Nº 158.– Winter Wheat

When the autumn ends and Russian farmers still can till the soil, they plow the damp fields and sow a variety of wheat. Later, the first snow falls, the soil is frozen and all winter seed and dampness are preserved by cold. Farmers take refuge in their magnificent country houses around the chimney that keeps the house warm, making crafts, and reading and playing chess. As the springtime arrives and fields are unfrozen, wheat starts germinating and sprouting, and has dampness until its maturity. So, harvest and other works come. Russia is self-provided of wheat and they bake tasty bread. It is a symbol of the fatherland.

Here, in Mendoza, an oasis of artificial watering in the midst of the desert, there are similar cultivations of fruits and vineyards. After the vintage, at the end of autumn, the last watering is provided while leaves become red and yellow, and fall. Plants seem to be dry, expecting. As the first heavy frosts and below-zero temperatures start, vineyard workers prune plants leaving some vine shoots for growth in next season. They tie plants to wire fences and do not water any longer until springtime when green sprouts come up. So, they begin to water plants and take care of them, including mechanical umbrellas against hailstones and heaters against frosts. It happens the same way with fruits.  As the summertime arrives, they harvest, make wine, dry fruits and give work to a large food industry that supplies the domestic market and exports everywhere. In this province, wine is regional symbol.

Humanity faces the great change. Finally, this civilization is manifested by spectacular festivals in its own way, wars, tsunamis, tornadoes, destitution and splendor, which we see in information media each day. An unknown number of new men are hidden in their intimacy protecting themselves against the storm, like winter wheat buried in fields of Russia, and roots of vineyards in grooves of Mendoza. Bread and wine, symbols of the Redeemer species expressed universally by Masses. Aquarian souls will remain in their shelters long time until the winter of History of Races is over and again the springtime of the American epoch arrives under the leadership of Maitreya. Do not fear if you only see snow and frozen earth. The time for the Sun will arrive when the Holy Masters are certain that old men have disappeared and new men are coming up.

The only systematic model to start the American Race has been created and conducted the first years by Master Santiago, Forerunner of Maitreya, extended from Buenos Aires in several directions until other American countries. In 1963, he had to leave half of the Work to perform another mission and Cafh began to decline until ending up in 1984. As fish out of water, so it was spoiled by the head. It was not possible to avoid a dispersion of souls, which were left floating on currents of the world. But the Master had left the Renunciation Doctrine written and properly kept, instructing to spread it throughout the world. Such thing occurred the first minute of the third millennium, in 2011, through Internet, and until now during ten years the Renunciation Doctrine is being consulted and studied on all nations in all languages.

Cafh was a failed attempt made by Master Santiago to start first American experiences, but they were aborted by those tremendous and critical tensions when the Cuban rockets were on the brink of triggering nuclear war. Read Doctrinarian Teachings and Lectures in Embalse and you will understand how near the world was to achieve stability. But it was not the time. Two World Wars were not enough for a change; on the contrary, those wars increased the pairs of opposites and collapse of the human condition. Firstly, men of the Christian civilization are meant to fall with no chances of regeneration before sprouts of winter wheat come up upon the frost.

The mission of the Renunciation Message spread all over the world is to recommend men of goodwill to be protected and live in the world as foreigners, so that none notices the germ of new life they bear in their hearts. Master Santiago’s Teachings are not for masses or organizations. The failure of Cafh is an excluding proof. The Teachings are for the secret of the soul, for prayer, for strengthening a man in hard experiences of modern life and even harder experiences of the immediate future. It is the legacy of the Holy Masters, which we must keep jealously so as it has been done by those Ordained Sisters who have guarded and protected copies of matrices that at a propitious time –beginning of the third millennium and of the Race– were the faithful foundation of 777 Teachings of the Canon.

The Russian wheat sleeps and expects alive and protected under frozen soil, while on the surface are furious storms. Also roots of vines are resting during winter in Mendoza; they are ready to go out as soon as the sap pushes upward. Chosen souls neither rest nor sleep, but move the center of their activities to the inner world,      –that vast unknown space that expects to be discovered by multiple proposals of the New Race. The chosen soul is virginal and pure, and will actively wait all the necessary time until the Sun of life call it again to action, as it is said on the first sentences of  the Teaching I: Hidrochosa.

There are many souls living the mystique of Renunciation even when they neither are conscious of it nor publicly defend their style of life; such souls are spontaneous and born with that condition. As children, they were naturally manifested like a child quality; but years and stages of life passed by, and when they were grown-ups remained detached from attractions of society.  They do not go to temples, or recite four prayers of Mahomet, or belong to any religious institution. They repudiate the Vintage Festival in its several moments, and do not go to sea on vacation. They maintain the family with their professional work, as businessmen or peasants, and educate their children as such children ask. They watch television little or nothing; some of them have no television set or Internet. With discretion, they socialize with relatives and friends, and you can see them quiet, sure, without desiring or coveting possessions of others. Their house, garden and car are enough. If one talks to them, we find them satisfied, and never speak of appearance projects or travelling to other countries, even when they may be in the position of doing so. Some of them pay tithe to be admitted in a charity work and understand that it is a part of their responsibility for gifts they have received from the community; education, medicaments, books, running water, electric power, food, and so on.

This way of being and living, which their dear ones share, seemingly is not a spiritual current for it has no titles or ceremonies, which ever are outer and for what people may think. Souls here described and who are known to us live intimately and entirely their inner Renunciation secret and even when there is no publicity like in ritualistic religions, the results are freely manifested in the individual being, in his harmonious way of living, and in respect they inspire.

As in metaphors we have used in the beginning of this Reflection, wheat and vine hidden in earth and expecting the propitious season to offer all their chances, so these simple souls perform basic duties in the midst of an opposed civilization, keeping secrets of future life which are contained in the Renunciation Message.

I have just received the newspaper of Mendoza, Wednesday, May 18.  There it is the modern world as every day, a stark, cruel and futureless world.

International news: The General Director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss Kahn, arrested in a high security cell of the Rikers Island prison, New York, waits for standing trial by sexual assault and rape of a maid of a prestigious hotel in such city. He was arrested aboard an aircraft of Air France when he was trying to escape to France in search for impunity.

National news: Because of her poor health condition, President Cristina Fernandez’ agenda is a State secret. It will be given to know day by day. At only five months for elections, the void of the opposition has left the government alone with its ghosts, as much in political matters as in most unstoppable economy questions.

Local news. Commotion by the brutal murder of a young woman in Rodeo de la Cruz, Mendoza. A school by day is subject to vandal attacks.

In every corner of the Planet it is the same. Humankind is globalized not only by communications but by crimes perpetrated. Such news we have copied above could have occurred at any place of the world, and in fact they do. Masses act with the same android behavior everywhere. In dark and remote places of the city rapes take place like those of New York and their actors have the same mental level: Strauss Kahn of the International Monetary Fund in a luxurious hotel and a rural farmhand in Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza.

We have to learn Renunciation laws and practice reversibility; as one cannot live outside because winter starts, life starts recession and we take refuge in the interior and away from destructive events. In one’s inner life, like wheat buried and root resting, we dream of a potential future and of acts we want to do as soon as the coming time arrives, by strengthening our own identity and learning to endure.

Winter of history is very long and lasts generations and centuries until the change takes place. Surely, we won’t see springtime but more destruction. The mission is to preserve and spread the Renunciation Message given by the Holy Masters until the time when new men may see the Sun of springtime.

José González Muñoz
May 2011


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