Nº 140.– The First Steps

The American Race is taking the first –unsteady, shaky, uncertain– steps like a baby. They are wrapped by the whirlpool of the ancient race and it is very hard to identify them, recognizing new signs on a society filled with novelties and appearances. As soon as a sign emerges drawing the attention of masses, those who manipulate the market rush to catch and transform it into an object that is worth money. The first steps were taken by Master Santiago through the foundation of the Cafh Order, and in it, its participants –called Sons of the Divine Mother– experienced the laws of Renunciation and studied the Doctrine. Shortly after the Master’s death, the American Work became a business, key ideas were changed, and the Order was transformed into a foundation for economic purposes. They earned a lot of money. Ridiculously, even it remains registered as an exclusive trade mark on the respective official bureau. If it occurred in this way with the first American Work by the hands of direct Community disciples, what can one expect from new readers of the Teachings by Internet?

As a child starts walking but is not yet aware of his feat and keeps trying unsteady steps, in the same way many souls, even without the study of a page of the Teachings, naturally practice some simple actions of the new Race because they are Americans by birth and have been prepared for many years on higher planes led by wise Masters, and when they are born on Earth and in this era, spontaneously manifest their qualities. To recognize them, one should study the Renunciation Doctrine, though the protagonist needs not such knowledge, but to act sincerely.

Is it necessary to have a code of rules – Tables of the Law, Koran, Bible, et cetera– to feel identified with the American Race, so as other religions do? No. The New Race has no written or traditional codes, but a direct way of life, developing and transforming inner qualities potentially existent in their being, and they expect to start moving, in the same way as a child begins to walk and has no rules or instructors, but legs in motion. As the time passes by, if he remains healthy and free of antisocial ambitions, perhaps shall be am efficient mountaineer climbing hills by pleasure or a walker strolling through the woods –a tireless Pilgrim predestined to Aquarian paths.

Following with the example of a child that begins to walk, he is afraid of falling and he falls indeed, but gets up and keeps taking steps. He falls again and hits his head against the ground, weeps for while, but continues to walk awkwardly. He has the best teacher: bumps on his head. He shall never forget his lesson and in this way he will learn and progress until the time when is able to walk around the house. His lesson was to fall without being hurt. Gradually, he starts running. He runs along with other children and they play. Now, life is a merry entertainment. He became independent and is aware of all corners of the house: he climbs on the beds, sits on easy chairs, goes up and down stairs, and even dares to stand on a chair to reach the candy that her mother keeps in the closet.

A beginner in Spiritual Development is like the above mentioned child; he is afraid and even wrong, but tests another way until he finds a solution to the problem of his concern, and in the end, or easily or after a long time¸ the Way becomes a game, a way to live freely. To be wrong is not a tragedy but a chance to find other paths that perhaps are more interesting than those known to him. On the plural worlds, landscapes are charming, experiences teach how to live and discover oneself, even those experiences that are wrong. If on the New Era, every one shall be free by his own means, it is necessary for him to experience all those paths offered by life; the only way of knowing them is by intensely walking until the discovery of their secrets.

The Teachings contained by the Renunciation Canon are public and not a chance, and have been written by the Ancient High Priest of the Initiation Temple of Amon, in Egypt, thousands years ago, and contain the keys to the Renunciation Law to be discovered and developed in our days by the student. One has to know them in depth through permanent meditation until the time when secrets remain revealed in the soul of the searcher. In the distance we are unable to consider so individual and esoteric theme from these Reflections –such theme is of every individual, but we can offer some general ideas openly contained by the Teachings to help the student in the search of their secrets.

The Renunciation Canon is an Encyclopedia of Spiritual Life and there one can find most acceptable answers about mysteries of man, from the oldest, as the Planetary System and the first Aryan Races, to modern answers in The Way to Renunciation, and those that are future: The Modern Idea of the Aryan Race and Spiritual Life of Cafh. Here we shall offer such answers didactically, in the way of secondary school education.

Did you read the full Canon or only some of its Teachings? One should know it entirely, choosing later those themes that may be more interesting or convenient.

You should prepare a chart of your preferred Teachings –Doctrinal, Esoteric, Historic, et cetera– beginning to study those that are more attractive, for instance, Hidrochosa, and reading them until repeating them in possible by heart, like a prayer; in this way and under any circumstance, you shall have them available.

There are many Courses on Meditation exercises –the most suitable tool to know in depth the mysteries of the American Race. A student should learn meditation about all exercises until he finds what exercise is more convenient.

There are other Courses for those who prefer a physical discipline and a proper bodily development: Gymnastics of Cafh and Postures. They can practice it day by day until old age, and those dealing with death, Mystique of Ash, and other more complex Teachings can be used as a gateway to transcendent Teachings. If an individual is able to control regularly his will through physical exercises, he also can lead his mind and states of consciousness.

Make a simple query about social tendencies. Do you like friendships? Do you prefer meditation alone or an exchange of ideas with similar souls? Would you like to take part in a group so as to meditate, study and draw conclusions about the American Race? Do you prefer physically present groups or communications by electronic mail like those that now are working seriously and efficiently?

Do you practice the Retrospective Examination as it is indicated, and what is the result –daily, weekly and monthly? If you fall asleep before coming to its end, did you find some solution to such problem?

If you practice Spiritual Retreats, where do you prefer them: in your room, on the yard of your house, for a day or several days, or on a stable site? Do you prefer mountains, countryside or forests? Do you draw conclusions writing them down so as to meditate on them? Do you prefer to practice your Retreats staying alone or in company?

Master Santiago had two intimate diaries in which he was writing down his outstanding experiences, one diary for his clairvoyant visions and another for his premonitory dreams, which still are kept in certain reserved places. It would be convenient for you to have a handwritten notebook registering the most notable parts of the spiritual life. This notebook will serve you when you get older.

Some persons, and they are many, do not dare to start a spiritual path because they do not feel able to meditate, study, read prayers, or try a lonely retreat on outskirts of the city. The Spiritual Path is an organized life. The Canon offers a large variety of disciplines to achieve it. Besides, in other areas, also there are serious organizations that have a lot of experiences and can be useful. One should seek until eventually find most suitable organizations to every one –spiritualists, traditions of simple peoples, Zen, regular sects, protestants, shamans, or a loner. One should have a Path to travel through life in search of happiness. Children should have their lessons too, as soon as possible. If they have a Path to travel through, the demons of the world cannot divert them for their perdition, and the spiritual discipline will protect them being young or grown-ups, that is to say, their entire lifetime. Master Santiago found his Way as a baby, in Bergamo, where he was born. For Christmas, his aunts had told him about Jesus visiting good children. The Master was called Nino by his family; that night, he did not go to bed and waited by the open window of his bedroom. The following day, he told how Baby Jesus came and they were playing. So he started his Way of friendship with the Great Initiates and also his extraordinary parapsychological gifts that he used for his work and accompanied him until his death.

To find the way does not mean that glare of an extraordinary life as that that we are told about Saints, Gurdjieff, Saint Little Therese of Lisieux, Saint Francis of Assisi or the Mother Therese, but to live our own life with simplicity, common sense and honesty, fulfilling our responsibilities as a citizen, a paterfamilias, a honorable peasant, or a disciplined clerk, far from clumsiness of the modern society that we all know. And to teach to close persons how to find their path in their lifetime.

The first steps of the American Man are so simple that they become difficult in this complicated world. The secret is to study the Teachings and simply to walk through life as such Teachings are pointing out. While he moves forward and traces his footsteps, the latter will guide him to freedom and happiness.

José González Muñoz
January 2011


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