Number 21.- The Moral Law

The Course “Theology” (Book XXV), Chapter 13, states, “A true religion, natural in man, affirming a unique source of the Divine Revelation given in the beginning of the Race (Aryan Race, 118,000 years ago) and written on its own nature”. “The present Root Race will not end until being re-discovered so that all Revelations given in the course of the Race may meet and be again that union of souls and creed that has to be the goal of the Great Divine Work on Earth.”.

The moral law is born of the Revelation given by God to the Founders of religions in different times and places for the development of peoples according to characteristics and possibilities of the latter at certain period of the time. Civilizations and cultures have emerged this way in the most distant regions of the globe; other civilizations and cultures continue their development in our days, with diverse fortune: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Many extant religions produce a religious and cultural diversity; sometimes they are geographically separate and do not influence much one another; other ones are in the same territory and with violence between the two; the most obvious case is Palestine, where two peoples wage a deadly war to destroy one another. As History remembers it, the meeting of different religions has almost always produced a violent disappearance of some of them: pre-Colombian cultures annihilated by Spanish conquistadors, African traditions, ancient Celts, and others. At present, as a result of the globalization, migrations, communications, commercial fights and general poverty, furious confrontations came up, mainly between Christians and Moslems, who resist to be deprived of their own possessions. Now the planet is small and scarce, it is not sufficient to everybody, and many people will disappear from the globe so that the winners may go on existing in some way. A true world war is taking place before our eyes, with thousand facets and modes, in all continents, sometimes with air-craft carriers, other times with guns and terrorism; beyond, with drugs and kidnapping; at another place with guerrilla and corrupted policemen; and soon chemical and biological weapons, and atomic bombs will come. A global war expands because the ancient revelations emphasize their particularities in order to survive; they are announcers of death at the end of their projection. How can we defend ourselves? Men expect anxiously the New Revelation of the Divine Incarnation, right now articulated in the world.

a. Many revelations

Millennia ago, Jesus Christ’s Gospel did not solve terrible sorrows produced by the Roman Empire; but it imparted to men the moral law that redeemed them from their ancestral burdens. The Prophet’s Revelation to the Arabian peoples provoked wars of conquest in three continents, which at present broke out again. Stronger than economy and political forms, revelations unite and separate men with permanent fights. History does not know examples of conciliation between revelations that pose different ways to live; a culture will overcome, and the rest of them will remain subject.

These permanent variables, which are characteristic in the Aryan Race, are announced by the Fifth Revelation of the Mother Idea, in the above-quoted Teaching, “Throughout these ages, man is constantly exposed and shocked by the great law of pair of opposites, which governs his Race, and tied to infinite relations, –a direct consequence of this continuous oscillation between good and evil.” Each revelation promotes a different way to live, and all over the planetary geography we could observe infinite ways to live, with their own traditions, languages, beliefs and moral. By means of a global technology, an imperialistic will wants to impose his uniformity and dominate the world: Coca Cola, Mac Donald, basic American language, Walt Disney, marines, intelligent bombs, International Monetary Fund, and so on. The Roman Empire was able to control the Mediterranean with thirty legions and a good organization. Now it is different; at least, two powers, Russia and China, have an enormous atomic power, and capacity to annihilate the Empire in 30 minutes. North-America is strong and weak; it is a powerful giant with feet of clay, as we have seen last year with the collapse of the emblematic Twin Towers. At any moment, a supreme catastrophe may come up; there are thousands of atomic bombs prepared to this purpose. Bush is playing with fire.

Powers managing confronted nations to defend themselves ones from others are exclusively destructive. Even a humble people, the Palestinians, who have only stones in the hands, fight against the Israelis by immolating their lives, killing and destroying themselves. Should men give up before the local or international exterminator, and resign to survive as servants? How can they defend themselves? Only with the moral law, as the first Christians of the Roman Empire lived and prevailed? The Divine Incarnation, who is again among us, will openly reveal the Moral Law of Aquarius, so that some predestined men may be saved.

b. Stones Thrown to the Air

The Teaching says, “Solar Initiates of Fourth Category appear on Earth seven times during each sub-race to facilitate the work of spiritual progress in Humanity”. Jesus Christ is the Seventh and last Initiate of the Aryan Teutonic sub-race, and Maitreya is the first Initiate of the Aryan Aquarian sub-race that begins now.

