Nº 144.– Compulsory Reincarnation

Certain people believe in reincarnation and others do not. According to the majority of traditions, specially the oldest ones, souls reincarnate time and again, and historic texts are filled with these beliefs. In modern life, certain religions deal with the hereafter and are for the permanence of a soul after death, on other states and with diverse features; ones of them for the eternity, paradise, purgatory and hell; others with periodical comebacks to Earth to continue their liberation apprenticeship. The Jewish Religion does not believe in life after death, and this dogma brings serious consequences to followers of this religion. But the majority of modern persons do not seriously believe in anything, except an immediate experience, working, eating, breeding and enjoying. When the end time arrives, they weep and despair. When it comes the end time, they cry and despair. Such men are “the mass”, have lost their souls and, after death, they remain on an intermediate state roaming on miserable proto-forms.

Reincarnation is a need for a being in search of the original perfection that cannot be achieved through one life; such being must come back time and again approaching the desired ideal. A didactic reference to reincarnation is to those years, since primary school, that a student needs for getting his university degree. A child does not know and must learn how to read and write and, grade by grade, he is more and more able to reach his desired profession, for example, an engineer or physician. Each grade is different from another by its summertime vacation. Death is the end of the course; after some time, he must come back to life school and continue to learn. All human beings must die and reincarnate some time later, generally after seven hundred years and in the same family and social group. Jews ever reincarnate as Jews, accentuating their racial gens.

A post-mortem quite primitive world has been adopted by Catholics when peasants did not know how to read or write, and their priests uttered their Masses with difficulty –a limb for those who die with no baptism, hell for sinners, purgatory for those who did not commit offenses, and eternal paradise for the faithful. Some years ago, John Paul II has cancelled the limb by a stroke of the pain, but not telling what place he had for non-baptized children, Buddhists, and so on, after their death. Other places of the Divine Comedy remain, but now, in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, they do not like to speak about these things. In case of serious sins, like raped children, they pay compensation to relatives of the victim, go to confession, and do not speak of it any more.
Jews are an interesting particular case to compare with other worships. We recommend studying the Teaching 14, Course “Ten Great Religions”. As it is explained there, present Jews with immense financial riches, atomic power and the recognized State of Israel have little to do with the ancient people exiled from Egypt: “They do not believe in man surviving in the hereafter. It is enough for them a venerable and respected old age, they name uttered respectfully after death, and memory of the patriarch respected in their race. Beyond there is nothing more than nothing, eternal silence, and what a man has not the right to investigate”. But those are quite different beliefs from reality. Men of any professed religions should reincarnate compulsorily to learn and perfect themselves in integral life and to pay for crimes they had committed –their karma. The Divine Justice is perfect, and crimes have to be paid on penitential Astral planes, and in this life. Crimes against innocent in Palestine are paid in the hereafter and also on Earth. Karma is collective and prophets have announced the nuclear extermination war shall start there. Read the Course “Becoming”, especially Teaching 15, “Reincarnation”.

As years pass by, births are more and more, with serious organic and mental deficiencies in the best prepared nations, and health professionals do not know what to do with them, where to place them, and what treatment should day give so that they may find a meaning to that life. Those who are well-to-do people place those persons in nursing homes attended by nurses, occasionally visiting them. While those persons are children, the problem can be handled, but as they grow up, such problems are more and more difficult. There were pathetic photos of children born in Hiroshima and Chernobyl. Karma is collective and no philosophical explanation can meet any sorrow created by it. In Divine Justice and reincarnation one can find the source of that suffering. Clairvoyants that is able to know human history find causes of those disorders in seemingly innocent souls. But such clairvoyants are wise and do not state crimes committed in past lives by these persons so as not increase the sorrow of their relatives. We reincarnate by groups of similar souls by love and responsibilities. Without any consolation, only there is a silent sacrifice meant to attend those souls until the end, supported by complete resignation and power of the Renunciation Doctrine. Parents comply with their children through prayer, humility and helping those who are in need.

