From Greek: Eu = good; thanatos = death. Death without suffering and, strictly speaking, death caused voluntarily.

I am a fervent defender of euthanasia and, since in our days it is a controversial matter, I shall speak in first person, declaring to be responsible for my ideas. Euthanasia has nothing to do with deaths created by painful or without suffering diseases taking place in case of mechanical and natural accidents, battle casualties, bombing and tortures, or those coming from hunger and suicide, old age, and newborns. Euthanasia is a deed of highest spiritual achievement practiced in other times, in special necessary cases of voluntary, with-no-pain death. There is a bad political literature about euthanasia, whether against undesirable minorities in totalitarian governments, or in terminally-ill patients, who abound in societies under medical protection. But, particularly, there is a complete ignorance in religions, sanitary institutions, universities and general population about life after death.

To consider euthanasia in its true meaning, one needs complete understanding about reincarnation and philosophy of plural worlds, both absent in modern civilization, even in most advanced scientific and religious institutes. The extended Western Christian civilization occupies all spaces in the planet, silencing traditions that think differently. Buddhists are reincarnation believers in China, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other Eastern nations. Do they have any voice, regardless of  Dalai Lama’s political declarations? Does anyone defend the right of every man on his life and death? Nobody knows. Even in science-fiction novels does not appear the theme on euthanasia as image and as idea.

But death is the main matter in our days in every aspect. Euthanasia is not holocaust. During Second World War huge massacres against Gypsies, mentally ill persons, Jews and refugees in Hamburg and Dresden and elsewhere took place; these horrible holocausts should not be judged euthanasia but crimes against Humanity. This phenomenon, repeated in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and a lethal tendency of powers involved have not been corrected.

Humanity has six billions unsolved problems, and cannot solve only one. We all are trapped in an inviolable jungle of life and death. Many persons are fuses in a quite tense society and commit suicide increasing their troubles in the hereafter. Euthanasia is not individual or collective suicide, but achievement of spiritual progress on the Renunciation Way when it reaches a spiritual level and realizes mystical death without karma. I knew only one person, Master Santiago –on occasion of the Cuban rockets, which by 1961was pushing Humankind to a  nuclear holocaust– that leaving his earthly work unfinished, worked along with other Masters, on higher planes, to solve the  big problem. There are examples in Teachings and Traditions that I will mention.

In Teaching 12, “Aryan Celtic Sub-Race”, Course “History of Man”, one reads: “Aryan-Celtic people achieved an extraordinary civilization, beyond any description. In case of overpopulation, old people would offer themselves voluntarily to the fire, so that young people could enjoy the benefits of a more reduced community; and they did like that as a sacred deed, after drinking certain anesthetic liquor”.

In Teaching 4, “Temple of Initiation”, Course  XXVI, “History of Esoteric Orders”, one reads: “One of the powers of Amon’s priests was to die of ecstasy. They did not fear anything because of their exceptional knowledge about the Hereafter; but there were misuses, and a severe regulation became necessary. So, seven priests have to swear a self-inflicted death at certain moment; and the decision of one priest in this sense, meant also the death of the other six. This pact could be made for life or for certain period of time”. Master Santiago states in other Teachings: such death shall be the way of dying for the most advanced ones in the American Race of the future.

Also, Fine’s death is cited; she was the beauty of Athens and preferred death to a deformed old age. In texts of anthropologists of nineteenth century, certain peoples in the South of Egypt are described practicing habits of this kind among Celtics. Also we should recall the death of Buddhist priests –bonzes– during the Vietnam War, in front of all, without suffering, surrendered to fire, protesting against North-Americans invading their fatherland. This sacrifice was one of those factors that fostered the heroic resistance from Vietnam people. About three millions civilians died by bombing.

It is Borges who described properly the existential situation of man on his poem “The Golem”, calling it ergastulum of the time, prison for slaves in the Roman Empire. Even getting out of prison, a man would go on being a slave, without personal chances. Shall he be redeemed by death? Who knows? Since the time we have historic information registered, a human being is under the State Laws, Religions, habits and instincts.

Even living on a little African village of few inhabitants, he is regulated by family habits and witchcraft prohibitions. Even lonely travelers, traders in Sahara desert, have rules that they have learned in their childhood. He must go on living despite difficulties. To live is a law that no person can break, except ascending to certain plane of achievement where life and death are equivalent, as Amon’s priests had learned since they knew the way.

Euthanasia is an ethical momentum forcing a being to his own sacrifice for a higher cause, without any harm to others, when he feels his life is personally unimportant and other values are higher. As examples, Celtic old men, Vietnam bonzes and even Frine.

In no way, euthanasia is practiced in modern society that is for life in individuals of extreme conditions, like mentally and organically ill persons, incurable paraplegic people and obsessive criminals. Rightly, the Church does not tolerate abortion, although it is tolerates abusive priests. At other times, those who disagreed with the hierarchy were burnt alive, like Joan of Arc and Giordano Bruno. The Founder of Christianity died on the Cross at the age of 33. It is several years since Israelis keep Ariel Sharon in a clinic coma and do not let him die naturally. Today’s society feels terror to death, and is far behind in terms of human evolution, perhaps in the low point in its History.

This issue is complex and unprecedented. As economy is planned through intelligent programs without personal covetousness, so we can rationally plane to a necessary extent our population for the evolution of the human conditions in proposals of the new Race, in the number of inhabitants in perfect condition of physical, mental and spiritual health, with necessary educational, cultural, social and individual elements so as to manage the wellbeing on Earth. Among Celtics, marriage as the institution known to us today, along with family and parents, was nonexistent.

These proposals may be feasible on a planetary scale and not for a part of Humankind, like Egyptians priests and Celtics on the basin of the Mediterranean, or in certain special cases like Master Santiago’s; after  the extinction of the Christian civilization and its relics, the American Race must make a two-way relation, so to speak, with the Astral Masters, expanding human control plans toward plural worlds, particularly the fifth, fourth and third dimensions where souls are preparing themselves for a new incarnation. One cannot lead souls to perfection only through material resources, however quite high they may be, like the Temple of Amon’s Initiation. In the New Race led by Maitreya for the achievement of the Mother Idea of the Aryan Race, every one shall be saved through his own efforts, and he must unite his own conquests with the Astral Humankind. The material world and the spiritual world must become only one coordinated, scientific and unselfish task so as to come near a Humanity of the New Race. We all live on the Solar system under Micäel’s blessing, but since the beginning, men have lived apart from each other on diverse dimensions, occasionally re-united on dreams, ecstasy, imagination and death. The historic moment for unity has arrived, not now because this world cannot descend further, but after thousands years of healing and forgetting.

The Renunciation Doctrine is timely prepared in its roots to develop in predestined souls the evolutionary program written since the beginning of the Aryan Root Race 118,000 years ago.

José González Muñoz
February 2011



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