mentally, in all visible and invisible areas of Nature. This gigantic work is only possible at a replacement time of Races, like now, when planetary transformations accompany soul mutations.
Maitreya, who will change everything and everybody, is Revolution. In 1962, when Gagarin, the Russian astronaut reached the outer space and from there told, “Earth is beautiful!”, Master Santiago went and visited Ordered Sons in La Plata (Province of Buenos Aires) Community, assembled them in the kitchen, and said solemnly, “Sons, the old world is over!”. It is the announced spiritual Revolution. Thanks to disseminating the Teachings all over nations, a part of Humanity already knows them and is conscious of changes that begin to occur in the planetary configuration, in social, political and economic structures, in new laws about human behavior, in spiritual liberation, and in harmony of human and divine values. A new life is coming after depuration. Master Santiago’s Teachings are everywhere to help men understand and endure times of trial.
Great revolutions modifying the course of History have only dealt with instruments and structures with most diverse aspects, and have been made by Great Lunar Initiates: Julius Caesar, Galileo, Beethoven, Lenin, and others. A revolution started by a Great Solar Initiate, Buddha, Jesus or Maitreya, takes place physically and magnetically in Him, expanded from him over the world. Buddha liberated himself, and later taught his disciples. Jesus perfected, on the Cross, his preaching about compassion and pardon; later the Cross expanded over the world. Maitreya is building in himself, personally, proposals that will be the law for the future world, according to Master Santiago’s explanation in Book V, Chapter 16, and Book XII, Chapter 13.

b. Maitreya is Revolution

In paragraph 11 of the Teaching “Maitreya”, Master Santiago asks this question, “Is the great Being’s mission to knead his flesh and his spirit, and this way to make a new bread to satisfy man?”. In other words, may he unite inseparably his divine spirit and his human flesh, which is identical to our flesh, in order to form a new vehicle of being?
Great Solar Initiate is Ilhes, the Liberated One, Buddha, with no wish or need for incarnation. If he does so, it is to help this Humanity animalized at a critical evolution moment, which must start a new stage. The Redeemer is so perfect that he does not create karma. His terrestrial presence is a blessing to men, to those who are and those who will come. He is Revolution, expanded since the moment when he came into being among us, although we do not know where he is. Effects of his Teaching shall be seen as Humanity pays debts of their Consequent Renunciation.
Jewish people did not understand Jesus: they wanted a rebellion led by the Redeemer against the Roman Empire for the benefit of Israel. They crucified Him. Now many persons call for the Savior to come and help put an end to social injustice, transforming men into honest beings and the International Monetary Fund into an institution more amiable regarding slow-payer countries, and things like that. These conformists have no idea about freedom; they aspire to a well-organized bourgeois state with honest police to look after public order, a sort of utopian Socialism, dreamed by idealists of the nineteenth century. But during the last century we have witnessed frightful wars, and illusions end up when there is no Renunciation.
Maitreya is not a reformist –a retouching here, another adjustment over there– so that everybody remains satisfied. HE IS REVOLUTION! He won’t deal with institutions or instruments, but with human protagonists, offering them a thorough transformation, nothing more than a human deification, according to a clear explanation given by Master Santiago in Lectures at Embalse, Chapter 28, “About the Mystery of the Divine Incarnation”, “I believe Maitreya will teach this, a new expression of the Divine Incarnation: a form, a way to convert ourselves into little Christs, little holocausts, little wafers”. What Jesus Christ made two millennia ago, a potential redemption of the humankind, now every one has to be self-redeemer by means of Renunciation.

c. Redemption

Redemption means to liberate someone of his bondage, by paying a price. Jesus redeems Humanity paying this price with his passion and death on the Cross. Master Santiago says Maitreya will teach men how to pay their own random, redeeming themselves with their own efforts. It is the Great Revolution, because we won’t need religions, priests or dogmas, or even Maitreya himself, as Buddha recommended his disciples regarding himself. Man will be a way of liberation, and any intermediary between him and his freedom will be discarded. According to the third truth contained in the Single Revelation given by Manu in the beginning of the Aryan Race, “Man has to achieve liberation by himself, not suddenly, but by stages, being born, dying, reincarnating, and passing through hells, purgatories and heavens”.

Is self-liberation possible? No other way to redeem oneself. Christian and Islamic hells and paradises are the astral world of esoteric philosophy, and a stay in them lasts a short while; every seven hundred years, more or less, beings incarnate again, and go on to learn how to live on Earth, as we said above. Great Initiates, Masters of Humanity, teach, guide and help, but neither Jesus nor Maitreya give realization; they accompany the Disciple, but at the end they leave him alone in front of the Gates of the Divine Mystery, so that he may achieve alone the miraculous Unity. One should study Teachings of Book XXV, “Theology”, to understand these important concepts, particularly Chapter 13, “Sacred Revelation about the Mother Idea of Aryans”.
Dear reader: All men, with any grade of spiritual development, have an invaluable gift, that is, freewill. To any proposal, they can say no or yes; this does not mean for them to control the situation; they run a risk for good or bad results. If they are succesful, can go ahead on the way; otherwise, they have to incarnate once and again, and eventually to overcome the obstacle. This so realistic law is in force for everybody, irrespective of religious promises about paradises, purgatories or hells.

Maitreya is the Revolution of our days, and he will teach the true redemption, which every one achieves alone. Press and television invade us with frightful news; it is the old world that is finishing, and it will continue this way, and worse, until the end of all its reserves. We must pay the karma of Consequent Renunciation until the last cent. Faithful Maitreya’s Disciples do not belong to this dying world; now they are foreigners by adoption, while preparing the New Age conciliating the pair of opposites by spiritualizing matter in Renunciation.