Nº 160.- EMMA

Emma is a young woman, a teenager living at an unknown territory and a future time of many people, many centuries ahead. Her family is small –father and mother– for there are no births any more. She lives freely, sometimes along with her parents in a hut of tree branches, by a lake; other times she wanders through the hills’ forest, and goes through the animals’ track, which follow all directions; it is a thick forest of concentrated aromas and most diverse fruits; as she wants, eats apples, plums and walnuts that she picks up from the ground, grapes and watermelons, according to the spell, mushrooms and strawberries. Sometimes she picks up fennel and wild lettuce, tomatoes and spikes to chew quite pleased, corn cobs to cook on the fire, and potatoes and onions. She does not keep anything for herself because the forest is a very plentiful Eden all days of the year, with fresh water streams. Her clothes are simple, a sheep woolen robe that her father has weaved on a rustic loom. As soon as it rains, she seeks refuge by some rocks and has a flint for a fire that shall be with her throughout the nights. She lives naturally along with those things offered by Nature and is used to stand cold weather and rain. There is no danger from wild animals because the world is different now. The cattle is countless and you find it everywhere, cows, horses, sheep, goats, and others; likewise there are birds fluttering around over the trees and other little animals, rabbits, partridges, hens, ducks and turkeys. The lake and brooks are full to the top of fish, which their only trouble is among themselves. The bees do not bite her; just she shakes her hand and eats honey and wax. Even there are no aggressive animals; dogs, cats and jaguars stay amid the bushes. If unexpectedly Emma meets any animal on her way, such animal leaves and Emma moves on. She does not know what fear is.

After travelling two or three weeks, she comes back to her parents and is lovingly welcomed. She retakes her tasks in the hut and helps in the kitchen and loom, and picking up edible things. In the family, they cook simply on hot stones and roast potatoes and sweet potatoes. Her mother makes pottery with local clay, decorating it with vegetal dye. She also decorates the hut with pretty feathers, colorful stones that she takes out of the lake, and sheep wool dyed. They are living in solitude because there are no neighbors around, and now and  then some pilgrims pass by and stop for a while exchanging news and continuing their journey. To them, those hills covered by thick vegetation are the world. Beyond there are endless pampas and the unknown.

On the other side of the lake, women of a communal group stay in caverns and make use of them as comfortable, not-too-much deep houses that are hardly redesigned. They have everything and prefer to be outdoors, under the trees, on the thin joint grass.  They have a kitchen there, one dining room and, many times, one bedroom; but during the winter, when it is raining or snowing, they stay within and are busy with handicrafts, meditation, and other activities that, as Yamans, consisted of astral journeys and many times journeys in physical body, by groups of two or three of them¸ travelling through their well- known hills, visiting some few highlanders that inhabit there, and helping in all their needs, through healings, advice, crafts’ lessons, and news.

One day, two middle-aged ladies arrived at the hut of Emma and stayed several hours with them talking, eating wild fruits, exchanging colorful objects, and leaving certain curative herbs for future ailments. Later they said goodbye and walked to the lake. At a distance of some twenty meters, Emma was following them until they lost sight of the home amid the bush. One of those ladies gesticulated and with her hand told Emma to get near, and then the three walked together. There were no farewells or promises, but the simple act of continuing their journey. They did not talk and in the evening they reached the caverns in which the night fires already were burning. Intimidated, Emma was quiet, waiting for them to tell what to do. It was a starry night when with a wooden spoon these ladies had a hot soup, and once a bed was prepared outdoors and by the fire, they say goodbye until the next morning. Emma slept all night, with no dreams.

Emma stayed for ten years with such ladies, working, learning crafts, getting Teachings that the Yamans were reporting her about the healing art and other millenary traditions, growing and maturing through experiences. Her health and strength were perfect thanks to the diet they were practicing. These Yamans, middle-aged women led by an old woman of many years, formed a soft and harmonious community and, since the money and property were non-existent, they were sharing in every moment without any rivalry. Mine and yours, as a feeling, were unknown, and a spontaneous donation prevailed before any trouble. She was almost ever with those ladies journeying through the hills and learning to heal not only persons but also some sick animal given to them. So, he learned a point: the highest problem of Humanity was an almost complete sterility, a pandemic spread throughout Earth.

