We have a Mankind oversized, an anthill of more than six billion persons disintegrated at any moment and disappearing on low dimensions of the astral world with no names or differentiations, so as it has been offered by premonitory videos and films of the last times with expectation from old users, grown-ups and children, rich and poor persons, politicians and contributors, and crazy and normal people. It is our Mankind in its last stage, like a sick person in agony.

How long will last this way of living? Nobody knows; you just can speculate about it. Races do not end of a sudden but are intermixed with emerging Races for long periods of time and eventually the legacy of a Race is received by the new one according to the plan of the Holy Masters. The Teachings say that every Sub-Race lasts about twenty thousand years. Notwithstanding, the new Aquarian Race has started with men practicing Renunciation. The Leader Maitreya is travelling through the world and raising souls and places.

A third of Mankind are  the elderly of 60 years, who are retired and belong to different systems set up by nations, or they have no pension in case of not contributing with their savings to a common fund, in certain cases depending on public assistance, family charity in other cases, or finally on the uncertainty of the modern society. Nobody has explained the existential meaning of old age in materialistic societies. Life is of more of eighty years in advanced countries with social security, but there are no acceptable explanations in regard to the meaning and usefulness of that class that, with its passivity, deprives young persons of possibilities of life. Old persons do not give or yield their places acquired after many years of work, experience and savings to the following class. There is a generational gap that has not been resolved by the laws, institutions and personal will. We have already cited a Teaching about Celtics that they had achieved the most advanced civilization pointing out that, at certain age of maturity, voluntarily they would die giving chances and spaces to minor generations. Until recently, in some of the African tribes, the same renunciation was practiced.

Do the elderly understand for what they are living? Not at all. It is a way to survive and keep breathing until the unwanted moment: enough, you’ve got here! And they pass to the other side where they do not know who are or what can do. There is no literature of the hereafter, except certain medieval books that remain hidden in libraries, and priests, who even do not know, explain nothing and do not teach how to die. The Christian Church, which is based upon the Passion and Death of Jesus, its Founder, deviated to other ramifications, charity, poverty, private property and political power, and refuses to regard dearth  because rejects reincarnation, justice, plural worlds and polytheism. The Church has many qualified clairvoyants, even in the Vatican, who there in are continuously consulted, but are subject to silence like a secret of State. John Paul II was well informed and sometimes would imply certain things. The power to absolve and punish –and also its financial wealth–will definitively collapse the day when the Church admits publicly the incarnation of souls.

The elderly should socialize with other more experienced elders, with organizations practicing relations among diverse dimensions (like Spiritualists do), coming near to Buddhist literature, which is a model of charity and goodwill, and sects and groups of meditation, which teach not to fear death, and holy books that speak of the hereafter, like the Bible, Koran, Confucius and certain modern ones like the Canon of Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings.

It is sad the life of the elderly because their expectations are few and they do not know how to live with no outer activities. This is why many of then usually attend to spectacles, join to social groups to gamble or for other social activities, tourism as much as they can, evening bar meetings at the pedestrian Sarmiento Street in Mendoza, family visits, and much television. As they never have cultivated interior life, are unaware of themselves and as they try it find a barren, solitary and lifeless barren desert, which is boring, and after leaving it behind, they come back to the noise of the world. They regard themselves failures and faithless and live day by day with no hope and future. Poor people! But something remains: such ignorance that is painful, with goodwill and love may convey to others, especially to young persons, a teaching. To learn how to live, one is to begin soon, if possible, when we are little children. During the first years, the souls are mere reception and, if they receive an idea or a good word from a person that is feeling his/her sayings, such will ever remain and guide on difficult moments the young person, even when the latter does not realize it.
But life is wise in all is cohesive or contradictory parts, in a man and the evolution of the Races, Sometimes we do not understand certain existence states, which in our opinion are seemingly useless, but such uselessness becomes it essential function in regard to the elderly. We do not understand because we are submerged in the last moments of a vertiginous, materialistic and unbalanced civilization. The mission of those who do not produce but think and recall, is precisely that of moderating excesses on all social strata, from the colossal production of goods in Chiba to unjustified wars started by Western nations, pornography covering every cultural expression, or that painful reality of the sick and destitute of the world.
Individually, the elderly, I myself with Reflections on the mountain, Nestor as a grandfather with the Message by Internet, and his family in Buenos Aires, Julio and the Community of Ordained Sons in Brazil, Via Lucis, and many friends who are over 65 years, retired persons who do not depend on any company, we all are living in a different way from ordinary people, who are young and mature men and women under schedules, working discipline, little or no free time to their personal matters, how many opportunities we have to start  helpful actions for society and gratifying for us! To discover the secrets of the old age, secrets of the inner life that are kept waiting the propitious time of their manifestation, it is the great chance for intelligent men who refuse to surrender to the passion of masses and want to be they themselves and by practicing renunciation, learning how live and die when these contradictions have no meaning any more.

How many chances if the elderly in the Argentine Republic to find and develop a successful destiny! There we see Menem. a President for 10 years, in view of social and economic needs, with frivolities at football stadium, stealing millions pesos from the poor, worried for an aesthetic surgery every year, saying stupidities, and taking care of his own impunity. The same occurs with elderly TV ladies who are quite popular and would be to convey their good words or from a guest, for those who are inconsolably suffering, but all remain busy keeping an image of youth vanished long ago. Is not beautiful the old age of Mother Therese with her wrinkles and ailments heading her congregation and doing well even in Argentine Carbonilla?

Men do not let the time pass uselessly. As they get the first installment of their pension, there is the propitious moment to change the style of living for another better one, of higher quality. Read the Teaching “The Twelve Rays of Love” to understand that if a person has honestly performed his/her duties, now can live them on a higher level.

Life is made of three stages: 1) Youth, from birth to 30 years; 2) Maturity, from 30 to 60 years; 3) Old age, from 60 to 90 years. Spring, summer and autumn. Winter is glitter of cold, silence, white snow, rest, and recession to come back again for a long undetermined time and after entirely paying karmic debts and silence of experiences that were lived, a new life dawns.

In youth, a boy learns to earn his living, grows, gets into puberty and learns métiers and careers, forms his family and constructs a way of living developing his personality. In maturity, a man brings out children, material good, much or little richness, socializes with everybody, and fully exerts his rights. In old age he gives himself, harvests those fruits that he got from life and, in his own way, is a wise elder recognized by young persons. Few live the Renunciation, keeping nothing for them: they give all, especially the Teachings that he takes in his own soul and eventually is void of them. He is prepared to receive the first winter snows, and his rest.

I will start soon my return journey. I have passed many years far from the fatherland and the incarnation term is finishing. I do not wish to return, even when it will be decided by the Holy Masters. The Humankind is very sad and has entered a cone of shadows which is darker and darker day by day despite lights in the cities, continuous growth of greed and its industrial products, globalized instant communications and existential void invading all. I do not want to come back to Earth. Plural Worlds are waiting for me so that I make a journey from a wonder to another, with sublime music and splendorous landscapes, meeting again old friends who love me, with no possessions or family because all are my friends and I am like them, with no old age or years accumulated in the soul, because Renunciation is the daily way of living and dreaming.

José González Muñoz
May 2011


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