When Master Santiago Bovisio came to South-America from his home Italy, he would bring with himself a mission that, as the time went by, grew and reached planetary dimensions: the expansion of the Message of Renunciation to Humanity. In the beginning, this enjoinment was only in him, in a secret point of his being. Later he founded the Order Cafh, with a projection like that of the Order of the Astral Fire –his Order before his incarnation– so that the Power of the Great Current could acquire consistence and reality on Earth, and he put in there the Mission. Gradually the Master was transmitting the doctrine to those souls who formed the body of Cafh. He ever addressed to the Sons and, through them, to Humanity, teaching for more than 25 years. In the Book XIX “Messages”, 11, 21, he says, “Sons of the Mother, Sons of Cafh: Take your Message of Renunciation to the world in anguish and expectation!”.

When the Founder died, in 1962, the Sons of Cafh were some few, on following years their number increased, but those whom the task has been assigned were no more than 6,000 souls. This task would imply and express clearly the responsibility for the preparation of the New Messiah’s coming. As it is openly known, those who received the spiritual legacy did not make anything, the Order languished, gradually adulterated, and eventually disappeared as a spiritual force at the end of the seventies. But now, at the end of the ancient age of Pisces and the beginning of that of Aquarius, since the first day of the third millennium, all the Master’s Teachings containing the Message of Renunciation, are in the world, with more than one million Internet downloads as an average in more than forty countries. This Mission, which in the beginning was in charge of some few, is now in Humanity, and all men are their depositaries. By a transferring the Message to the magnetic space around the planet, the releasing task is globalized and expects to find individual channels, under the guide of the Divine Incarnation who is among us right now.

The matter of this Reflection is the following: two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ potentially redeemed the humankind with his Passion. Now he comes back and teaches men how every one can be redeemed alone. Redemption means liberation. Nobody, no religion, no spiritual path, even no more perfect Master can liberate someone else; liberation is strictly individual and lonely before the Divinity. There are many Teachings about this great mystery, and we’ll try to offer them with their more revealing facets. With Maitreya we find no exclusions by religion, riches or race, or by spiritual progress or delay, or by karma either; all can go forward if and when they practice the Doctrine of Renunciation.

a. Little Wafers

In the Book XXXVI, “Lectures at Embalse”, 11, 8, the Master says, “I believe this is what Maitreya will teach, the new expression of the Divine Incarnation: the form, the way for us to become little Christs, little holocausts, little wafers”.

Until now, men would adhere to some religion by birth or choice, and to adhere to “dogmas” was sufficient to be “saved” and to get the blessing. In whatever condition of the individual, religion promised his salvation; faith and fidelity were sufficient to achieve the paradise. Masses would respond to these simple charts, strictly controlled by the clergy. Independently of dogmatic demands, mystics and ascetics –permanently against dogmas– were seeking in themselves a concrete and obvious realization.

Henceforward, the human being willing to be saved, has to imitate the mystics: to seek in himself, to make his own experience, and to conquer stages of liberation with personal efforts. Every one is in a concrete and untransferable place, and from this existential context he has to begin to walk with his own legs. So that these efforts may have chances and the seeker may prove abundant or scarce results by himself, he should have at hand good information, a map of the way, and has to be guided by those who walked this way. There are many indications, written by mystics of different times and traditions, exemplary men and women who progressed a great deal and are spiritually developed. Every one will find the model fittest for his disposition. The most modern and complete system is that of the Doctrine of Renunciation, expressed in Master Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings. These Teachings explain not only diverse stages of spiritual development and offer a discipline fit for these hard times, but also place the individual being in the history of the human evolution, giving him a spiritual sense in the spiritual economy of the new age of Aquarius, and relating him magnetically to Maitreya, the present Divine Incarnation. Moreover, these Teachings tell him what he has to do, and offer him a mission: to be a little Christ.

