Number 14.- Globalization and Renunciation

Globalization was born when the wireless communications began to use satellites like axes to information turn around. When the enormous financial power of the system was obvious, and companies converted their administrative structures into mechanisms of the cybernetic world-range space, the establishment became a more and more totalitarian and excluding reality. An important Chief of State can control all details of a nation from his desk, and even beyond, according to his military capacity. Israel has just placed a spy satellite with high recording capacity to look continuously at what is happening in Palestinian streets, even to follow persons individually. Likewise, in big companies, an auditor can make touch at once with every one of thousands of PCs of his business web, and even can interfere, give orders and receive answers. Moreover, it is under consideration in the United States to implant a subcutaneous microchip in every citizen (particularly, black men, immigrants and suspects); a simple control is sufficient to know what this citizen is doing. Globalization lays nothing aside; they use vehicles, financial movements, whales, migratory birds, excursionists, soldiers and potentially any moving thing and being.

Globalization is a political-financial weft, its factors in world economy are interconnected and compromised one another, from drug traffic to art work auction at colossal prices. They support and relate one another by means of a single and efficient international instrument, without face, moral and scruples; an intangible instrument: money. Every one of those parts of the globe fight and compete with one another, by absorbing and destroying them, and forming societies; but they do not affect the general structure; on the contrary, they strengthen it. In fact, globalization is perverse by itself and grows on evil: it impedes freedom, annihilates individualities, obstructs creativeness, and creates mass mind and mass feelings; it is a perfect Communism in a capitalist society.

Diverse groups that defended the environment, protected an undernourished childhood, protested against ethnic discrimination and fought economic injustice, now are united against globalization. They are particularly combatant and prove it frontally every time the powerful reunite to strengthen their power (Seattle, Genoa, Manhattan), but cannot do anything before the power emerged from the global Empire.

a. The Teachings in the Global Village

Some persons, formerly in touch with the Order founded by Master Santiago (Cafh), are openly against divulging the Teachings by means of Internet, according to what Jesus recommended to his Apostles, “Not to cast pearls before swine”; in their view, people was not prepared to receive them. These persons are mistaken since the Master insisted on expanding the idea of Cafh all over the world, because many souls expect anxiously the Message of Renunciation, and it was an urgent necessity.
These Teachings have entered the globe by means of the most powerful vehicle in the world, Internet, without fears or warnings, in search of predestined beings of the New Age who are in the dark. These Teachings have their own intrinsic and untouchable power, which enables them to wander without danger from outskirts of Singapore to slums of Rio de Janeiro. These Teachings come from the bottom of the times, projected toward the future of Aquarius by the hand of a Master of Wisdom who, because he loves Humanity, has incarnated only for this. These Teachings do not aspire to remain untouched in an ivory tower like shining jewels of spiritual life. They are liberating messages wherever man is, physically, socially and spiritually. Their worst destiny is to remain unmovable, and it is this what happened for forty years, locked in secret chambers of mistaken minds. Now these messages are finally free, and teach how Renunciation will save men, talk nonchalantly with people, and walk everywhere.
In 1957 Full Moon Message, Master Santiago says, “Sons of Cafh, look at the valley of the world, whose souls claims for their salvation and as an answer they receive darkened light beams, roars from profaned abysses, prophetic destruction voices and hope voices uttered by intermediaries! Sons of the Mother!, why don’t you descend and stay among men to teach your experience of Renunciation? Sons of the Mother, Sons of Cafh: bring your Message of Renunciation to this anguished and expectant world!”. No answer to this exciting request; every one kept what he has learnt by treasuring greedily his spiritual possessions. So the Master himself walked by the street mixed with persons of any condition, and by means of his ineffable ministry, he is teaching the world the doctrine of Renunciation and the way to practice it. It was true, necessity was tremendous and, at these moments, about the middle of 2002, more than a million of Teachings downloaded from Internet in forty nations of the globalized planet are guiding men to freedom.

