Nº 157.- Bin Laden

North-Americans have made a serious political mistake in the matter of bin Laden’s death, when and if things occurred as the government authorities said from the highest level, which create doubts about their sincerity on their own people and international analysts as in other occasions: sinking of the USS Maine on the war against Spain, attack of torpedo boats in the beginning of Vietnam war, Iraq engaged in terrorism, Afghanistan as a refuge of terrorists, et cetera. From ten years ago, the Middle East is experiencing horrible bombings against innocent civilians, a couple of nations have been destroyed and, like a disease, such scourge spreads to other defenseless nations: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria, and none could successfully explain such international phenomenon. It already occurred, but now there are no sixty nuke rockets to deter the enemy.

Whether alive or dead, bin Laden would belong to the North-American people –the New York people– and nobody, even the President had the right to snatch victory and personal conviction that there was justice. Such matter, from the collapse of the Twin Towers, went beyond State powers, because henceforward from all North-Americans are suffering every time they take an aircraft, or travel by the underground, and have lost many civil rights that are born with the Constitution of the United States. To make disappear the corpse at sea for no more evidence than Obama’s word is to question facts and credibility of the Executive Power. There is no correction but fait accompli.

Here is my suggestion: a right procedure had to be adopted and was in hands of the authorities, –something like the Nuremberg trials. Once the corpse had been identified and properly located by intervening doctors on a glass casket with formalin, it had to be moved to New York, exact site of the North-American tragedy, with the DNA testing, countersigned by international academicians and Nobel Prize winners, and on a suitable place, under custody of the commando that captured him, exposed to the judgment of relatives of victims, the New York people until next September 11, when it would be delivered to bin Laden's relatives to be taken outside of the United States, wherever they wish. So the North-American citizen would have found “justice was done" and would come back home comforted by the laws and government behavior.

But there is an ancient phenomenon of masses that is more serious and dangerous than the mistake made by the USS government, which has made of bin Laden a liberation myth for Muslims, and I would like to give more historical explanations for global consequences threatening nations involved. A myth is more powerful than a historical personality recognized and studied like Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte, for it moves from dark subconscious areas of masses leading them to international events of unsuspected effects. There are no historical registers from the times of Jesus and some of the Christian currents admit a spiritual presence upon a man called Jesus, but not his incarnation. There is historical information about John the Evangelist but not about Jesus, neither in Flavius Josephus’ writings. Orthodox Jews believed that, after the Nazarene passed away, the problem of reformations fostered by them should come to an end and soon they made of it a myth spread through territories of the Roman Empire, not in cultivated classes but among millions of slaves: Jesus died crucified like those slaves of Spartacus’ rebellion few years earlier, and the elders recalled thousands of crosses on the Appian Way with bodies of those slaves who had fought for freedom, like Jesus did. “The Truth will set you free.” Christianity grew up from below to above and as soon it was majority, Constantine admitted it as official religion. Likewise, current masses of capitalistic imperialism, whether in Europe, America or Asia, decide and create historical changes. In the case under consideration, bin Laden’s death became a myth for Muslim oil-rich but unprotected nations as a whole, as an unpredictable ferment of the future. Nostradamus prophesied the Muslim invasion of Europe, and natural and social phenomena shaking Mankind all days, tsunami in Japan, tornadoes in the center of the United States, thaws in the Poles, overpopulation, capitalistic financial collapse, and so on, make of this Muslim matter an atomic detonator.

Is Mankind tied to the destiny or whim of only one Nation, the United States, however strong it may seem? Perhaps no other nations, like the Russian Federation and China, do have an atomic destructive or even more destructive atomic power to wipe them out in one night? The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Pentagon and White House are not aware of the capacity of the Russian Delta III and IV rockets, submarines of thousands of tones travelling quietly through oceans, with no ostentation or offensive propaganda, but ready to trigger the world death, the Overkill? The North-American Government plays with fire in the midst of its armed enemies. September 11 was not an anecdote but a warning.

