Nº 159.- The Argentine Mission

When the Italian Fascism became dangerous for Esoteric Orders in the 20’s, the Superior of the Esoteric Order of Fire in Venice, Giovanni Venibiene, sent Santiago Bovisio, a young man of spiritual gifts mainly developed, to Buenos Aires to safeguard the ancient teachings of the Order, which are not be found anywhere and keep the history of Races, the creation of the Planetary System, and the destiny of Humanity until its last material stage. It was on time, because the Esoteric Orders disappeared at that country before the war, and Venibiene died in prison along with other companions.

We are used to the traditional system of propaganda fide that has been practiced by religions: by Christianity and Apostles travelling through towns of Palestine in pairs preaching as Jesus had taught them; later, by mendicant and preaching Orders of thousands covering the whole known world, Europe, America and Asia. Mohammedans through the Koran and sword converted nations from the Atlantic to the Pacific; now they are occupying Europe and do not renounce their beliefs, on the contrary, are confirming them. In Asia, the Buddhist spread throughout the Far East. Modern sects use mass communication media and get results, even when do not propose anything consistent. We can say the Ecumenical Earth has beliefs, some of them religious, political, or sporting ones, but all men believe in something, however it may be in money. These beliefs do not mean a transformation of the individual being, but an adhesion, a belonging to certain institution, which is very useful for statistics and rivalry, a form of vanity, and economic gains. See how Churches and Mosques remain empty during weekly rituals that are supporting a faith to a greater or lesser extent, but on spectacles of masses, the square of Saint Peter and the Kaaba of the Mecca, and the Ganges in India are covered by millions of pilgrims who travel for religious tourism. As in final times of cultures all over the world, and their diverse expressions, religions become externalized and en masse, forming shows that are not entirely different from concerts in studios with Madonna, U2, cup finals in sport tournaments, political calls and other massive events. But nothing of religious life, spiritual life you can see, unless we enter the intimacy of persons, but it does not happen. Perhaps psychiatrists on psychoanalysis sessions may touch sexual neurosis and drug addiction when the latter are saturated by demons and elementals.

Here is the spirituality of the twenty-first century, quality of life, expressions of religion, culture of intellectual, artists and scientists, ideal of   mental mass androids, and mental food of youth. Here is the end of the current civilization, after a long agony of centuries until the disappearance of vestiges of the old world: ideas, technologies, sciences, metropolis, machines and all those things we see daily by the streets. After the desert, glitter, silence, slowly revitalized Nature, new species, normalization of energetic currents of Earth, another geography, other men, very few, taking their intimacy a refuge in a cavern, or a monastery hidden on the mountains, or an island of tropical oceans.

So it is a calculation right away. And why do are naming Argentina on that unknown time? An historic background of similar previous experiences, the World Congress of Religions with Vivekananda and mystique of Ramakrishna, Yogananda in California, H. P. Blavatsky and his enormous esoteric contribution in the United States and England, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff in Europe and other wise personalities from the East directed their steps to the North, to the great nation destined to be the first one in the World

The United States have performed its mission so as China, Brazil and other great nations are doing. Argentina did not do so because its mission is different. What is its role on the last act of the Christian drama? Even when it is intuited, is rather improperly known. Many things have been said on Argentina as  granary of the world, its potential richness and its European culture, but all that has collapsed and keeps falling, because that is not only the Argentine way. Other nations are growing up on the modern collectivistic and monetary society. The Argentine way is individual, of future, still not started but suggested by Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings. As he introduced “Spiritual Development” along with the Holy Order Cafh in 1937, we are able to point out the starting point of the mission, a premonition, a conjecture that slowly has been developing its ideas on the Teachings of the Master until his death in 1962. Such proposals have been kept reserved for some few disciples studying and using them for their spiritual progress, but not going beyond the little circle of groups of seven persons. Such type of life and doctrinal propaganda was not externalized. With the death of the Master, despite that on his last Messages he had asked for the Renunciation Message to spread everywhere, the spiritual life of Cafh was more and more enclosed and, but as an unsolvable contradiction, was completely deformed. In the beginning of the third millennium, a group of faithful disciples has put the original Teaching on Internet and the Doctrine on Renunciation spread throughout the world. Since such event, Argentina has started The Mission.