b. Immunity

These Teachings are immune to outer aggressions; they are such as they are, invariable, mature and perfect. Their author died many years ago, and nobody can touch them any more. Here the popular motto is relevant, “Take them, or leave them!”. Their gestation is different for familiar terrestrial works; their source is foreign, as Master Bovisio explained in Book XVIII, “The Divine Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 11. A paragraph reads: “A Divine Master dealt with imparting these teachings so that they may be engraved on minds and hearts of those who have to give them: this Divine Master is the Monitor. The Monitor has given the Teachings of Cafh through the Founder of Cafh. This Founder has given them to a group of souls; later if these souls did not understand these Teachings, never mind; He has given these Teachings”.
As you can see, these Teachings are inalterable. One can set printed pages on fire, delete hard disks and cancel informatics servers, but we cannot adulterate them. They are foreigners, not from another planet, but from other time and from other dimensions, in which Great Initiates live and guide Humanity. This is why they go wherever at will, –light, aerial, ever equal to themselves; they remain where are received; and they move away where are rejected.
In the Global Village, these Teachings approach men and women of any condition: workers, entrepreneurs, military men, students, thieves, dying persons and drug-addicts, for all need this Message of Renunciation, suffer a big deal, are slaves of the Empire, and need redemption. These Teachings anticipate and announce the Great Solar Initiate’s work; they cannot be stained. In this living hell, as the Master usually would say, these Teachings seek predestined beings to accompany the Redeemer. A Great Being never comes alone; hundred of Faithful Disciples are around him and develop, complete, disseminate and widen the Great Work. Let’s not forget this: we are on the threshold of an era that will last 24,000 years, whose task is to harmonize pairs of opposites, spirit and matter. This work, which now is a seed in Maitreya’s bosom, has to germinate and extend through all areas of life –inner, outer and even planetary areas. Master Santiago walks through Earth with a flame on his forehead illuminating all corners, looking at all faces, searching for predestined beings, –magnanimous souls willing to take part in building a new world and following the Great Initiate Redeemer.

c. Seeking Faithful Disciples

Where are they? Who are they? In retires, lectures and courses, the Master addressed to his Sons, –souls united with Him by Vows. The Sons ever were his interlocutors; the work founded by him, that is, Cafh, has ended many years ago. But the central mission of taking the Message of Renunciation to the world and helping Maitreya, still remains unfulfilled. This mission was in charge of the Sons; so he educated them with rigor (the majority of those spiritual heritors are dead or very old, or moved far away). After forty years of inactivities, this mission necessarily passed to other souls, –Maitreya’s Faithful Disciples.
These disciples are not identified, nobody knows where they are; they don’t know either. Master Santiago says many Beings, Lunar Initiates, of Fire, and Higher Disciples are in unknown and scattered places, but when Maitreya reveals his divine identity, those Faithful Disciples will recognize him. In Book V, Chapter 6, 7, he says, “The Solar Initiate of Fourth Category affirms his divine incarnation during his lifetime with unequivocal words, with particular works, with miraculous facts, and prophecies fulfilled, before witnesses and openly, in such a way that his memory among men is imperishable”. In Chapter 12, he states, “Buddha is surrounded by thirty-two Lunar Initiates, and has Initiates of Fire as propagators to preach and disseminate all this through the world. Christ has twelve Lunar Initiates, who are Twelve Disciples, and seventy Initiates of Fire, who are his disciples”.
Master Santiago is everywhere in the world by means of his Teachings, in homes, because this characterizes the instrument he uses, by seeking Faithful Disciples and exhorting them to join the redeeming work of Humanity. We hope the dissemination of these Teachings may increase more and more, like at present, so that nobody is unaware of the good news. These Teachings will never become over-extended; it is impossible because they are the Renunciation itself. Their destination is every individual so that, in solitude, he may now the message and look at his heart. The Redeemer is already on Earth. Enemies of Humanity are preparing the final horror, new weapons, new wars and terminal holocaust to perpetrate the Apocalypses announced by the Evangelist. The waiting time is so short. Those men who accede the Message of Renunciation should know how to open their souls at this crucial moment, and serve the Great Initiate from their hearts, becoming Faithful Disciples.