1900: Discovery of the radioactivity by Becquerel, Pierre and Marie Curie.

First years: Max Plank, discovery of quantum mechanics. Development of explosion motor, diesel, motor racing, cinematography, wireless telegraph, electric railways, intra oceanic telephones, aviation, conquest of the Poles, Great Britain, the first power of an immense sea empire, “The Young Ladies of Avignon”, by Picasso, and “The Rite of Spring,” by Igor Stravinsky.

First World War: 20 million victims. Mechanization of war instruments, aviation, tanks, asphyxiating gases, wireless communications, submarines, decline of colonialism, end of European empires, Marxist revolution of Lenin.

Between Wars 1918-1939: Change in fashions, “Ulyses” by James Joyce, modern (sound-and-color) cinematography, expansion of motor racing and journeys, beginning of television, distribution of the world power: Germany, Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, United States and Japan. Hitler, appointed Chancellor of Germany, Roosevelt, chosen President of the United States, Stalin assumes the entire power in the Soviet Union and quinquennial plans start, Japan, great sea power, starts conquest of Chiba, Mao leads the Communist Party and resists the Japanese with guerrilla war, world arms-race, Germany produces the first uranium fission, basis of the atomic bomb.

Second World War 1939-1945: 60 million victims. Hitler conquests Europe from Arctic to Mediterranean. Hitler starts invasion of the Soviet Union but is defeated by Stalin in 1945 with the conquest of Berlin. Entire destruction of cities, factories and railways. Japan attacks the United States in Hawaii, but is destroyed in 1945 by atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Combat systems change: blitzkrieg with tanks, aviation, mechanized troops, powerful cannons, armored rockets, massive bombings and, finally, atomic war. The map of the world is entirely changed, the end of colonialism starts and two superpowers emerge to control Mankind: the United States and Soviet Union.

Cold War 1945-2011: The so-called confrontation between Capitalism and Communism, led by the United States and Soviet Union, both possessing a terrible atomic arsenal for mutual destruction and even destruction of the entire world. Arms have reached terrifying dimensions and alliances and new political forms are created: United Nations with all countries, NATO led by the United States to confront Russia, and Warsaw Pact in opposition to NATO. Mao defeats armies of Chian Kai Shiek and declares the creation of People’s Republic, which after years became the wealthiest nation of the world. Nuclear proliferation extended: United States, Russian Federation, Great Britain, France, China, Israel, Pakistan, and North Korea. Russians won the space race with the first satellite, first astronaut Gagarin, first space station MIR and other breakthroughs. The world is globalized with satellite communications and the same culture for all. Finances became abstract and you can negotiate from any place in case of possessing secret communication keys. None knows where the wealth is: perhaps on the electronic space.  The reality is virtual like those 3D films perfectly imitating things and fictions in which the user is not properly aware of where he is or who is. But the reality is terribly real, material and spiritual, as one experiences it in life, not on a movie or TV screen. Flood in New Orleans with so many deaths by Katrina hurricane proved for many persons that the fiction of a romantic city was a dream. And now, the disaster in atomic Japan plants is teaching many Japanese, maters in virtualism, that life inn the new times announced is based upon renunciation. Did not they learn anything in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Why did not they live with simplicity, like in old days, as books and paintings teach it?

2011 from now on: What can we say? Everybody can see it, on newspapers, TV, street, primary and secondary school, university, family (if and when family exists), degraded habits and relations between men and women, in slums and favelas, in dirty trade, general corruption, and politics. Master Santiago’s Teachings have offered instruments of the spirit for a soul to develop these days: ideas, meditation exercises, retrospective examination, history of ancient and modern times, method of life, providential economy, experiences of living in Community, Astral Protectors, detachment and so many other guides helping live. Did we learn? Are we learning?...

In previous millennia, with registered references, men have changed a little and variations were cultural, in art, religions, and political systems. There are not many differences between Persians of Dario and Greeks of Alexander, Arabians of Saladin and Crusades of Richard the Lion-Hearted, Navy Lepanto battle and Trafalgar battle, fashion of Louis XIV and Napoleon III.

The change starts with technology in nineteenth century and breaks out since 1900 with the discovery of energy laws. Man and civilization separated in opposite directions: the human being goes back year by year to primitive existence states, in big massive concentrated millions of persons, the art decays, drug addiction, sex deviations, insecurity in cities and countryside and mafia wars are more and more, persons live in moral and social destitution, education does not help and many times is replaced by alienating programs, and Humanity is now of six billion inhabitants manly with no destination. On the other side of the spectrum, physical and biological sciences, and derived technology are producing wonderful discoveries in matter, outer space, living organisms, communications, and energy transmutations until astounding limits. Science breakthroughs are created by Great Initiates prepared from the Hereafter for the evolution of the Race. Abyssal psychical and social regressions in masses are created by androids, that is to say those who are losing their human condition, coming back to the Stone Age even when they are in front of a TV set and journeying through the world...

No change of Races can take place until the current Race performs its missions as much as possible, and this is occurring with the Christian civilization. Many centuries have passed preparing mental instruments       – Descartes, Newton, Pasteur– until the moment of achieving the mission: conquest of the matter. A similar process has occurred at the end of the Atlantean Race, which possessed extraordinary psychical conditions but must take them to the limit. Such thing occurred with the group of Black Magi and the 1,500 years war: control of elementals, death ray, steel monsters, and flying machines. But they fell; those conquests of the psyche led them to their self-destruction. Likewise it is occurring now. Huge breakthroughs in informatics and engineering are pushing the Mankind to physical and mental chaos. The current civilization will be slowly disappearing so as to the American Race may emerge.

The work of the new Aquarian age will be harmony of material and spiritual values according to Teachings of the Order of Fire and of Masters that have divulged the divine plan. In the present situation this is not possible because matter never has been so far from spirit. Men are falling into personal and global abysses and the vocational disorientation is general. Matter is in the service of power and just in time to break out not only in industries, finances and earthly catastrophes but in the very Mankind. Instruments of total change are ready to perform their task.

The spirit resides on men of different planes of reality and on certain earthly chosen beings that refuse to fall and are rebelling in silence. Mot all spirits respond to the call of higher values and in the last times we have seen the fall of priests, pastors, members of Spiritual Orders, hermits of all schools, wise men and professors. The material instincts are strongly pushed and dragged by the energy of money and communications. Men and spiritual paths will fall, and Earth will perhaps become a desert with some few oasis of palms and springs of clear water from the depth. Predestined beings will find there a meeting place like in remote ages to speak the common language of fraternal lover and live with solidarity. It will be a very long time not for these incarnations but henceforward when the Planet has found harmony again. In our “Aquarian Stories”, published on the same site of the Canon, we give a period of time of ten thousand years, half of the Race, to reach that just equipoise among diverse qualities promised to men.

How can we start the change? Through the individual, through ourselves, Expecting for others to work, organizations to organize, and Masters to lead transformations is a wrong attitude. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and divine leadership have disappeared. There are no Masters to tell us what to do following them like herds. Every one will find his way to achievement to follow it with efforts and sacrifice. Here is the mystique of Renunciation, the Law of the future world, which we have to adopt. On Master Bovisio’s Teachings, there are guides and instruments of the spirit to develop and conquer.

José González Muñoz
April 2011


E-mail: info@santiagobovisio.com