Number 22.– Injustice!

Of all calamities suffered by this Humanity in the modern times, wars, destitution, epidemics, ignorance, terrorism, pollution and many other perversities, injustice is the most painful of all. There are many divergent views about this matter, because we do not know much and we admit even less. What is justice? Where is it? Is it what appears on codes and Philosophy of Right? Can judges be fair? No question of this kind gets a satisfactory answer to the thirst of justice suffered by destitute persons. In this Reflection we will try to understand something about this difficult matter on the light of Teachings imparted by Master Santiago.

There are many written codes. Since the remotest antiquity, justice has ever been an unsolved necessity. The Roman Empire bequeathed its right to posterity, which still is a guide in modern legal procedures. At its moment of splendor, the Soviet Union contributed to the principle of social responsibility over the individual right; but now it comes back to the traditional jurisprudence. Semite nations practice the prehistoric law of blood revenge, that of the tribes of the desert, and that explain partially incomprehensible massacres among Arabian and Jews; they think it is a fair law, according to their view, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”. The North-Americans, with so many Calvinist roots of the Old Testament, now easily exchange justice for money, and feel satisfied; the more dollars they take, the better is justice. Long ago, the Pope Paul VI, before horrors of human confrontations, said the devil is the master of the world, and Master Santiago, by the same date approximately, called it “this permanent hell”. It is very hard to reflect about justice; the latter belongs to God, and one can investigate only different forms of justice in human society and efforts made by institutions to improve them.

We can understand many things about injustices by deducing reasons from the Teachings, and it is this that we’ll try to do by indicating sources. Therefore, one must understand how the world works, what is the operation of the principle of pair of opposites, the basic laws of the human evolution, and the Mother Idea of the Arian Race, revealed by its Founder, that is, Manu. If we cannot come near the justice of God, at least let us study its variables in order to live together in peace. The individual beings see the human inequality as the source of injustices, according to its effects, because they do not understand that we are different so that life may prosper in spite of apparent injustices.

a. The Movable Scales

The symbol of justice is a goddess holding up scales perfectly balanced. Equality, immobility and perpetuity are exclusive of God, who ever is like himself; justice is divine. Heavenly beings, living in a permanent ecstasy, do not experience injustices.

Entities of both animal and plant kingdoms, live immersed in natural laws and do not know injustices either; a lion hunts and devours a zebra, and does not commit an evil action or crime; the whole Nature is innocent and does not respond to the moral law of pair of opposites, even though this is terrible many times.

Thanks to the gift of freedom granted by God since the beginning, and oscillating between the beast and the angel, in ceaseless search of his own destiny, the human being commits crimes against his fellow men, against Nature and against himself. Gradually humanity grows perfect, not through laws but by individual achievement, by fulfilling the Mother Idea updated and renewed by Maitreya. See the Book XXV, “Theology”, Chapter 13, 20: “Liberation of man, which he has to achieve by himself not suddenly but by stages, by being born, dying, reincarnating and going through paradises, purgatories and hells”.

Men need regulations to develop, however defective these regulations may be, and when these regulations disappear, then chaos, crime and death of the society occur, as it is happening in Argentina for many years. The same occurs everywhere, even in traditional nations; this tendency is incorrigible. This situation finds an explanation because we are experiencing substantial alterations: the ideas have changed and Maitreya still did not reveal the Renunciation, which will be the law in the future world. Therefore, we have to learn to survive beside injustice, which ever follows us like a dangerous and inevitable shadow.

Master Santiago taught to live in this situation of insecurity, which is not new but characteristic of the twentieth century’s civilization: big world wars, permanent economic crisis, revolutions, dictatorships and social disorder. We can survive the menacing danger of everyday when this daily insecurity becomes our best allied by reversibility: fear transmuted into trust in God (Book I, “Spiritual Development”, Chapter 9: “Courage and Self-control”).

b.The Pair of Opposites

The scales of justice have two pans; when one goes up, the other goes down, and vice versa. In human development, pans of good and evil go up and down, and never stop, and the balance in the center hardly lasts a second, and later comes back to the opposite place. So, the man is groping in the dark, with little glimpses of divine justice, which he wishes over all things. Evil of today will be good of tomorrow until a moment when movements stop, and the soul remains still.

