Number 15.– The Transition

Linus Pauling, a double Nobel Prize (Chemistry, 1954, and Peace, 1962), in his report before “Correo de la UNESCO”, November 1964, considers the nuclear threat in those days (320,000 megatons, which today, in 2002, are the same), and wonders “why such an irrational big quantity of explosive material has been created? I answer this questions saying this happened because the science education system has been defective, therefore those who make relative decisions were unable to have a clear ideas about their actions, if and when there has been some person making decisions”, et cetera”. At the time of this report, the United States of America and Soviet Union were the only nations with a nuclear arsenal. Now in America, Europe and Asia, eight nations can destroy Humanity. Analysts are aware of this fact: only one bomb over an enemy city is sufficient to set the Planet on fire.

History registers a similar situation in the beginning of the Aryan Teutonic age, 24,000 years ago, which is narrated in the Ramayana, the war of Aryans against Atlanteans, who owned weapons like the present ones, but with another technology. (See Book IV, “History of Man”, and Book XXVI, “Anthropogenesis”, Chapter “Fight of 1,500 years”).

The last Atlanteans were smart and perverse. They created big research centers (like our Universities and Laboratories) for a systematic development of mind power and control of the elementals; they invented hellish machines under remote control by the Black Magicians, which killed at a distance, like our modern orbital missiles, cruisers, airships and terrestrial automatons. Berlitz and some Russians hold that the Black Magicians had and used atomic weapons. They longed for dominating the world, like the Global Empire now, and they nearly achieved it. Millions of Aryans died, and when the Atlanteans had nearly won the war, Nature came and assisted Humanity: a cyclic change in the earthly axis took place. The Back Magicians lost the mind control, fell in earth, and were annihilated. Finally, the Great Initiates deprived men of the psychic power and astral sight –which was spontaneous but dangerous. The survivors had to begin from the nothing, transformed in primitive cavemen. Like our modern scientists, the Black Magicians –unduly educated– made a mistake and disappeared.

a. The Temple of Initiation

Today any person or organization, if and when has proper conditions and steady determination, can get formulae and procedures to make atomic bombs. Several nations made this, two of them from the Third World. And other nations come up and are trying the same, because covetousness, hatred and ignorance govern the modern technology, like that of the Black Magicians. This situation is karma of this ending world. We are near the time of another change in the terrestrial axis; it is likely that this history repeats, and that the gobalized technological system finally collapses by changes in the electromagnetic field of Earth. The survivors will return to the elementary childhood, and the Great Initiates will begin to build, upon these pages in black, the rudiments of the Age of Aquarius: harmony between spirit and matter.
But children do not learn alone; they need teachers. When Earth collapsed, the Order of Fire was founded in Kaor, a volcano of Central Asia, and from there the Masters, scattered through the world, taught men how to think rationally. (See Book XVI, “History of the Esoteric Orders”). It was in Egypt where the wisdom of sciences flourished, much before Christianity. This is perfectly explained in Chapter 4, “The Temple of Initiation”. And just as the student entered at 12 years of age and had to forget everything –including his name and family, by means of potions and discipline– so Humanity has to forget the past knowledge acquired throughout centuries in schools and books, in order to think otherwise by linking love and wisdom together. Men should leave aside separativeness so as to reach this excellent state. Master Santiago’s Teachings report and help understand transition phenomena from an old world that goes, and another new world that comes near swiftly.
If we want to understand the state of Humanity now, by comparing it with initiation grades in the Egyptian Temple of Amon, we should say we enter the first chamber, when relatives would accompany the candidate in a funereal procession until the gates and put him in the coffin: a stage of physical renewal and forgetfulness. So, the calamities shaking us all days, wars, miseries, outrages, diseases, poverty and so on are shakes of Earth trying to drop an old, dirty and useless clothes. Also a neophyte would suffer and fell ill, with a fever, during this purifying stage. After his purification, they would put him to sleep and led him to the second chamber to develop his faculties.

b. The Second Chamber

“It was the most beautiful place you can dream. There you could find everything provided by science and power of a wealthy empire: palaces built with incomparable white, blue and green marbles of the Ancient Egypt; they were so marvelous that served the priests to study reflections of the solar light. These palaces contained the most beautiful paintings, sculptures and works of art. Gardens were beyond description and with so cared plants that sometimes only one plant had an exclusive caretaker”(XVI, 4, 9).
May we image that, after the indispensable purification process, Humanity may enter this marvelous state of harmony with Nature? Yes, because man is predestined to happiness, after he passed through the stages of the Way of Renunciation.
There were seven Chambers of Wisdom in the Temple of Initiation, but Master Santiago only describes the first six. What a mystic wanted to acquire could be achieved in the Temple: clairvoyance, astral journeys, magic, ecstatic death, healing power, and so on. Pilgrims from remote countries came and learnt ancient wisdom; and later they went back to their countries and would teach the people. All those things lost by the destruction of the Atlanteans were preserved by the Holy Order of Fire from Kaor, and transmitted orally from generation to generation in centers where the Order stayed, with different names. By the hegemony of Semite monotheist religions, the esoteric tradition of knowledge remained hidden, and we do not know where the survivors of the august institutions may stay.
Do men can be wise and holy again? Of course, yes; this is their goal on Earth, but after depuration and forgetfulness. This stage lived by Humanity at present is the most grotesque caricature that a human being can reach. Look the reader at the world leaders and great personalities filling the space in TV and newspapers; then you will swiftly understand how Humanity has no future such as Humanity is; that a drastic and complete change is necessary, like the little student put in a coffin at the gates of the Temple. This situation has no individual or collective choice; it is karma, unappealable sentence; it is death. It is occurring massively. One should not weep, but to renounce.

c. Personal decisions

The Global Empire is covering us everywhere, oppressing us with its economic power, threatening us with weapons, conditioning us with corrupting cultural media, and depriving us of chances to dream of a better living. A lonely and defiant Being stands before this holistic monster: he is Maitreya, Divine Incarnation, perfect and luminous model of Humanity. There is no other choice or alternative. To earn “money in style”, as Clinton wants now? To drug oneself along with 250 millions of desperate beings? To try an aberrant sex with children, like Catholic priests in Boston? To escape far away? To sow kamikaze-terror with explosives? Ignorant masses act like that, accelerating the process of disintegration, sufferings and the end of the ancient civilization. No escape; one should stick to the Savior, detached from all inner and outer oppressive ties, walking the Way of Renunciation, as Master Santiago has showed in his Teachings.
So as Maitreya stays and is lonely, so each man has to make personal decisions to solve his existential problem. Masses do not consider the existence of basic questions, and they continue as usual: consumerism, television, pickets, banging pails and pans, weeping, falling ill, dying; they have nothing to decide. But a being that refuses to be devoured and seeks pure air to breathe, has to make a decision.
Master Santiago wrote his doctrine of Renunciation amid world convulsions of the past century (Second World War, cities destroyed by atomic bombs, liberation colonies in Africa and Asia. space flights, and so on). His Teachings helped find the Way, and now they are within the reach of all men. To this purpose, the following readings are recommended: Book XI, “Inner Life”; Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”; and Book XXX, “The Good Way”. All of them are masterpieces, but the latter ones are fit for a daily apprenticeship. Of course, the way is very long, and the goal disappears far away, but it is sufficient to begin to walk in search of God; then you find him. Because the Way of Renunciation is God Himself: it is your yearned liberation. There is no complete and perfect achievement, but certainly there are stages, little achievements within the reach of the soul, and from which we will make our conquests. A rosary of little daily works of Renunciation forms the spiritual life. Inner peace is its immediate effect.