On August 5, Mr. José González Muñoz has left for planes of the spirit. In the file of his PC we have found his last Reflection, unfinished and uncorrected, which we have included in Master Santiago’s site as the final contribution of his writings. So, his inspiration and the Grace of the Divine Mother are allowing the farewell of our great friend and companion. In a future, Humanity shall recognize José as a Son of the Mother, who had to face huge troubles in his passage through the Earth and has left the legacy of Master Bovisio for all men, without separateness, which is the basis of the Man of the New Time. Here is how José meditates on a paragraph of his last Reflection; “The Way to Heaven is intimate and secret, of only one viewer, his protagonist, the walker… the Way to Heaven is mine, yours, of men, and just has started”.

Number 162.– Heaven and Earth

Traditions of all times speak of origins of the world and its Creators, whatever may be the place and level of the cultural evolution. Even primitive peoples, Eskimos, Bushmen, have their own conceptions about heaven and express them in their own way by means of fantastic animal characters like dragons, giants and dwarves. Some of them, behind popular forms, are hiding great cosmogonic conceptions, for instance the Popol Vuh and Chinese legends; others are expressed through ideas and language that are nearer to us, like the Genesis, Assyrian and Babylonian religions, Vedas, and Greek mythology. To know the origins becomes an unconscious need, and as we recognize our human parents, grandfathers and beyond, so Humanity wants to know its starting point. Even wise men in physics are determined, along with great international organizations and high budget, to discover such starting gate: in Europe, the biggest particle accelerator has been started; it is an underground circular tunnel of 25 kilometers, and they expect to repeat the phenomenon of the creation of the matter, the called Big Ban effect, which has already been foretold as “Brahma’s respiration” by the Hindus.

Through the Teachings “Cosmogony”, “Planetary System”, and “Becoming”, Master Santiago gives a wide report about earliest traditions following the Egyptian current, which entirely differs from the Jewish-Christian philosophy. But the two are unsatisfactory for modern scholars because do not show ways to have access to Heaven, creator of the world. We live separated. Through other past ages, the Teachings describing different planes of astral, mental and other subtler dimensions were daily life for the Atlanteans, and now for some few clairvoyants.  An ordinary man is unaware of them. He lives the matter and that which the world can offer after great sacrifices in small scale: eating, reproducing, pleasure, illusions of television, and competitive success. And later, sickness, old age and death, according to the Siddhartha Gautama Buddha’s legend.

The Way to Renunciation teaches how to have access to Heavens by means of continuous efforts, detachment from all human things, and withdrawal from society of masses as it has been properly explained by “Mystique of Ashes in Saint Paul of the Cross”. In its different forms, mystique becomes the Stairway to Heaven, and there is no other Heaven. The times will pass, and the New Race will walk.

For a true and efficient Way to Heaven, it has to be within the reach of all, for some of them like Monastic Closure Orders, Carmelites, Cistercians, Capuchins, Tibetans, Sufis, and so on; and for others, for instance ordinary persons in case they find a more suitable discipline according to their temperament and social level, when and if honestly they obey it working in workshops and fields, and practicing operational prayer according to rules; for those who are intellectually able to learn and teach knowledge about sciences in classrooms and laboratories; and beyond, for those brave defenders of freedom through revolutionary movements –Vietnam, Palestinians, Afghan people. See the “Bhagavad Gita” and “Ramayana”.

So as to tell it in an updated popular form, the Way to Heaven is democratic and theoretically within the reach of those who are in the position to start the journey, but unfortunately there are so few wishing and understanding it that the gap becomes insurmountable, with the exception of certain unknown persons who are taking the first steps. The main obstacle is the overwhelming presence of the modern society with all its psychological instruments fully working, which hundreds of times we have denounced through these pages, and many years have to pass so that Hidrochosa may start acting for change. Before this occurs, our society of nowadays has to finish, as it is happening among its protagonists by insurmountable inner contradictions. 700 million human beings occupying the earthly globe are only interested in surviving, for example, as slum residents in Buenos Aires, or illegal immigrants in the United States, or millionaires in the New York stock market.The Way to Heaven is intimate and secret, with only one viewer, his protagonist, the walker. It has nothing to do with great characters of past religions, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Therese of Avila, Fatima children, or present international personalities like Pope Ratzinger, the Dalai Lama, the Patriarch of Moscow, and so many other officials of spiritual institutions of the nations. They belong to the past, to the old Race of massive collectivities, and are dragging rules; feelings and ideas that made them grow. What to do with them? Nothing. They thrive to the extent that enhance their  cultural and material heritage up to overwhelming limits, like trips of John Paul II through the world  filling soccer stadiums with thousands of followers. Jesus did not have anything economical; he only had the Gospel and his life. And he gave his own life! Over there you have the old world that is ending before our eyes:  the Christian Civilization. The Way to Heaven is mine, yours, of men, and just has started.
Many years ago, in the summer of 1960, I was staying in the Community of the Ordained, Embalse, Province of Córdoba, Argentine Republic; one day, after the afternoon silence and the snack, I was walking toward my job when passing by the little house of the Master I saw him chewing a piece of bread with pleasure. “What tasty bread, Mr. José!”, he said. I did not reply. He practiced the same observance as we did. Years passed by. The Master died. And now, in Mendoza mountains, under the snowy Cordón de Plata (literally Silver Cord), as I am up early and go to the hearth, I drink a sip of water, and repeat: “What tasty water, Master!”. Later, as the fire starts crackling with merry log flames, I repeat: “Fire is the most beautiful thing in the world”. And I think of the Mother Abbhumi, the highest astral authority in the Order of Fire. In this way, I start day by day my Way to Heaven, one millimeter higher than yesterday. To start the day properly is tantamount to advance half of the day.

According to most traditions, divine founders of them mankind, in the beginning were working intensively and forming every necessary element for life, food, security, intelligence and basic things to start the evolution. With the exception of the Greek mythology, in which the Gods were mixed and involved directly in human events –Troy War, Odyssey, and so on. In the Genesis, it is otherwise; God works intensively by constructing the world and man, but later he rests and leaves men at the mercy of the fluctuating daily struggle, for good and bad. Occasionally, the Holy Masters send a Great Initiate to correct the whole development of the man according to stages of the Divine Plan. Half of the races that began millions of years ago have been fulfilled. In some of them, for instance Atlantis, men of mighty psychic powers were living permanently in touch with the Cosmos and several planes of the reality. In the present Aryan Race, they have lost their higher qualities and, forsaken in the world, they are entirely controlling the matter, as we can prove it day by day. The Teachings on Renunciation explain widely such processes that now are occurring in a critical moment of change, in the meeting with the American Sub-Race or Aquarius.

Heaven and Earth had remained separated for long time in the human consciousness. Texts of the mystics teach that the Masters can hear and see all things of the human beings, and that they help secretly; but the men cannot see the Gods, with the exception of the clairvoyants. Moreover, the men behave as if God did not exist, and only pay attention to their own impulses. Now it is time to start a mutual dialogue between Those who rule the destiny and us as blind and deaf terrestrial beings. It is time for change.

José González Muñoz
August 2011


José González Muñoz
July 2011