The Canon Teachings give impressive and numberless information about plurality of the worlds and those diverse dimensions that a human being has to experience for his spiritual development. Formerly, Greeks, Persians and Hindus evolved easily on such rich life as mythology of Gods and tales of Kalila and Dimna, which reached us through “One Thousand and One Night”, from Arabians. Monotheism of Jews and Christians has devastated the riches of the mind, concentrating themselves on sin and money –figures of which they both are emblematic leaders. Black mourning robes of priests are disappearing along with the arrival of Maitreya and the new civilization that is emerging from the sciences. The world, life and civilization are not like they were imposed, but as they are promoted from the plural worlds, regardless of worships, races or social classes. It is Michael, the Sun, equally illuminating all.

The old world disappears amid fires of its guilty wars until their last consequences, 5000 or 6000 million beings that have to disappear so that the Planet may start the new Aquarian influence: intuition, liberty, adventure, spiritual development, wisdom and fraternity. We shall reincarnate many times to achieve it, wandering through worlds of the Solar system until we may get that man that we want for us. Those who do not believe in reincarnation lose their chance to choose what they most want and they must accept niches that shall remain available because reincarnation is compulsory for all, believers, atheists, and good and evil individuals.

In those great passing religions, there was no chance to choose because those institutions were strictly occupying their regions. Moreover, there was much ignorance. The people only had access to knowledge of other ways of living, thanks to the French Revolution. Even so, there are narrow and tight traps through advertisement, communication technology, harder and harder economy, press intransigence, and education decadence. For many persons, this world is a hell, and money regulates every human action. Those who are poor expect reincarnation on a more fair condition letting them develop their sleeping qualities as in any ordinary person. Reincarnation helps many souls improving their behavior, moving away the karmic law, while they expect a humble and honest demeanor for their next reincarnation in a fit place for their aims. Buddhists are more advanced in this theme, and live with simplicity and expect a blessed future.

People avoid any conversation about death, although they may be terminal ill and very old. They have no mental or affective resource to prepare themselves for that unavoidable event. They seek refuge in darkness, ignorance and certain pastimes that prevent them from thinking. One can see old people occupying squares and immersed in several distractions, tours, cruisers, and night parties, imitating young persons in dances and shows. Whenever possible, they do not lose the chance to enjoy in their own way, and spend time. None propose them to calm down and meditate on the next act of their lives. None, religions, social institutions, centers of study or spiritual directors teach them how to be prepared for a good death. Even there is no much professional –psychological or medical– literature that may help studying this theme. Publications meant to retired persons stimulate fun and to consume a span of life that is not theirs by age and diseases. A soul is near the most solemn deed in the existence and is entirely alone. None tells that the individual should leave all behind, affections, illusions and attachment before being deprived of it in the twinkling of an eye.

His prospects about reincarnation and his belief that death is nothing else than a change of states are waiting him, that he can go on learning in a new body on other dimensions, other companions and other adventures, unexpected discoveries about himself, a re-union with old dear ones and many other things; all it should fill hours of a person that is near the end although it may take years, turning him resistant in his last times. Those men who are strong in terms of Renunciation quickly pass through intermediate states that are filled with sadness, bad memories and passions that shall not come back, and they go on ahead toward new worlds.

Dear reader: whatever your age and health condition may be, death is always near not only because of the insecurity of modern life, infections, accidents or unexpected events, but because death is a partner of life, its analogical contradiction and its unexpected resolution. In other times, in China, usually children played with boy dolls pretending ceremonial burials at the family house, and from their early days they learned not to fear death. Cistercian monks dig day by day their graves with their spades, recalling the sentence of De Rancé, the Founder: “Memory of death is my life, my salvation”. A reincarnation accepted helps souls being prepared for new existence forms of the American Race.

José González Muñoz
February 2011


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