The mission of the Great Solar Initiate Maitreya remains in the mystery. He is hidden and nobody has ever seen or heard him openly, like the first thirty years of Jesus in Galilee and Buddha in India, when they prepared themselves to give a Message to Humanity. Master Santiago has given some ideas here offered as intuitions and suggestions, in “Commentaries”, where there are references to Maitreya: “Can the mission of the Great Being be that of kneading his flesh with his spirit and preparing this way a new bread to satisfy the man? Will he put together so much flesh, so much mind and so much spirit in order to give, with harmony, a solution to great present problems? Men of good will, faithful disciples and Initiates of Fire silently wait, humbly knelt, with hearts cleaned and minds calmed down, his Teaching, his answer, his admirable word”. (Book V: “Great Initiates of the White Race”, Chapter 16).

It is necessary to understand that those acute problems experienced by Humanity in these days are the result of ancient laws of confrontation between the pairs of opposites, and that will continue increasing until their consumption in their terminal fires. These tremendous planetary experiences have no solution of any type; stones launched to the air have to fall: nuclear power, epidemics and drugs, environment, money power, population increase... everything. All this will be solved in its own parameters, such as it was assembled by the human madness. In this collective karma, the human beings are massively confined within a gigantic concentration camp. There is only an escape gate: it is you walking inwards.

Even though we cannot entirely practice the moral law of Aquarius, because still has not been proclaimed, we must wait in Renunciation and cultivate negative virtues: foreigners in the world, detachment from offerings of a decadent society, no participation, no complicity, no to the ancient law. The ethics of silence is hard but necessary. Let the funereal carriages of the combatants pass by the closed door of our houses; let us remain within, immutably, until hearing the voice of the Redeemer calling us.

c. The Door Opens

The moral law is the psychological power exercised by a society over the individuals, according to a supporting table of values; for example, now, the economy. Ethics is the psychological power of an individual that is in touch with the rest as a whole from his own convictions, for example, spiritual beliefs. Until today, for thousands of years known to history, the moral law of religions has governed the destiny of the peoples from the general to the particular, from collectivity to individual, from outside inwards. Instruments to educate and guide are dogmas, Holy Scriptures, rituals, Heaven and Hell. An outer observance of the rules is indispensable, irrespective of the grade of fidelity, which belongs to the intimacy of the individual.

Maitreya prepares a great planetary revolution in the evolution of Humanity. The first words of this collection of Master Bovisio’s Teachings in Hidrochosa (Book I: “Spiritual Development”, Chapter 1), are as follows: “Ideas and new works are in preparation for the world. If the race of the Christian sign of fish has highly developed collective states and big mass movements, the sixth sub-race will particularly develop the egoentia of being”. “So, an aristocratic concept of being will raise to the highest expression of the individuality.” Ethics will be the main source of human behavior in all activities: society, family, politics, education, economy and professions.”

May we begin to practice the ethics of the Aquarian Age? Certainly, yes. The Teachings of Master Santiago, written more than half century ago, are forerunners of the Redeemer’s Gospel, and express fundamental guidelines about the Way of Renunciation, which will be the way to live of the coming men. In these chaotic and terrible times, when collective powers impose their authority and barbarians invade the most protected spaces, killing and destroying, in Buenos Aires, in New York and anywhere, we need to become strong with an ethics of renunciation in order to survive, inflexibly within, with no concessions to the simple solutions of the masses.

Gradually, men of egoentia will go to appear on Earth like luminous guides, wherever God wishes: predestined children bringing the signal of joy in their eyes, brave young men that do not surrender to the fascination of a decadent society, and mature and reflective men discovering a ray of hope. The door opens to those who want to be companions of the Redeemer. The ethics of the man of Renunciation and the Moral Law of Aquarius will form a harmonious society to live in peace.