For centuries, there were permanent wars among nations. The products of Earth were not enough for so many inhabitants, who did not know other system than the conquest through violence.  There were many nations making use of the nuclear power in every form, and selling weapons to the highest bidder. Bombs exploded anywhere with no ways or forces to control it. After the dissolution of great nations, anarchy spread on the planet. They used several technology systems to replace the dead, but fertility was lower and lower until a general sterility in men and women. Even the androids stopped their procreation and eventually disappeared. The animal kingdom was not quite affected. Wars, geographic commotions and climate change produce in a short term the extinction of the civilization; the cities collapses and the countryside was lashed by continuous hurricanes. Somewhere, far away, some few groups were able to survive under the slightest conditions whereas Earth was fighting against destructive convulsions. Centuries passed by and the human life was lower and lower until the level of survival, while Nature was reconstructing itself by its own means, slowly, becoming more beautiful day by day.

Emma concluded her apprenticeship with the Yamans. She was a strong mature young woman and was sure about what to do, and with vocation to serve. She and her teachers discovered her special gift to reestablish the procreation among sterile women: it was a natural vehicle of cosmic energies, the Power of the Great Current, which through Emma was poured on the handicapped, giving them their capacity to gestate children in perfect conditions of physical and mental health. During those years of stay in the Community, she was perfecting such power, with the help of the Yamans until achieving excellent results. The farmers of the hills were coming to the lake and, helped by such ladies, they settled on the neighborhood, the couples separated one another and near Emma, who did not touch them: gradually those women found they were pregnant. As soon as it was apparent, Emma left the Community. Continuously she prayed for those souls and making use of her mind she led the astral forces and eventually reconstructed damaged systems by the nuclear power. Her chastity was perfect. And the couples, even when they could recover the gift of life, actually lost their libido for ever; there was no flesh desire; they procreate by the evolutionary need and state of spiritual consciousness. The animal nature had been moved away for ever, and the human beings, men and women alike, behaved as brothers and sisters of physical and psychological features that were hardly differentiated. A new world, prophesized by the ancients and announced on the Teachings, had started. After a while, blessed by her elders, Emma left for performing her mission, walking alone to the West in search of the high mountains.

Such high mountains extended from pole to pole, forming immense ranges of abrupt elevations. In the center the space of an ocean opened and divided the lands of two isolated (North and South) continents. At the high and small mountain ranges there were many valleys and canyons of low altitude where the vegetal and animal life thrived with not limits but with plentiful water descending from the summits and forming brooks, rivers and lakes. As there were no predators, the species multiplied according to the chances of the place. Slowly, men thrived among those species and formed, as we have already explained, small groups that were restricted by the planetary sterility. They survived.

Yamans and wise men of other features and different gifts were continuously in touch with the astral plane, conveying to the communities of the West the mission and arrival of Emma that in a hurry started her task among the first groups. As his work was indirect and invisible, he got the results in a short time. She did not expect births but the certainty of pregnancy and then she moved to another place. She was ever living far away from persons, even when her cordiality and goodwill had not decreased as the years passed by. The life style was the same, and she sustained herself with the fruits of each day. Sometimes they claimed for her by some ailment and also by some sorrow, particularly among the youngest people, and she attended them always. She did not stay more than one month in each site, and kept moving now to the North.

Years passed by and Emma continued tirelessly her task. Gradually, she became a legend and some times she stayed at the valley and other times at a remote canyon, always in her physical body until a time when she was not seen any more. Some people said she was here, and others she was there. In the continent, Humanity started smiling after centuries of sadness and melancholy.

As Humanity was in the brink of its final extinction, the Saints sent seven Great Female Solar Initiates, one for each continent, to restart the evolution according to patterns set up for the American Race and indicated in the Canon Teachings: “In an especial way, the sixth sub-race shall develop the egoencia of being. New human types shall give each other happiness by their own means. So, an aristocratic concept shall rise until the highest expression of the individuality”.

It was necessary to reach the ultimate level of the old Race in order to forget entirely and start the way toward the new life.

José González Muñoz
July 2011


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