Number 18.- Crisis

The verdict of Alan Greenspan, president of the United States Federal Reserve was categorical, “Corruption and fraud destroy capitalism and free market, and in general, the foundations of our society”. Not only North-Americans, as direct victims, are protesting and wondering in anguish what will happen with them, but also the whole world is restless about what will happen henceforward. The whole political system –brilliant and immense, domineering and hegemonic after the cold war– broke out as a bubble of false values, so as ten years ago the powerful Soviet Union collapsed. The communist collapse in the very bosom of the USSR, Pollitburo and party’s nomenclature, by covetousness, immobility and unstoppable will-to-power, is the same phenomenon that has led the United States to a crisis: limitless money hysteria, nonsense, fraud and falseness in Wall Street and rules of that country. In a globalized and homogeneous world it is impossible to understand the North-American crisis in an isolated way; you should study it in a wider circle, which may include the Soviet Union’s fall and what is happening in China right now. In fact, we should analyze it in a planetary way, not only as to finances and terrorism but as to all layers of change experienced by the planet and Humanity, their basic parameters, their fatal trends, their chances, and the proposal of the new age that began right now.

Since the First and Second World War, in the past century, human society is mixed up, even in its littlest details, by communications, commerce, egalitarian life style, irruption of masses in public life, and other factors. Very aggressive ideologies, like Capitalism, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, made and make a difference as to outer forms of their axioms, but are equal as to their fight for the domination of the world. What does mean to speak about winners? No; the Axis countries lost the war; but totalitarianism, made by them, overcame everywhere. There is a power higher than that of nations, which regulates their process of social development and on which they depend: forces of change from a time that ends, and another force is coming. If one does not understand this context in which peoples make their local experiences, we cannot understand the latter either, and disoriented people will suffer a great deal. This is the case with North-Americans, with crushed Afghans, with Argentines and their enormous crime rate; in short, with everybody. In this Reflection we’ll speak about the crisis of change, when we see how Pisces becomes Aquarius.

a. To understand

For those who want to live in peace it is essential to understand what happens to men; a realization does not eliminate pains or joys, but places them on their just site, and they can become our amiable companions. When one ignores or is mistaken, a subjective anguish takes possession of our mind and we do not know what to do. Men have the right to know the truth about what happens in the world, here and in other regions. There is a factor that produces ignorance: to know only a part, which grazes us physically, while the rest is in the dark. This situation derived from selfishness distorts a diagnosis of the reality, and leads to general misfortune. Everything is vitally united by a permanent game of causes, effects and individual freewill. It is a serious mistake, not only as to world leaders but also as to an ordinary man, to think that the North-American crisis is a problem of the North-Americans.
The Message of Renunciation, given by Master Santiago Bovisio, comprises Humanity as a whole, not only present Humanity, but also coming men from the age of Aquarius. The magnetism of the Solar Initiate Maitreya embraces the whole planet and will last during the same cycle. There is no Chinese, or Russian, or North-American, or capitalist, or socialist, or Islamic solution, or from any other ideological side. This solution will be universal, or won’t be. Read the Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”, and the Book XIX, “The Messages”, and there you will find a wide explanation about universal concepts.
Understanding is participating. It does not mean to be informed about international news, but to be able to overcome the personal and exclusive circle of matters affecting superficially the individual, family, money and diseases, and to feel interest in things experienced by men as if these things were our own. Humanity is more than 6,000 million people inhabiting the Planet; it is also a lone being suffering and living like everybody and, although nobody knows him, he is a person, with a higher destiny at the end of the times.
One-sided judgements are incomplete, therefore mistaken, because the man lives alternatively a pair of opposites: good and evil, negative and positive, active and passive, in a permanent dynamic game producing inescapable results as a whole. Excess in a factor unbalances the process, and its effects are wars, misery, crimes and civilization fall. So, in the last two centuries, a surplus of production –without compensations, pride of those who proclaim materialist views– has led Humanity to the edge of the abyss, irreversibly, when foundations of a new way to live are announced.