The time of the Argentine mission coincides with that of the American Race, and every previous event, since the Spanish colony to social, political and cultural movements of past centuries, have been steps of a stair leading from European rationalistic ideas to intuitions and dreams of Hidrochosa, which nowadays are mutually incompatible not only by the space where they move but by the texture of their nature. Ideas of the past move in society, expressed through mechanical instruments, philosophy, books, lectures, diverse languages, arts, political programs, religions, ideologies, et cetera. Aquarian ideas move through states of similarity, irradiation of energies, Ired, and Renunciation. It is Theology the discipline of rationalism on its fundamental questions, while it is Mystique for the new time. Ortega y Gasset has written an interesting essay on the opposition between these disciplines, deciding for Theology and accusing Mystique of not knowing how to communicate its experiences. Ortega’s education was from the Cartesian current, and never could be able to reach summits of Saint John of the Cross: “Mount Carmel Ascension”. He knew to think, but did not know to live.

Whereas one sees the universal history from oldest documents, we’ll see religions imposed by force: Spanish conquistadors along with priests in America, English pastors along with cannons of their armies, Crusaders under the leadership of fanatical monks, and Mohammedans travelling through African and Asian nations. Similar procedures have nothing to do with new spirituality; they are destroying each other. Downward and downward, wars have descended to the street, groups against groups for the territory of drug traffic, slums with families tearing themselves to pieces, and following the sequence, a man against himself, his neurosis, and his passions savagely awakened, as we have seen few days ago in New York, the case of the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), who like a beast was chasing and raping a poor hotel maid.

Master Santiago’s Teachings do not refer in  the Renunciation Doctrine to confrontations or ideas opposing each other, but to harmony of the individual being according to his qualities and his own evolution stage, today here, tomorrow beyond, ever nearer to the model, the prototype that such individual represents and must achieve, which is unique and irreplaceable. But at any distance he is from such ideal, as long as he lives with what he has, is not in fight.

If one peruses the ideas on Renunciation, their proposals and images of the Aquarian man, you we’ll see they have nothing to do with traditions of history and religions of personal gods, who are intolerant and violent. They are different currents. Master Santiago, ancient High Priest in the Initiation Temple of Egypt, Course XXVI, perfectly was aware of the Atlantean wisdom, which he expressed on the Renunciation Canon.

Potentially, the Argentine Mission starts from the time when the Master Bovisio sets foot on American territory, and from such instant, on successive stages, he is widening and consolidating  the Doctrine, expanding the Work from a centre, Buenos Aires: first disciples, Cafh Foundation, first Teachings, Perpetual Regulation, foundation of Mother of America’s Table, creation of new Tables in Argentine cities, Great Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza, La Plata, male and female cloister communities, Colleges and cultural works, expansion to other American nations, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, et cetera. All this is always from a physical irradiation point, Buenos Aires city. In 1961, unexpectedly he died and Cafh passed to other hands. Later, on astral visits to certain reliable souls, he declared: “I had to leave earlier for performing an important mission, and left the work half done”. As we have already said on previous Reflections, Regulation and educational works have been entirely deformed. Years of disintegration and separation of the Sons had to pass by until the first day of the new millennium when the Teachings were introduced through Internet in Spanish, English and Portuguese, and later in Italian, rapidly spread throughout the world. The ancient Cafh, along with its extraordinary organization and the spiritual hierarchy of its members became the Renunciation Message for Humanity, with no restrictions. Men are guards of ideas, and they are those who are and receive the Power of the Great Current.

Here is the Argentine Mission: to irradiate from Buenos Aires, the Renunciation Message to all peoples. To increase the understanding of such extraordinary dynamics, we recommend to peruse the Teaching 7. “The Mother Idea”, Course “Spiritual Life of Cafh”, which will permit to harmonize individual mystical efforts with the Renunciation Doctrine ruling the new American Race.

José González Muñoz
June 2011


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