Number 1.– A Living Teaching

In this Internet Collection, basically Master Santiago’s Bovisio prophetic Teachings refer to characteristics and phenomena to take place in the Aquarian Sub-Race since this initial time. There were written at the end of the precedent age, and now are offered as a public testimony of what has to come. For thousands of years –development time of a new humanity– they will be in action until accomplishing purposes of the Divine Plan in Aquarius: spiritualized matter.
These Teachings are not only texts of both ancient and modern wisdom with knowledge and information, but mainly exceptional prophecies –they teach how to live in this tempestuous times. These Teachings are dynamic and fit for unexpected changes throughout years, and give a guide, a signal, so that the searcher may find a right path. This multi-faceted virtue comes from the same roots of these Teachings nurtured on highest planes of the mind world. Conceptual texts here transmitted are the visible attire of an original astral Teaching guarded by them.
For many years, these Teachings remained quiet, hidden and secret; now, when they are delivered as a heritage to Humanity, in a special time of change of signs and by Maitreya’s presence, they are fully active in the service of the Redeemer and to foster the salvation of men.
Faithful Disciples wish to continue and toil on the Master’s work, by means of this page that we call “Reflections” –a precise guide about burning and disturbing subjects periodically present on the world press, which have no explanation. The latter ones are irrational events in a civilization that collapses, but whose understanding and causes are foreseen in these Teachings. By means of these Reflections we want to point out on what Teachings and how the reader can find ideas, meditations and warnings that may help him understand.
In Message of 1960 we read, “In the future, waiting time, years of study, growth of correlated soul states, and swift palingenesis in reactive secondary actions may be removed from life of man” (Book XIX, 14, 11).
Also see Book XVIII, Chapter 11, “Unique Value of Renunciation”.

a. Teaching Released

On this Internet esoteric library there are two types of Teachings, according to Master Santiago’s words. A Universal Teaching for all times and civilizations, and the Teaching of Cafh, prepared for the Master’s disciples by an Astral Master, the Monitor (Girolamo Savonarola). These Teachings are not reunited and harmonized as a single type, as to subjects developed and expounded. At present, the institutional work founded by Santiago Bovisio, that is Cafh, does not exist any more (it expired in the seventh decade of last century), and Teachings personally written by him were safeguarded expecting their due time, but now they got rid from any previous compromise and, by virtue of modern communication media they belong to the mystic body of new Humanity and are all over the planet in the service of men of good will, according to the predisposition of every one to Renounce.
A written Teaching, which the reader can read on his PC screen, is nothing more than a dress or sheath covering a true and magnetic spiritual Teaching of the Masters, such as the physical body sustains our soul. This is a perfect analogy between written Teaching and inner protective Teaching; but if to accede the writing you must have eyes and know how to read, to accede its conjoint spiritual message one should count on Renunciation and soul in blank, so that Masters’ voice may come to us. Bishop Silesius says, “Although Christ may return a thousand times to Earth, this will be in vain for your salvation if He is not in your heart”. One may have all Teachings on the family PC screen, reading them day by day, but if our soul does not renounce, we cannot receive the Teaching.
Master Santiago’s Teachings are not of this world –they are foreign and live in an advanced time of the Aquarian age. When you see them on the scene of the old world that collapses even materially, they are apparently misplaced, inoperative and unhelpful. Why to make use of Renunciation on a planet where money and violence reign supreme? First, Renunciation helps survive in chaos, and second, it prepares us for Aquarian ways to live. These Teachings do not belong to a time that came to an end, they are of a time starting from here and now toward the future. Now these Teachings are free and travel through cybernetic spaces of the planet, helping men of good will, in the service of the new Redeemer’s ideas.
We recommend to study and meditate on Full Moon Messages, Book XIX.

b. Destruction versus Destruction

Men are dumbfounded in face of spectacular terrorist outrages taking place in the world, and do not know what to say or how to think. A very violent response is being prepared with frightful weapons; destruction devils are everywhere and on every side, fighting and using their weapons –from aircraft-carriers to kitchen knives. Everything is fit to kill when hatred dominates everywhere –destruction versus destruction.
The important thing is to bear clearly in mind this axiom –hatred confronts with hatred, evil confronts with evil, and blood claims for and demands revenge. When a North-American thinker claimed for peace and reconciliation, the majority replied “He is an idiot”. In Central Asia, Navarro, a spokesman of the Pope, openly argued for Bush’s position against terrorist outrages. It is a traditional and exclusive vengeance law of two radical Semitic nations: Judaism and Islam, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. This come from those days in the wilderness, when they were wandering and disorganized tribes. Efforts made to overcome this blood law were in vain; on the contrary, they increase violence.
What is the mission of Master Santiago’s Teachings, which also are in the world? The two do not touch each other. Renunciation is an intangible mystic way, within human soul, and acts on imponderable powers of man, leading to his transformation. It does not act directly on society, but on conscience and will. Renunciation goes to the fount where actions are sustained, and transforms society by transmuting hearts. But on these nodal times, with change of races, this Renunciation Message does not try to transform society, but to replace it with new laws given by Maitreya, leaving the old world at the mercy of spectacular ruins and ashes. These Teachings are a bridge over the abyss between a civilization that leaves and another civilization that looms on the horizon.
This Renunciation Message is perpetual, without a time to start and another time to finish; it operates always, near necessities of each soul. It is infinitely multi-faceted. As the individual being is renouncing, new untouched spaces of his soul are occupied by Aquarian ideas individually designed for him. So, slowly, a new work dreamed by all of us is constructed in harmony.
We suggest to study this Teaching, “Hidrochosa” (Book I, Chapter I).

c. The World and My Ego

This world comes up to my consciousness as Cosmos: mountains, animals and plants, cities, nations, universities, streets and millions of human beings who are with me, TV and newspapers, my friends, and many other countless things.
Also my ego comes up in my consciousness as an immense Cosmos –without any dimension, almost unknown and mysterious, and even changing; it gives me joys and sorrows, and also includes perceptions and pictures of this outer world, which is over there, outside, and with which I am obliged to live in harmony.
Relations between ego and world always were hard and cruel, by ignorance and irresistible impulse to progress toward happiness. Throughout ages, rules and laws emerged and governed these relations in some way. In the beginning, they are seemingly constructive, but as the time goes by, they degenerate and are harmful. Today, even those quite old and venerable laws given by Great Masters of Humanity are trampled on and used as an argument fit to kill, destroy and corrupt.
Master Santiago’s Teachings have a basic function –guiding the ego on the Way to Renunciation, by pointing out best relations with the material and human world on this long, just-started Aquarian stage. If and when one studies them closely, we can see how these Teachings set up concepts and recommendations opposite to forms of the modern world –in face of the will-to-possess, detachment; in face of mad pleasures, usual austerity; and in face of violence and crime, quietness and silence; and in relation to a chaotic, boisterous and disintegrative society of our days, he says, “Be foreigners; live in the world as if you were not of this world”.
More than moral advice and good intentions, these Teachings impart operative and practical orientation to work on the souls methodically –meditations of the most advanced type, backward examination and its operations, concentration and contemplation exercises, and so on. There you can find all those things known to the Master, and also practiced personally by him and by his disciples.
These Teachings do not try to change the world in a direct way –they are not a political plan. The Master teaches the individual being how to live under universal laws according to the way of the Aquarian Age, and the world will change automatically as soon as men learn how to live subject to rules established in due time by Maitreya.
Please, reflect on 1948 Full Moon Message, “Be Foreigners” (Book XIX, Chapter 2).