Nº 147.– Circular Ruins

To Héctor V. Morel

The World revolves along with its own content: Paris, oceans, Afghanistan war, forests, snowfalls in Boston, men and animals, the Children’s Village, splendors in China, et cetera, from right to left or from left to right, I do not know well, perhaps in both directions at the same time, on different fields.

As the canoe touched the bank at the unanimous night, gradually unknown figures came near, in silence, as in Jorge Luis Borges’ tale “Circular Ruins”. The earthly dream is coming to an end, and I am on the thin plate that separates this dream from other dreams that start now. Behind there are ruins of a life burnt by the Renunciation holocaust, covered by ashes of fires.

On the previous Reflection I said Renunciation is a way of living, and in this Reflection I say it is also a way of dying, although it has no style. It is a pure phenomenon without further explanations, which occurs in a good or bad way, beyond our proposals, because those years that we have lived, with thousands actions, are summarized by a punctual deed, a spark. The Great Renunciation, death. And we forsake all. Ahead it is the mystery, the unknown, what still is not.

A birth is pure innocence, ignorance and great joie du vivre. You see it on the face of a baby looking and laughing without teeth. A wonderful world expects him, and in some way he knows. He feels like living, and counts the years with the fingers of his hands, two, three, and four. Later, he shall tell it with anxious words. Death of an old person is ever wise and sad, whatever may be his experience –countryside, prison, University or drugs–because that wisdom belonging to him comes to be true in an instant, wisdom without words or explanations, an irreversible fact that shall imply darkness in order to learn how to pay, fulfilling the law of Divine Justice. After some few centuries, that man shall come back like an ignorant child that is eager to live, and smiles. Such circular ruins repeat in us and in Humankind dreaming while the Earth is still constantly revolving. It is ethics of equivalent right and wrong, a door closing a world that has been and opens another world that shall be. Deeds of an integral life, however little may be, open and close things.

That thing that now closes is José with intimate and little circles of Reflections after many years travelling through Master Santiago Teachings since their publication by Internet for all. They are magical because never are depleted or reach deadlock. Once a particular vision ends –of a lot that they contain– other perspectives, other moments of apprenticeship, other unexpected landscapes open to the investigator willing to discover the reality. Like Poincaré’s conjecture, it is a loop deformed but not broken linking all dimensions of the earthly globe until uncountable spaces in the universal spiritual space.

In Borges’ “Circular Ruins”, when and if the reader remembers it, the traveler goes through the great current and eventually reaches the chosen site. He stops, sets foot on land and starts sleeping and dreaming of another man so intensively that gradually the figure he dreamed becomes a real different man of flesh and bone who is eager to live and experience. As the new man grows up, he makes a canoe and moves away upstream. His antecessor remains on the site surrounded by huts, statues and fetishes erected by natives around. One day those constructions catch fire, the dreamer passes away and there are only burnt ruins.

This tale is an allegory of the cyclic concept of History. Oswald Spengler has developed this conception in “Decline of the West”. Also it is the decline of the human evolution through races and civilizations, and of course, of the endless reincarnation of men, birth, achievements, and death: the dreamed man goes on ahead in search of a better site and repeats the experience in another way, a littler nearer to the  goal he dreamed

Humankind witnesses the triumphant growth of the Christian civilization that occupies every geographic space of the Planet and psychological spaces of the soul. There no unproductive void. The stratosphere is lined with thousands of satellites communicating and unifying several peoples however remote they may be. A man meets another that is on the other side of the world by means of a cell phone that fits in a pocket. The bottom of the oceans is exploited to get gas, oil and minerals. Deserts and jungles that have been cut down are covered by valuable products. The soul is fed day by day by television, electronic games, virtuality and tempting offers of all type. Religions are Circular Ruins. Until the remotest corner, Humankind is a universal spectacle. The fire has started and shall cover with ashes the ruins of the world.