In order to understand what injustice means, we should recognize that all human beings are different, and each individual changes and is opposite to himself in different times. A proper justice should be simple and without compounds, –a state that one reaches at the end of the way. While the individual lives and follows the path of reversibility, he must learn the laws of dynamic ethics or, in other words, he must adapt to changes by continuous practice of Renunciation without any pauses. Freedom cannot be obtained by the justice of men, or by laws and revolutions (these are oppressive expressions of the stronger ones), but by inner voluntary detachment from ties of the world. Can a millionaire be free even though he lives in the most liberal State? Jesus has said no; he was quite aware of this problem because in the Ancient Rome there were as many millionaires as today in the United States. (They even waged wars against their neighbors in order to get working slaves for free.)

An individual man can transform injustices as a result of his spiritual actions. When Jesus Christ, with supreme Renunciation, accepted the sacrifice imposed by his pursuers and died on the cross, he transmuted an injustice into Universal Justice for all peoples of the world that accepted it with full hope. Since then, those who imitate the Christ with honesty, are free, “And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other”, the Master said, and those who practice His Teaching overcome fear and injustices. Tremendous announcements of the modern violent ones: Bush’s “Infinite war”, daily massacres between Palestinians and Israelis, police dragnets in slums of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, guerrilla combats in Colombia, merciless plundering by the International Monetary Fund, destructive corruption in communication media... all this is wrong. A quite clear example: No law can regulate unjust and dirty TV transmissions; the only solution is individual, and is on the switch of the device in the home. Children will rot and or will grow healthy if and when their parents put on or off the TV set. There are not any alternatives.

c. Renounce!

If the powers of the State are unable to give us equitable laws because of a structural incapacity, lets us correct these unbalanced scales with detached actions. If a being suffers and complains because in his view somebody committed an injustice against him, he must revert this situation by offering what belongs to him. Renunciation overcomes unbalances and reestablishes peace. In Chapter 16, “Social Program of Renunciation”, Book XXXVI, “Lectures at Embalse”, Master Santiago says, “But the people wants to have their rights, and this is why the peoples attack one another. All laws lead to this, but we have to give a radical remedy and not to go against the outer law. When a man recognizes that his energy has to expand from within outward, all of the laws lose their value. The true law is the inner law”.

In these times, Humanity is on the brink of a world catastrophe –the so-called Infinite War– and men run the risk of experiencing one of the heaviest injustices of all times. May a new “Fight of 1,500 years” repeat, when the last Atlanteans wished to conquer the world by using the most perfect mass destruction weapons, air-crafts, deadly rays and teleguided automatons in the beginning of the Aryan Teutonic sub-race? (24,000 a.C.) The Teaching 15, Book XXVI, “Anthropogenesis”, says, “When they were perfectly prepared and ready to crush the world, (the Atlanteans) got ready to go to the land of Abelton, –present Africa. So the so-called 1,500 year war started”.

Mr Bush: Renounce! Renounce the Retaliation Law: an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth! Many mass destruction weapons, atomic, biologic and corrosive bombs are distributed everywhere and in possession of your enemies. You can start a war, but you do not know if you can finish it. Revert the injustice committed against innocent in New York last year, and transform this injustice into world renunciation by renouncing revenge. Peoples expect anxiously a change in international relations toward peace. If you expect to earn something with wars of conquest, you are as wrong as the ancient Atlanteans; Nature itself was against them with the terrestrial tilt at the end of the sidereal year. Now also a sidereal year comes to an end and other different year begins.

The New Divine Incarnation is right now on Earth. The Age of Sakib (Aquarius) becomes manifest in million of souls wishing peace. The Message of Renunciation, created by Master Santiago, spreads through the world in more than forty nations. Humanity begins a quite new stage. War and peace go up and down on the pans of movable scales. The destiny is in the hands of a powerful man, if and when he learns renunciation.