In the twenty-first century, the world situation has no political solutions. After the First World War and at the beginning of the last century, which so many victims has caused, the Allied winners created  the League of Nations, a permanent assembly of governments to regard and solve dissensions among nations before any conflict. From its start, such League was unfair and in the service of the powerful. In few years, Hitler denounced the Treaty of Versailles, left the League and started the Second World War, boasting after the defeat of France: “I have the world in my pocket”. Germany was defeated by the Soviet Union in 1945, the same years of the atomic bombing on Japan which gave North-America the victory in the Pacific. The world experienced a transformation. Two superpowers owners of nuclear power were in control of Mankind expecting to defeat its opponent, and it this that happened in 1964 with the Cuban missile crisis, but thanks to the Divine Providence intervention, a catastrophe did not take place. During the cold war, armed conflicts spread through the globe: Korea, Israel, Cuba, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other nations, besides bloody dictatorships in Latin America, famine in Africa, Muslim migrations to Europe, widespread poverty, overpopulation and telluric calamities.

 There are no political solutions because collectivities end up and cannot grow any more; there are neither material resources to feed them nor civilized spaces for their development. They are more numerous but by dint of quality of life, like slums in Latin America with no services, education or work, desertification of the Sub-Sahara with scarcity of water, saltpetrous and dry basin of the Aral Sea, radioactive pollution in the area of Tokyo, and more poverty, which is slow but unstoppable on a world level. South-American pampas spread out by cutting down forests to cultivate soya that is sold as fodder for animals, leaving the soil dry. Foreigners buy old vineyards in Mendoza and farmhouses in the pampas while owners migrate to cities. It occurs everywhere, including traditional farmlands of France, Italy and Spain. Civilization is devouring beautiful farms of Europe as it occurred during the collapse of the Roman Empire.

In the Teachings of Master Santiago, which were written from 1937 to 1962 –the Canon– there is no word related to political solutions of the world situation. On the contrary, summarily he announces the end of the Christian civilization soon. Chances for men are individual and intimate, in remote places, practicing the Renunciation W ay.

Manu Vaivasvata, Great Initiate of First Category, 118,000 years ago started a migration of 1,000,000 persons from Coral Island, in the Sea of Meridian China, to Central Asia, crossing the Himalayas until the inner sea, currently the Gobi desert. They were the new Aryans prepared and arranged as ten tribes by Vaivasvata, sending them in every direction to conquer the world. They did so for millennia, and until the last unknown land, America and Atlantis were conquered and transformed. At the same time the Order of Fire is astrally founded on the volcano called Kaor, which throughout races has kept ideas of the Aryan Race on different epochs, civilizations and peoples into which the Aryans were divided. Such Race is born for war. From the most ancient written documents that are kept, about six thousand years ago, nations had permanent wars as nowadays; Akkadians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Christians. In the last two World Wars of the twentieth century there were combats everywhere, from the South Atlantic to the Arctic and all continents. Now, with permanent conflicts among large and small nations, and impressive weapons, Mankind is at the end of warmongering. Terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers carrying harmless weapons but brought about an irreversible change in international relations.

Great religions do not speak, Universities and wise men are devoted to the State budget and donations worth millions, writers and philosophers winning solid international prizes are uncritical and satisfied with the powers, rebels have disappeared and protest in low voice at bar tables, left and right political parties are confusedly united with no clear direction, collectivities have succeeded at the last stage of the Aryan Race with their brilliant conquests in the East and west, democracies, dictatorships and monarchies.

Were do those men stay, who are heirs of Vincent of Paul, Johann Sebastian Bach, Michelangelo, Victor Hugo and Maner? We stay at a desert deprived of contents, with a brilliant Alpha satellite station to maraud the space and communication tools to control human relations. The rest of men are hidden within the soul expecting the start of the American Race to set out for a new way of living together in the Planet.

José González Muñoz
May 2011



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