The canoe continues on the stream of the time with the new man that is rowing. Behind, on the horizon, the first fire of the sanctuary burst illuminating the night. Wall Street, universities, social collectivities, family, commerce, finances, Paradise and Hell, the whole Planet convulsed by storms, earthquakes and tsunamis revolves and revolves and none understands it. Eventually it shall become a different geography, another vegetal and animal species, and some few eager men to live shall start walking through it. The smoke of fires is vanished and the ashes have been dispersed by the wind. There are impressive inert ruins avoided by men. They are seeking something so far unknown to them. Intimately they take a legacy, the Renunciation Message received long time ago on other dimensions –it is the flame of the holy fire of the pioneers.

When the young and lonely Master Santiago landed on American soil, he was the dream of the Masters that were sending their messengers to protect the millenary Renunciation legacy zealously preserved in their Communities and that was threatened by a Fascist tide that flooded Europe. The Esoteric Orders were pursued, disappeared and their members died in prison. Many Orders, as the German Thule, did not leave traces behind. Likewise the Wisdom School of Keysserling. Masonry kept out of sight or became another thing. In Argentina, Master Santiago started the Savonarola's Order that soon was extinct. Later he continued in Rosario, Santa Fe, with the American Spiritualistic University that lasted a few years and left no records. By 1937, he founded Cafh with a ten-year Regulation that, in 1947, became the Perpetual Regulation known to us. Meanwhile he gathered disciples in several cities of the country and later in Brazil, Chile and other nations. He died of causes previously explained, leaving an unconcluded Work. But Santiago Bovisio dreamt of other men to continue his work; these men had the Regulation and the doctrinal Renunciation volume of 47 well-guarded Courses.

As a matter of fact, the Work, that is transformation of souls, the integral man that is capable of developing by himself, was in the middle, and the leadership of the Order was substantially altered by these succeeding half- disciples; they mixed those ideas on Renunciation, which have been clearly expressed by the Teachings, with their personal passions of all kind. Twenty years after Santiago Bovisio’s death, the Order Cafh ended up and its Sons are dispersed.

As usual with ships that sink, some castaways found in several places a propitious island; in Brazil, Via Lucis with Ordained women that left on time and are led by Julio and Enrique, an old pupil of Leo Bovisio College; in Mendoza, Editorial Inca with Mr. and Mrs. Vittori and a team of young collaborators; Salta and Jujuy, with Agustín and a very active group; in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Ecuador there are persevering souls who, in a group, continued the study of the teachings; in Capital Federal, faithful lonely Sons convey each other their mystical experiences; in Internet, Nestor, José, Enrique and Leandro are spreading the Renunciation message and the Perpetual Regulation; in Children’s Village, Potrerillos Valley of Cordón de Plata, Luisa, Roberto, Luz and Diana are working. Moreover, José’s Reflections by Internet deal with ideas of the New Era, which are offered by the Teachings and supported by events that affect the present world and try to find in the darkness of these times men chosen by the Masters so that they may join the American Race. These souls already mentioned and other close souls that are joining this work are spiritual heirs of Master Santiago and fulfill the mission. There are other unknown persons in America: they have received the legacy and are making as much as possible to spread the Message. Occasionally, their mails come to us and we ever recommend continuing the study and practice of the Teachings.

The style of these souls is different from the previous epoch because all means are different and now the mission has his own feature. All the Teachings, the full Message of Renunciation is in the hands of men. It is not disseminated geographically but spiritually from the printed page before the student’s sight to the inside of him with all possible combinations of ideas among themselves and individual experiences of each, –those that they remember and those that the subconscious suddenly sends.

Over circular ruins of the Christian civilization that now starts collapsing, chosen souls and those souls that shall come, united in mystical body by the Ired Blessing, are keeping faithfully the Renunciation Message that they have received and are spreading to all and sundry –many times around nations of the Planet or in the well-prepared family circle. Renunciation is the law of the future world and Master Santiago’s heirs are guardians of a grand mission.

José González Muñoz
March 2011




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