In the beginning, the Mission was up to some few, for its transmission to others. Now, as the Doctrine of Renunciation begins to occupy wider and wider spaces, the Mission becomes internalized and personal, and passes through hidden and undiscovered extensions of the individual being. The Teachings have to be in all homes of the world, and millions of beings that are anxiously expecting the Message of Renunciation should possess them and start the redeeming work.

b. Planetary Teaching

Master Santiago, in his Book XVIII “The Way of Renunciation”, 11, 5 and the following, says the Teaching is permanent and manifest on various types or stages:

1. The Universal Teaching, existing in all traditional revelations.
2. The Teaching of Cafh, given by the Founder, whose notes form the body of the Internet Library.
3. The Teaching orally dictated to the Sons during meetings of Cafh.
4. The first three cycles have ended. Now the cycle of expansion begins by means of the digital world electronic web, by contacting individually every one of the inhabitants of the planet, under the protection of the Masters of the Holy Order and the irradiating teaching of Maitreya, the Divine Redeemer.
The teachings, formerly locked and hidden in a small circle of guardians, have been released, and at present, rapidly and penetratingly are crossing the most diverse spaces where men are living: homes, workshops, offices, problems and sufferings, and hopes. The leading role in the great spiritual adventure is now up to the individuals, in the intimacy of each man. The Teachings are such as they are, cannot be changed, because their author died and left them charged with the whole magnetic power given by the Spiritual Masters.
Many years ago, Master Santiago asked this question to a Faithful Disciple, “How can we do to help souls?”. The disciple replied, “Like we were taught: with meditations, ascetic exercises, spiritual guide and meetings”. The Master answered, “No. This is very slow now. In order to help souls we have to learn to manage the Power of the Great Current”. And here is the work fulfilled by the Teachings in the globalized planetary web, quietly, in the heart of the one willing to receive them and to be a protagonist of them, flying over the wings of the Great Current of Aquarius.

When Master Santiago would live, the Power of the Great Current was manifest on Earth through him, and by his daily blessing, to all Sons of the Order. When he died, in 1962, after the disappearance of the Order some years later, the Power of the Great Current remained in abeyance until the birth of the new Age of Aquarius, the presence of Maitreya, and the release of all Teachings the first day of the Third Millennium. Henceforward, the Power of the Great Current will become manifest in every man that accepts the Teachings. Intermediaries between man and God are over. A creature will look at his Creator face to face, as a son looks at his mother; otherwise, he won’t see Him (Book XIX “The Message of Renunciation”, 11, 12).

c. The Spiritual Chart

The Teachings do not give realization; they point out the way, and offer exact indications not to get lost in the labyrinths of the soul. Like those printed charts of countries and regions, at first sight these Teachings are seemingly disordered and incomprehensible; but as one studies them, gradually their ideas acquire concrete and interrelated meanings and indicate ways, difficulties, and distances, and open doors. If the wayfarer has an expert guide and help, this will better, because he will understand the signals more easily. But, again, these Teachings are not a vehicle to move on wheels; one has to walk with his own legs.
Properly interpreted and followed with good faith, gradually these Teachings become sacred and acquire the power of the Great Current. This new force will gradually increase by irradiation of the Divine Incarnation as the time goes by, because they both, Maitreya and Teachings, are coincident.

The redeeming mission started by Master Santiago since the moment he threads on American lands in the beginning of the past century, as his only bearer, has followed a complete circle until reaching the feet of the Redeemer, when predestined beings of the new age are aligned. The man remains alone in his good or bad reality, and in his capacity to renounce, face to face with the Savior. There, before his destiny, he has to walk those roads so that this illusory distance, which separates him from the truth, may disappear. (For a better understanding of this mystery, please meditate on the Book III “Archaic Symbology”, all its chapters.)
The odyssey started by a lonely Master in the twentieth century reached good port at the end of it, and now opens to other dimensions in the beginning of the third millennium. There one may find static, invariable –out-of-the-time– Teachings written on digital system, but within the immediate reach of men. From the viewpoint of a man of Pisces –a rationalistic, mechanic and skeptic man– these Teachings are old, obsolete words. For a man who lives the Reversibility, these Teachings open to a limitless future; other dimensions, other faculties of the mind, other ways to live and another way to love come up before the amazed eyes of the Faithful Disciple who begins to walk the Way of Renunciation. The glove of life is inside out, and everything is changing now. Every one of us will be a little Christ, under the guide of the Divine Maitreya, who will teach us to be free.