b. Argentina

Perhaps Argentina is the country where the crisis of change comes up more acutely than elsewhere, and where people reveals the most patent disconnection from the reality. Argentines live in a pure illusion, seeking refuge in the nostalgia of other times, believing they were the best, dreaming of a golden future in the first world, and invading the streets and banging on pots and pans. If they obtain something, they smile; if they lose, they start crying. Crisis in Argentina is mental, not economic, because they are unable to place themselves on this time of transformations. As long as they think of unreality and utopia, they will suffer.
An Argentine is socially immature, incomplete and provincial. If he lives on a quarter of Buenos Aires, on the outskirts, he feels he is the center of the nation and refuses to know beyond the small circle in which he moves. He lacks consciousness and love, therefore he does not understand. According to a usual popular motto “Me, Argentine”, this means he refuses any compromises, and he calls this to be free. The same happens in cities of the interior, where every one feels satisfied in his locality. The Argentine crisis is psychological and individual, with unjustified pride on the one hand, and enormous irresponsibility on the other. From this conformist nature, the misfortune undergone by the people, which nobody can understand: military coups once and again, surrender to foreign powers, first to England and later to the United States, corruption on all layers of the society and State, horrible misery and dirt in slums, excessive production of wasted food, crime by the streets day and night, and so many other crazy phenomena.
What chances an Argentine may have to find his own identity? First, to confront the reality, with his soul, with what he actually wants, examining his conscience about what he is and what he is not. Second, to descend from his pedestal; life is not made of illusions, estimations and appearances, but of crude realities of every day, –sometimes good, other times bad, and other times very bad. He should be cruel regarding self-piety, assuming the responsibility and being a man. Third, he should accompany, help and share. In Argentina, the needy are majority and share misery, suffering, loneliness, disease and misunderstanding. Solidarity is the main Argentine instrument to go forward. Master Santiago has dealt many times with this subject about the lone man in search of his way. We recommend particularly three Books: II “Sacrifice”; XXIX “Discursive Meditation”; and XXXI “The Good Way”.

c. The Highest Law

If a man wishes to get some day permanent peace in society, and personal happiness in himself, he must know and live the Great Revelation given by God in the beginning of the Aryan Race, preserved by religious traditions and by the original Order of Fire. Its seven postulates are expounded in the Chapter 13, Book XXV “Theology”.
The Third Revelation says, “The liberation of man, which he has to achieve by himself, not suddenly but through stages, dying, reincarnating and passing through hells, purgatories and heavens”. Sixth Revelation: “The man will found his whole existence on the concept of good and evil, using his rational mind that has no more elements than those provided by his animal mind, and by flashes of his intuitive mind”. Seventh Revelation: “So the Aryan man will be inherently in need of moral development and wishes for improvement, perfection and dignified actions”.

Seven are the stages to fulfill by the Aryan Race since its beginning 120,000 years ago with the Many Vaivasvata to fulfilling its mission. We live a crisis of transformations from the fifth stage to the sixth, and if we want to understand these successive world changes, since we cannot alter them, we must know the permanent Law of the Race: conquest of the reason by means of a fight between pairs of opposites. We recommend to study the Book IV “History of Man”, and all its Teachings, since it will enable to understand the causes of the present world crisis, and their characteristics in every item of human activities, even those intimate, personal and secret items. If one does not accept the request of Master Santiago claiming for a complete, reversible and transforming ethics of good and evil, we will never understand the Highest Law, and men will jump for a shore to another of the stream of life passing in vain.
The great historic stream is like a torrential river in which we are immersed; it is a fruitless nonsense to oppose to its power, and stops the human evolution. It is lethal as much in society as in the individual to continue the inertia of the old world with his axioms and trends, money, confrontations, ideologies, competitiveness and so on. The masses will continue with their primitive impulses and will be destroyed by their own contradictions, such as it is happening now; but the individual can be saved if he follows the Way of Renunciation “inherently in need of moral development and whishes for improvement, perfection and dignified actions”.