Nº 143.– Right and Wrong

We are living on a pair of opposites: day and night, cold and hot, rich persons and poor persons, communists and capitalists, man and woman, sons and parents, war and peace, and at this whirlpool of dead leaves flying furiously on storms of modern civilization, lonely men are seeking refuge. Not only moral and codes establish permanent definitions about right and wrong, but Nature as a whole manifests on the pair of opposites since the beginning of the times. If one consults the tradition, firstly we see unity and right away multiplicity. In the Genesis, light was the first, and things, later. In the Apocalypses (Revelation Book), the Word was the first, and later, History. For the Greek, the origin is the Unknown Generating God, and Gods came behind. The Emerald Table says: “As above, so below; as below so above, for the permanence of the One”. In harmony with this universal principle, Master Santiago fosters Ethics of Right and Wrong. Is this possible?

Of many aims established for the American Race, the principle of harmony of the opposites excels. The civilization with their monotheistic dualistic religions dividing reality into spirit and matter –the Father and the world, Jehovah and the Jews, Mahomet and the Moslem faithful, and out of them, the axis of evil, the enemies– has pushed Humanity to suffering and planetary disorganization: destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan as nations, Palestinians and Jews, the holocaust of Vietnam, disappearance of pre-Colombian cultures, money, and collapse of the world economy. These terrible phenomena are the annunciation of atmospheric and geographic cataclysms, and nuclear war. After the long void, and the endless night, purification shall be slow.

We have the Teachings and hope. Our mission, while we are alive and the world quivers, is to preserve those ideas prepared by the Saints for Mankind of the future and that are kept in the Canon of the Renunciation Message. Master Santiago’s successors have tried to hide and modify them, but failed; such authentic ideas are available in Internet for the whole world. Any person that feels the call can assume the role of guardian and protector of this legacy for future generations. “Shall the Renunciation Son be so consequent with their missions so as to impede the imminent destruction that will precede the Era of Sakib?
The Canon of Teachings is a complete philosophical system through ideas produced on the mystical Renunciation asceticism that the Master did not set under discipline, but are anywhere in texts waiting the time when students grow up and arrange them according to rational parameters of the epoch, but it shall not be soon because meanings change continuously and any conceptual arrangement shall be out of place in few years. These days, it is the best that every one takes and applies his more convenient scales according to his convictions. In spite of it, ideas are written and in certain cases explained by the Teachings. Here we shall mention some of them supporting and leading to the subject of our Reflection: Ethics of Right and Wrong should be available.

In what a way, can Ethics, individual behavior, and consistent demeanor meet demands of right and opposite demands of wrong? Since Aristotle’s Logic, our formation responds to strict equivalences as foundations of modern knowledge, and an opposition to these postulates implies mistake, alignment, irrationality. But men investigate progress and discover other dimensions. Non-Euclidian geometries have proved the measure of inner angles in a triangle is over 180º. The quantum mechanics denies Aristotle’s Logic. Dreams fulfill impossible dimensions to material life. The Church believes in miracles and supports them. On plural worlds, right becomes wrong, and wrong becomes right. Men are living these phenomena everywhere through the laws of monotheistic religions of strict, changeless rules, Moses’ Tables, sin in Catholicism, Constitution of each Nation, and social and financial regulations.  They are what is right, and others are what is wrong.

In the new American Age, principles enunciated by the Teachings are applied; they come from the Renunciation Doctrine: analogical contradiction, reversibility, transmutation of being, Ired, Power of the Great Current, plural worlds, development of inner powers like clairvoyance, astral journeys, telekinesis, mystical death, invisibility, no karmic reincarnation, and voluntary reincarnation. It is an unfit new world for the masses or monotheists that cannot escape from a dimension. Once this civilization has disappeared and its relics have been flooded by waters of the oceans, once Nature has recovered its multiplicity and established new grades of cold, heat, humidity, vegetal and animal species and, over all, human survivors, ethics of right and wrong will be lived.

Ethics of right and wrong is individual behavior before those who are opposite to reality. Things and men become continuously their opposite ones; it is the law of life. Nature and simple men become a dynamics for progress and evolution. If one does not change, we would be on the Stone Age. All is transformed, except religious and civilian codes that are rational abstractions meant to keep social status for the sake of institutions forcefully supporting them. Many religious, civilian, juridical and financial institutions are forbidding the right of a man to dispose at will of his own life and death, and severely they punish any attempt to die voluntarily, even in case of terminal diseases and vegetative existence. A man can prepare his last Will and Testament, but is unable to decide about his own life. Behind the laws, there are selfish interests of physicians, clinics, and pharmacy industries, monopolies that are caught up in money ethics.

Millennia ago, following only one Ethics since the establishment of Moses’ Table Law, Humanity is against Nature and obeys only one abstract strict way of living, without any changes or choices. Do Jews think of a future world without them? No. And do Christians foresee Humankind without Christ? Even they do not think so. Their Ethics is isolated and they believe in an everlasting life with all their goods. They do not necessarily recognize that all created things, works, religions and cultures are meant to disappear. History has proved it thousand times. Today we witness and experience the CHANGE, in capital letters, practicing ethics of right and wrong everyday. And those who do not change are the first to collapse: industrialized nations and greenhouse effect, finance people of the capitalistic world and society supporting them, Bolivians, Paraguayans and Argentineans leaving  their families behind on the countryside to go on disposing of TV and consumerism, ending at slums and shooting at their neighbors, Mendoza’s young people leaving their studies, working anywhere and buying an old car to visit nightclubs and get drunk, retired persons being reluctant to change and following the only ethics that mobilized their lives, and disappearing with no pain or glory. They do not change. They give nothing. They follow the straight line until the final blast.

I feel proper an illustration of the subject through some simple, eloquent examples that I have personally witnessed.

Farmers of Mendoza and San Juan have their ethics of right and wrong through their works, vineyards, fruit groves and orchards. They work the whole day according to demands of each crop with artificial irrigation. On summer time, when fruit is mature and with a foreseeable production, eventually hailstone destroys the harvest of that year in no time. It is like a lottery of unpredictable results. A resigned vintner puts his plants in order as he can, tries to recover something and, in the winter, prunes and prepares the earth for next season. Those who have thrived follow the same behavior –ethics of right and wrong.

An intelligent successful young woman feeling like forming a family got married and all was well for a couple of years; at the end she broke up and came back to her parental home. A young professional with much work and good parents got married and soon after he broke up without having children. He went on working tirelessly. They two got married, are working well with good income and now expect their first child. This couple had their ethics of right and wrong, which triumphs over difficulties of modern life.

A terminal cancerous tumor was diagnosed with a young military man. Hopeful, he came to the Village asking for help the healer Luz and was attended by her for a time. When this young man returned to the doctor, was found healthy without traces of the tumor. Here, wrong became right through ethics of faith.

Life is filled with examples of this kind in every human category, from children to grandparents. Great Masters, Jesus, the Buddha and Saint Francis of Assisi are many and continuously present in Ethics of right and wrong. Some persons call it miracles, but it is ignorance in those thinking in this way about the laws of Nature. If new openings to knowledge now offered by Renunciation doctrine were studied, and behavior rules pointed out by the Teachings were practiced, people would find solutions even to most difficult problems. One should learn how to live, however complicated it may seem. We ourselves are complicated following artificial laws and dogmas. Things are simple, and the souls, like children or saints, find happiness living simply.

José González Muñoz
February 2011


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